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posted a review of Tony Allen - Film Of Life. about 1 year ago
Inspirational album! This guy has so much energy. Opening track has an amazing groove, locked down. Go Back with Damon Albarn is stunning too, his voice is a perfect addition to Allen's sound. Highly recommend this one.
posted a comment on Coasts - Coasts. about 1 year ago
Such a great album, every track really is superb. :)
posted a comment on Everything But The Girl - Amplified Heart. about 1 year ago
Please please please someone create a vinyl reissue!? Perfection from start to finish. Beautiful vocals, this would sound so incredible on wax.
posted a comment on Madonna - Like A Prayer. over 2 years ago
Just open a sealed copy from 1989. 26 years old and it still smells strongly of patchouli oil! The memories come flooding back. Such a great album. :)
posted a comment on Rhye - Woman. over 2 years ago
Totally outstanding. Wish there was a follow up!!