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If you have a question about a record I have in my collection or if you need any help concerning the submission of records, feel free to contact me.

BUT, please note: Most records in my collection are not for sale (especially 4 or 5 rated), but some are possibly (especially 1 rated)! If you really want something, feel free to ask, but if you want a reply from me, please include a reasonable offer! Requests for MP3/CDr are normally ignored unless I know you already and you have a good reason :o)

Don't be offended if I don't respond to your requests!
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posted a review of Scott Brown & DMO - Fade Away / Enemy. over 16 years ago
While the B-side is a true piece of hardcore, the A-side seems to be rather a very well done piece of melodic trance - provided that the record is being played at ~39 RPM. Maybe this is just pure chance, maybe it's done intentionally who knows.