How I rate records:

1 star = without interest
2 stars = I wouldn't mind hearing it now and then
3 stars = I'd be glad to hear it played out
4 stars = I'd like to get it on vinyl to play it out / or already did it
5 stars = very eager to get this record / or already happy to have it in my collection

To take with a grain of salt!
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posted a comment on AFX* - Analord 04. 3 months ago
Man you sound a bit too much like a fanboy. Yes, RDJ is a music genius. But geniuses have their moments of grace and their moments when inspiration lacks.
posted a comment on DJ Spanish Fly. 4 months ago
Wow, very good news!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik - Learn To Brew With Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik. 4 months ago
I agree. This release is dark and insane and brings something different to the table. Definitely not "just another ROTR record".
The 23-track digital version is the one to get.
posted a comment on Exillon - Brat Tactics EP. 4 months ago
The track with Bill Converse is a fine mix of piano and noises.
posted a comment on FUJI||||||||||TA. 4 months ago
What's going on with artist names, these days?
How do you even spell it?
posted a comment on Derek Carr - The Colour Of Acid Ep. 5 months ago
"Punish" is something special and different from the rest of Derek's output.
The whole EP is very good.
posted a comment on The Polish Ambassador - Diplomatic Immunity. 5 months ago
"Earth Versus The World" is still fresh after 15 years.
I dream of a punchy remix by DJ Overdose or the Parallax Corporation.
posted a comment on Magic Fire - Body Dancer. 5 months ago
Very nice piece of info. Can you name other italo tracks popular in Philippines?
posted a comment on Skrillex, Four Tet, Starrah - Butterflies (Extended Mix). 5 months ago
The music is ok but the vocal is terrible. Please provide an instrumental. Not that it would be good, but at least it would be ok to hear it while shopping for clothes.
posted a comment on Paul Johnson. 5 months ago
He was brave and talented, very sad. R.I.P.
IFM (re?)-uploaded this set from 2015:
posted a comment on Jellyfish (9) - JE Series 1. 6 months ago
A1 is still my favorite though. Very funky.
posted a comment on Fabrizio Fattori - Mediterranean Africa. 6 months ago
Too bad. "Black Babe" is very good.
posted a comment on Various - Native Dance 02. 6 months ago
"Lily" is a sexy number with french lyrics about some SM fantasies.
"Alba" is more danceable and would be my pick for a party.
But every song here is good. Strong 12''.
posted a comment on C-Bank - Get Wet. 6 months ago
Top tune, more joyful and funky than their masterpiece "Perfect".
posted a comment on Sa-Fire* - Boy, I've Been Told. 6 months ago
Excellent freestyle song, as good as "Don't break my heart" for me.
posted a comment on Further Reductions - Array. 7 months ago
"More Than Just A Dream" is very nice.
posted a comment on ORM - Edits. 7 months ago
Seriously dope drums on the B2.
posted a comment on Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night 2002. 7 months ago
How is the sound quality on this CD? Not too compressed? Not too bright?
posted a comment on Merinero - Spores Of A Pluviophile. 7 months ago
"Sarcoscyphia" is a nice deep electro track.
posted a comment on Lucrethia* - It's The Way. 7 months ago
All about "Hey There" and its chords, synths & spacial effects.
posted a comment on Nico (91) - Vita Da Bar. 7 months ago
"Vita Da Bar" is excellent, but this record is now way out of my price range.
So is this cassette:
posted a comment on Beachfront - Once In A Lifetime. 7 months ago
This song is very nice, but the record a bit expensive at the moment.
And there's no other way to get it (except on a bootleg).
posted a comment on Various - The Orbitants. 7 months ago
"Abduction" rocks hard.
posted a comment on Unit Moebius - Untitled. 7 months ago
What you describe is exactly what I heard. Ortofon cartridge too!
posted a comment on Secret Society (4) - Find Yourself. 7 months ago
Top freestyle tune, with an unusual cover for the genre. The break gives me goosebumps.
posted a comment on Sunpeople - Check Your Buddha (Sven Väth Remix). 7 months ago
I agree with you, the original is very nice.
posted a comment on Various - DB12 005. 7 months ago
"Pleiades" is very good & funky. It puts a smile on my face everytime.
posted a review of Franco Battiato - La Stagione Dell'Amore. 8 months ago
Beautiful song with very simple sounds leaning towards new age. RIP Maestro.
posted a comment on Mick Wills - Demo Mix 20. 8 months ago
Great news!
posted a comment on Tom Bolas - DB12 004. 8 months ago
"Guestlist Of Love" is a good electro disco tune with a vocoder. It is an edit of "Playlist Of Love" by D.J. Wolf (Wolfgang Strobl) from 1982.
It was dropped by Pengi (among other good stuff) at the IFM streaming festival.
posted a comment on Staatseinde. 8 months ago
The band's offering for the 2021 IFM Streaming festival was excellent.
posted a comment on Model 500 - Interference / Electronic. 9 months ago
"Electronic" is a good track, what were you talking about?
posted a comment on Axel F. (2) - Geronimo. 9 months ago
Maths exercise: complete the serie.
1 € --> 4.50 € --> 400 € --> ?
posted a comment on DJ Spanish Fly. 9 months ago
Did you try the shop? I'm on the verge of ordering, but shipping costs to Europe...
posted a comment on Autechre & The Hafler Trio - ³oæh. 9 months ago
As much as I was an Autechre fanboy, I've never understood the interest of these.
posted a review of Richard Sen - Grafiti Tapes 12. 9 months ago
Top tribal tracks (didn't hear the cassette-only ones). "Night Train To Cairo" is particularly hypnotising.
posted a comment on Various - Profondo Nero. 9 months ago
Louise Freeman, Mark & Galvanica tracks are good.
posted a comment on Das Ding - Your Content Will Arrive Shortly. 9 months ago
"Animated Suspension" is the one. Acid & bleepy sounds come into the mix very nicely.
posted a comment on Eversines - Companionship. 9 months ago
"Companionship" is beautiful indeed, a delicate blend of techno & trance.
posted a comment on Laine August - Be My Friend. 9 months ago
Nice little synth pop song, but seems rare as hen's teeth.
Cute label also.
posted a comment on Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selection. 9 months ago
Some very tight afro beats in this record. Quite impressive.
posted a comment on Jordan GCZ - Introspective Acid. 9 months ago
The track "Introspective Acid" is very delicate & dreamy, as its name suggests. Very nice EP.
posted a comment on O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical. 9 months ago
"Sunchemical" is so beautiful! Timeless ambient track.
To play with a good subwoofer.
posted a comment on Bunny X, Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Can't Wait. 9 months ago
Not feeling this one too much. Sellorekt's music is better without vocals above, it seems.
Nice voice, but boring song.
posted a comment on Den Harrow - Always. 9 months ago
Isn't it you Stefano Zandri??
Very poor vocal & music, sorry.
posted a comment on David Joseph - Let's Live It Up (Nite People). 9 months ago
The electro intro on the B-side is actually the best part!
posted a comment on Various - Belgian New Beat (The Compilation Volume 2). 9 months ago
What's the sound quality on this compilation?
Are those sourced from original tapes?
posted a comment on Succhiamo - Mani In Fuoco. 9 months ago
If you listen to the previews, it is only the quality of mp3 128 kbps on BC.
posted a comment on Ekman - Kronkel. 9 months ago
The track "Kronkel" is epic, with its blinking synths, crunchy claps & "guitar" riffs, all above a tight beat.