How I rate records:

1 star = without interest
2 stars = I wouldn't mind hearing it now and then
3 stars = I'd be glad to hear it played out
4 stars = I'd like to get it on vinyl to play it out / or already did it
5 stars = very eager to get this record / or already happy to have it in my collection

To take with a grain of salt!
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posted a comment on Autechre - SIGN. 1 day ago
His comment actually matches my experience though.
It resembles Oversteps more than any other album they put out.
It is less percussive than any other album as well.
posted a comment on Bande Apartment - Rita, Kate And You Too. 5 days ago
Nice edits.
posted a comment on Monocorpse - The Comfort Of Strangers. 6 days ago
This name of this EP and the picture come from the disturbing movie "The Comfort of Strangers" by Paul Shrader, which you can see in full here:
(screenplay by Harold Pinter, beautiful music by Angelo... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - SIGN. 7 days ago
"si00" is beautiful. I will put a rating for the whole album later.
posted a comment on Loud-E. 8 days ago
Fans of Master Digger Loud-E check his new bandcamp page with already 20 exclusive edits:
posted a comment on The Universal Robot Band - Freak With Me. 11 days ago
Great track, that shouldn't be overlooked in the Universal Robot Band discography. Includes some sexy screams.
posted a comment on Identified Patient - Nerve Deposit. 13 days ago
I'm not feeling these as much as the ones on the various Pinkman EPs.
Diverse EP with good production though, and paces that sometimes remind me of JASSS.
"Territory Doubt" is still nice & playable.
posted a comment on Kim Harlow - Who's On The Line. 14 days ago
Beautiful disco song in the style of RAH Band "Message From the Stars" or "Clouds Across The Moon".
posted a comment on Patrick Juvet - Pas Folle De Moi (I'm A Survivor). 14 days ago
"Alibi (I'm Dreaming)" is a very funky song with a strong bassline and lyrics about somebody who doesn't rermember what he did the evening before and is presently charged with murder.
posted a comment on Radio Movie - No Escape. 15 days ago
Those versions are also available on the CD version of the album:
Great album!
posted a comment on Linda "Babe" Majika* / Thoughts Visions And Dreams Featuring Ray Phiri - Let's Make a Deal / Step Out Of My Life. 16 days ago
Very good A-side, but the real gem is on the flip side, and it will melt your heart (if you can handle the sax). Very welcome re-issue, the LP being quite rare.
posted a comment on Andre Schmid* - Andre 4. 16 days ago
It must have been groundbreaking when it was released, that's for sure. But it sounds rather mediocre and generic now. So, I guess the first part of your sentence is right. ;-)
posted a comment on Flemming Dalum - The Amazing Run In The Tube Vol. 2. 16 days ago
This mix is so good! Lots of italo classics, mostly instrumental versions. Some songs play for so little time it is frustrating (Waiting for Heaven). I would advise this as an introduction to italo-disco any day.
posted a comment on Various - 10 Year Anniversary Panama Racing Mix Pack. 16 days ago
The "Bonus VHS Mix" is mostly porn with a discreet disco background.
posted a comment on Sylve - I've Only Got You To Blame. 16 days ago
It's a nice song which makes me in a good mood. I don't dance to it in a weird ironic c*nty way, but I might try that just to know how it feels.
posted a comment on Aashid Himons - The Gods & I. 20 days ago
Both sides are awesome. Very welcome re-issue, as the album those tracks come from is worth 400$ these days.
posted a comment on Aashid* - Kosmik Gypsy. 20 days ago
posted a comment on NABTA - No Excuses. 20 days ago
"Lovely Daze" is a good song. A bit like Grimes or Sophie, but far superior.
posted a comment on Zero Call - Stellar Wind. 20 days ago
The "Technobeton Rmx" is the one for me. Lively beat and nice melting of echoing female & male voices.
posted a comment on The Beneficiaries - The Crystal City Is Alive. 20 days ago
Bass slams so hard here, especially on "Metallic Stars". This one is gonna make many a speaker bottom out or your neighbors wonder what's going on otherwise.

