How I rate records:

1 star = without interest
2 stars = I wouldn't mind hearing it now and then
3 stars = I'd be glad to hear it played out
4 stars = I'd like to get it on vinyl to play it out / or already did it
5 stars = very eager to get this record / or already happy to have it in my collection

To take with a grain of salt!

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Legowelt - System Shapeshift EP
posted a review of Legowelt - System Shapeshift EP. 1 day ago
The A2 on this record wakes you up. Glad that Danny is still putting out dancefloor smashers, not only cool ambient.
Wladimir M.* - Electronic Muzique
posted a review of Wladimir M.* - Electronic Muzique. 2 days ago
It is on Spofity.
Two of the tracks here are also on Bandcamp.
Boris Barksdale - Slip The Pick
posted a review of Boris Barksdale - Slip The Pick. 2 days ago
IRTA is a uper nice and nasty electro tune. Future classic!!
Krono (2) - Krono
posted a review of Krono (2) - Krono. 2 days ago
If so, then I guess you hate music several times :(
André Hommen - More Than This Remixes Pt. 2
posted a review of André Hommen - More Than This Remixes Pt. 2. 3 days ago
The bassline & use of voices on the Manuel Tur remix reminds me of Cliff Lothar's "Dro Friday"
Lunatika - Split Second Origins Part 2
posted a review of Lunatika - Split Second Origins Part 2. 3 days ago
Part 1 is now avalable on the label Bandcamp. Part 2 isn't. So weird that Part 2 came out on vinyl first!
Excellent music by the way.
Antoni Maiovvi - La Ruta En Ruinas
posted a review of Antoni Maiovvi - La Ruta En Ruinas. 5 days ago
Valencia (Jensen Interceptor Aigües de Valencia Remix) rocks very hard.
Rock Force - Let's Rock This Party
posted a review of Rock Force - Let's Rock This Party. 8 days ago
The beat chopping on the B-side has a strong stroboscopic effect. Not for the faint of heart.
Hard Ton (2) - Bigger Is Better Part 1
posted a review of Hard Ton (2) - Bigger Is Better Part 1. 10 days ago
Why did they leave away the track "Bigger is Better" for the vinyl release? It is only in the digital release and it is very good.
Man Power (2) - Ruthven
posted a review of Man Power (2) - Ruthven. 11 days ago
Under the radar acid tunes on this record. The A-side is more "happy" and powerful, the B-side a bit on the progressive side.
Piezo (2) - LSD Superhero
posted a review of Piezo (2) - LSD Superhero. 11 days ago
Very pleasant, soothing sounds on this record. It's between techno and ambient/IDM.
If you like Extra-terrestrial or Lord of the Isles...
Dap 3 - D Fever
posted a review of Dap 3 - D Fever. 16 days ago
"Never Gonna Let" on the flipside is a super nice disco-funk house tune.
Plunderphonic - PrePlexure
posted a review of Plunderphonic - PrePlexure. 22 days ago
Weird collages of one or two-seconds samples. Actually entertaining and appropriate for the 21th century kids who can't concentrate on anything long.
posted a review of Masonna - Ejaculation Generater. 23 days ago
Very welcome re-issue. I hope the pressing will be loud enough.
Susanne Meals - Let's Go Away
posted a review of Susanne Meals - Let's Go Away. 26 days ago
Exttremely poor boring production. The voice is ok but otherwise I don't know what you guys like in this record.
As much as some people don't like saxophone in electronic records, I can't stand violins.
Harold Faltermeyer - The Running Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
posted a review of Harold Faltermeyer - The Running Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 27 days ago
There are exceptions, but OSTs are made to be used in movies, not for home listening while watching the ceiling.
Klapto - Mister Game
posted a review of Klapto - Mister Game. 29 days ago
Alden's instrumental remix is even better! It's rare that an italo-disco remix hits the spot.
Drums Music Show, Olga Melchionda, Patricia & Top Secret - Sexy Banana
posted a review of Drums Music Show, Olga Melchionda, Patricia & Top Secret - Sexy Banana. about 1 month ago
"J'aime la musique, le nougat et le samedi : la musique pour oublier, le nougat pour son goût."
Nice tune but can't believe the original was so expensive.
posted a review of Various - Disconet Greatest Hits Volume 01 - 27. about 1 month ago
Could you please upload a picture of the set?
Did you check a spectrogram to confirm it's CD quality? What would be the source if it is not a set of vinyl rip?
Redray - Ions Of Anna
posted a review of Redray - Ions Of Anna. about 1 month ago
This record is inspired by Drexciya, but manages to bring fresh sounds and rhythms.
"Fractal Dimension" for instance is terribly groovy.
Consommez - Cuando Se Baila (Remix)
posted a review of Consommez - Cuando Se Baila (Remix). 2 months ago
Lovely B-side sung partly in english with a terrible french accent.
Various - Palace Of Memory Where Nostalgia Is Fear
posted a review of Various - Palace Of Memory Where Nostalgia Is Fear. 2 months ago
"Carbon Copy" by Maenad Veyl is a frenetic dark electro tune, but sadly far too short.
Violet Poison - ALBATROS
posted a review of Violet Poison - ALBATROS . 2 months ago
"A Voice From The Abyss" is a good track with a voice from beyond the grave.
The Reen-Machine - Rap-A-Reenie
posted a review of The Reen-Machine - Rap-A-Reenie. 2 months ago
That break is awesome and would deserve an edit. Would make an excellent rhythm track.