I'm not keen on the kind of spoken word used on this album. But the instrumental parts are... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Endangered Species Volume 1. 20 days ago
Can anybody tell me how "Munich" sound on this record? Does it sound better than on this re-issue : ?
posted a comment on Ghia - You Won't Sleep On My Pillow / What's Your Voodoo?. 20 days ago
The B-side "What's Your Voodoo" is the one for me. Haunting chorus and tight production.
posted a comment on Govindo - Ou Ka Vini Com Moin. 20 days ago
6 copies starting at 500€? Come on!
It is a good song but not among the best.
posted a comment on Krzysztof Penderecki - Dies Irae (Auschwitz Oratorium) / Polymorphia / De Natura Sonoris. 20 days ago
Beautiful pieces & superb pressing. "Polymorphia ", torrential rain of strings, is a masterpiece.
posted a comment on Xenakis*, Marius Constant, Ensemble Ars Nova - Syrmos / Polytope / Medea. 20 days ago
The two pieces on the A-side are impressive but a bit strident to my ears. "Medea" is beautiful, rich and a perfect example of early Xenakis acoustic genius.
posted a comment on Sylvano Bussotti - The Rara Requiem. 20 days ago
Contemporary music done right, with actual musical themes and vocal experimentations. Beautiful piece.
posted a comment on New Acid Generation - Deviate. 21 days ago
The B-side has been re-issued in full glory on this 12'':
and is available digitally @ Brokntoys bandcamp.
posted a comment on Clay Pedrini - Ocean / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. 21 days ago
Terrible singing on "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" but (or: therefore?) great italo tune. I prefer it over "New Dream".
posted a comment on Nando Litteri - A.E.A.E.O.. about 1 month ago
Wow, very welcome re-issue including the beautiful italian versions.
What about the sound quality, please? Is it sourced from the original tapes?!
posted a comment on Midnight Runners (2) - Dago 99. about 1 month ago
I'd like to know too. This one is very hot!!
posted a comment on Various - Onderwereld EP. about 1 month ago
This is a very nice EP. If you like Pametex or Electronome, don't miss! Pure Den Haag sound.
posted a comment on Decameron (7) - Just A Little Dance. about 1 month ago
"Deca" is "ten" in Greek and "hemera" is "day", hence: ten days. Boccaccio apparently created the word to name his book, a collection of short tales (mostly saucy) supposedly told by young men and women during a ten-day stay in a garden safe from the... See full review
posted a comment on Gstring - Intergalactic Sunrise (XL Version). about 1 month ago
Highlights are already well-known; the masterpieces by Azoto, Klein & MBO, Dharma, Slick (Magik Edit Allstars).
The rest is filled mostly by classic Viewlexx crew stuff.
posted a comment on Magnetic System - Godzilla / Escape. about 1 month ago
Can anyone comment on the sound quality of this re-issue please?
posted a comment on Conrad Schnitzler - Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal. about 1 month ago
How does the repress sound, please?
posted a comment on Peet Need*, Dennis Vd Berg ,& Filippo Bachini - Baldeejays X. about 1 month ago
A lot of great tunes on this set, many of them in Italian. I'm especially curious to know what is the opener.
I didn't open the sugar yet. I wonder if it's really sugar.
posted a comment on Loud-E - Disco Power. about 1 month ago
Is there a tracklist available for this burner?
posted a comment on The Brothers "Supreme"* - We Can't Be Held Back. about 1 month ago
Thank you patina!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Herbie Goins - You Don't Love Me. about 1 month ago
Not keen on the vocal but good boogie instrumental here.
posted a comment on Precieux - Maman, J'Aime Ca. 2 months ago
Funky tune about a guy telling his mom he likes to beat women like crazy.
posted a comment on Precieux - La Débandade / Soirée Spéciale. 2 months ago
Funk doesn't get sexier & nastier than this.
posted a comment on Macho - Kalimba De Luna (Version U.S.A.). 2 months ago
Enjoyable cover, though the main vocal parts are a bit annoying.
posted a comment on Mader* - Disparue. 2 months ago
This is far better than the ultra-famous "Macumba". A dub version would have been welcome though.
posted a comment on Ende Shneafliet - Symphoy Romant. 2 months ago
Worth it for "Session Zeitgeist". Great track. I also like those which follow it.
posted a comment on TYVYT|IYTYI - Untouchable. 3 months ago
Irresistible groove & crunchy drums all the way. Very discernable raw yet bouncy sound from this producer, who only delivers gold. Just listen how M.A.S.S.I.V.E. is a track like "Empty Inside".
posted a comment on Staruha Mha - Fires. 3 months ago
This is a great experimental ambient album, full of stunning tracks. Very recommended if you like the genre.
posted a comment on Tangerine Dream - Thief. 3 months ago
Worth it just for the incredible "Tailed / The Break-in" featured in last year IFM top 2019 and opening I-F DJ sets.
posted a comment on The Jonzun Crew - Pak Man (Look Out For The OVC). 3 months ago
Is that comment for both the US and German Tommy Boy pressing?
posted a comment on Various - Ecdisis Vol. 3. 3 months ago
I have been waiting for years for a release of that "Au-X" MW edit. Happy it's finally out.