posted a comment on 6666. 2 months ago
What's happening to this label? No more than one record?
Under For - Free-Force Structure
posted a review of Under For - Free-Force Structure. 2 months ago
"Free-Force Structure" is a beautiful and danceable new wave song by Per Hendrichsen and Martin Hall, member of Ballet Mecanique and SS-Say.
Alessandro Adriani - Rapid Eye
posted a review of Alessandro Adriani - Rapid Eye. 2 months ago
All has been said already: "Ecstatic Feeling" is one of the dopest electro tunes of 2022.
The arpeggios at the beginning reminds me of "Come Back To Me" by Suburban Prototype.
Torbjörn Langborn And The Feel Life Orchestra - Feel Life
posted a review of Torbjörn Langborn And The Feel Life Orchestra - Feel Life . 2 months ago
What a feel-good song! The Dimitri From Paris Disco Suite is splendid.
Various - MoBlack Gold Vol. 3
posted a review of Various - MoBlack Gold Vol. 3. 3 months ago
"Lost Trumpet In Space" is definitely not what I would call a refined piece of house music, but it could be a useful tool for some DJs.
Galantis - 1x1
posted a review of Galantis - 1x1. 3 months ago
One of the cheesiest songs and videos of the year, congrats!
Planetary Technicians - Organic Industry
posted a review of Planetary Technicians - Organic Industry. 3 months ago
Very good music, as always from Casionova.
Nice rhythms and textures, reminiscent of Incunabula.
Ian Martin (5) - Heartbeats
posted a review of Ian Martin (5) - Heartbeats. 3 months ago
"God Theme" is a funny mysterious track. Reminds me of some Twin Peaks sarcastic tunes.
Force De Frappe - Ere Nucleaire / T'Attends La Prochaine Guerre
posted a review of Force De Frappe - Ere Nucleaire / T'Attends La Prochaine Guerre. 4 months ago
I would love an instrumental of "Ere Nucléaire", because the lyrics are a bit cheesy and the voice not that interesting.
Various - I-F's Tool Kit
posted a review of Various - I-F's Tool Kit. 4 months ago
"Supercharged" is just so unbelievable. Totally intense tool for a disco party, edited from the instrumental part of the Supercharge classic. Stays in mind for weeks after only one listening.
Antonello Gabelli - Moliendo Café
posted a review of Antonello Gabelli - Moliendo Café. 4 months ago
5 years later: no, B3 is great! Nice version of a cheasy classic.
Underground Ministries Feat. Kenny Bobien - I Shall Not Be Moved
posted a review of Underground Ministries Feat. Kenny Bobien - I Shall Not Be Moved. 4 months ago
Soulfuric records always go for peanuts except... when Palms Trax play them!
Nice soulful house record with strong mixes. Also, this song brings me nice memories of hearing Kenny Bobien @ Djoon like ten years ago. Wonderful singer.
I'm happy to see... See full review
VEX (2) - VEX-1
posted a comment on VEX (2) - VEX-1. 10 months ago
Haha, thanks for your story Dylaf! When they are late, replies are even tastier.
Radio Slave
posted a comment on Radio Slave. 12 months ago
You put it well: in that era each Radio Slave remix was excellent.
My favorite remains the remix of "Darkness".
Marcus Mixx
posted a comment on Marcus Mixx. 12 months ago
Where has this man disappeared? The Let's Pet Puppies Special Edition vol. 2 is due.
AFX* - Analord 04
posted a comment on AFX* - Analord 04. about 1 year ago
Man you sound a bit too much like a fanboy. Yes, RDJ is a music genius. But geniuses have their moments of grace and their moments when inspiration lacks.
DJ Spanish Fly
posted a comment on DJ Spanish Fly. about 1 year ago
Wow, very good news!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik - Learn To Brew With Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik
posted a comment on Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik - Learn To Brew With Roy Of The Ravers & Myoptik. about 1 year ago
I agree. This release is dark and insane and brings something different to the table. Definitely not "just another ROTR record".
The 23-track digital version is the one to get.
Exillon - Brat Tactics EP
posted a comment on Exillon - Brat Tactics EP. about 1 year ago
The track with Bill Converse is a fine mix of piano and noises.
posted a comment on FUJI||||||||||TA. about 1 year ago
What's going on with artist names, these days?
How do you even spell it?
Derek Carr - The Colour Of Acid E.P
posted a comment on Derek Carr - The Colour Of Acid E.P. about 1 year ago
"Punish" is something special and different from the rest of Derek's output.
The whole EP is very good.
The Polish Ambassador - Diplomatic Immunity
posted a comment on The Polish Ambassador - Diplomatic Immunity. about 1 year ago
"Earth Versus The World" is still fresh after 15 years.
I dream of a punchy remix by DJ Overdose or the Parallax Corporation.
Magic Fire - Body Dancer
posted a comment on Magic Fire - Body Dancer. about 1 year ago
Very nice piece of info. Can you name other italo tracks popular in Philippines?
Skrillex, Four Tet, Starrah - Butterflies (Extended Mix)
posted a comment on Skrillex, Four Tet, Starrah - Butterflies (Extended Mix). about 1 year ago
The music is ok but the vocal is terrible. Please provide an instrumental. Not that it would be good, but at least it would be ok to hear it while shopping for clothes.
Paul Johnson
posted a comment on Paul Johnson. about 1 year ago
He was brave and talented, very sad. R.I.P.
IFM (re?)-uploaded this set from 2015: