How I rate records:

1 star = without interest
2 stars = I wouldn't mind hearing it now and then
3 stars = I'd be glad to hear it played out
4 stars = I'd like to get it on vinyl to play it out / or already did it
5 stars = very eager to get this record / or already happy to have it in my collection

To take with a grain of salt!
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posted a review of Chris Moss Acid - Machine Heavy. about 10 hours ago
"Myrmidon" is a great retro hard core track. "Strontium 90" is super deep too.
Very nice EP.
posted a comment on Klankman - In The Zone EP. 5 days ago
"I Think, I Think" has dirty acid lines.
There's a cassette of this EP out there.
posted a comment on Legowelt - Star Simulator. 5 days ago
Killer EP, his very best in ages imho (though all of his releases are very good).
"Star Simulator II" is a body-shaker.
posted a comment on Various - Touched Electronix 002. 6 days ago
It is out now.
posted a comment on Various - V.A 4. 6 days ago
"Sogno In Bb" by Ssiege is a gem.
The Jaffa Kid track is beautiful too.
posted a comment on Sonar Base - Sonar Bases 4 - 10. 7 days ago
Any opinion on this remastered version?
I have the original & the 2017 Deeptrax re-issue, and wonder if it's worth getting this version.
Any difference between the CD and the U-Trax bandcamp digis?
posted a comment on Ian Martin (5) - Seer . 7 days ago
A2 is a psychedelic piece of ambient space music.

Also available on digital:
posted a comment on Audiosport 8 - De Diepe Wereld. 7 days ago
The first two tracks are damn hot.
The rest? Super nice ambient, as always with Danny.
And this album is free on his bandcamp, but I'm a sucker for those cute cassettes.
posted a comment on Kuniyuki Takahashi - Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 1. 9 days ago
"Signifie" is a very interesting track.
posted a comment on Brainwaltzera. 11 days ago
Highly doubt it. If I remember well his (now deleted) comments here, Anil (Furthur Electronix) couldn't stand Solvent and had very nasty words.
posted a comment on Russ Gabriel - The Controller. 11 days ago
I would purchase more of this label if the covers were less ugly. Seriously, the music is great and the colored vinyl are pretty, but those aliens give me a "yuk" feeling every time.
posted a comment on JS* - JSCD-01. 11 days ago
I agree with the comments below. This is an essential compilation for dub techno lovers.
All killer no filler, as they say.
posted a comment on The Exaltics - Exodus. 12 days ago
Ugly as hell, but I've ordered my copy nevertheless...

Edit: actually it looks better when you have it in hand, than in picture. Especially the B-side.
Edit2: A2 is a stormer!
posted a comment on DJ Technician - My Beat Is A Monster. 12 days ago
And the repress is coming in may.
posted a comment on Univac (3) - Radiation. 12 days ago
It will be repressed in may.
posted a comment on Univac (3) - Radiation. 12 days ago
Repress coming in may.
posted a comment on Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld. 13 days ago
It's on pre-order at Redeye now.
posted a comment on Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld. 13 days ago
Repress on pre-order at Redeye.
posted a comment on Various - Full Beam For Gees Only. 15 days ago
A2 sounds like Matakena - "Nuts On Me", which is probably a cover.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Strange Birds - Bird Shit. 16 days ago
Birdshit 1 is a harsh electro monster.
posted a comment on 36 (2) - Black Soma. 17 days ago
The first disc is divine. Every track on it sounds like the last track of an album.
My favorite piece is "Black Future" but all is seriously mind-blowing.
Highly recommended.
posted a comment on James Bernard - Atwater. 17 days ago
Lovely purple vinyl and very nice music, but don't pay those prices yet, I'm sure they will be plenty for sale here.
posted a review of Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn. 17 days ago
Glad this one was released on vinyl. Every bit as essential as the other Sonar Base transmissions.
posted a comment on Salamandos - The World To Come. 18 days ago
To be repressed in May 2019.
posted a comment on Kōhei Amada, Sugai Ken - Kyogokuryu​-​Sōkyoku "Shinshunfu" = 京極流箏曲「新春譜」. 18 days ago
The guy's face on the cover looks photoshopped.
Otherwise, excellent release.
posted a comment on Chez N Trent - 'Core' 中心 /.1994\ : Morning Factory. 18 days ago
Repress is coming.

But stop releasing 1-sided vinyl everybody, this is a pisstake.
posted a comment on DJ Duke Presents Inner Soul Featuring E. Scot* - I'm In Need 4 U. 19 days ago
The Deep Vocal version is a beauty. Glad it got a re-issue.
posted a comment on Alexander East - Hazy Shade Of Love. 19 days ago
What a raw beat on the A-side!
posted a comment on Various - Flam! . 22 days ago
Very nice compilation full of fresh "disco not disco" tracks.
Check'em all.
posted a comment on Dee-Fecto - ...Like Sombreros. 22 days ago
Track lengths of side-B are wrong on this page.
dub: around 4:00
instrumental: around 4:05
posted a comment on Various - Discophilia Belgica : Next​-​door​-​disco & Local Spacemusic from Belgium 1975​-​1987 (Part 1/2) . 23 days ago
It's written bethind the sleeve: Loud-E (Rard Laudy) and The Wild!
Check Loud-E's masterful re-edits.
posted a comment on Lord Of The Isles - Futures. 25 days ago
"A2B" is a very good house track. Old school composition with fresh sounds.
posted a comment on Lynx - Call. 25 days ago
"High Rise" is actually much better than "Call...".
Thanks for the heads up!
posted a comment on Various - Djax-Re-Up - Volume 1. 25 days ago
It would defo save your vinyl from wear to play the digis.
posted a comment on Ron Morelli - Disappearer. 26 days ago
"Laugh Taker" has already been hammered by I-F, Mick Wills, Legowelt... and the list is gonna grow.
posted a comment on The Wheel Of Rituals - The Wheel Of Rituals . 27 days ago
Could be. Any source or evidence?
posted a comment on Klankman - En Direct De La Haye (Live). 27 days ago
Is there any tracklist of this set somewhere?
posted a comment on New Musik - The Planet Doesn't Mind / 24 Hours From Culture - Part II. 27 days ago
Sound quality of this re-issue anyone?
posted a comment on Various - Spysatellite. 27 days ago
Agreed, "Cry" is a masterpiece. It's also on the "Fucking Consumer" LP.
posted a comment on Autechre - Amber. 29 days ago
"Further" is one of their finest tracks. Dark, nasty rhythms, announcing the factory sounds of Chiastic Slice. Incredible music.
posted a comment on Format - # 1 Solid Session. about 1 month ago
The Legowelt remix is solid. Respectful of the original and adding his trademark bass & synths.
posted a comment on Cignol - Tidal Sheer. about 1 month ago
The opening track "Tidal Sheer" (which has been re-issued on vinyl later) is PURE BLISS!!
posted a comment on Jensen Interceptor (2) - The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle. about 1 month ago
"Wave Slave" is a monster. Fast & furious, restless, crazy. One of his very best tracks without Assembler Code.
posted a comment on Eliott Litrowski - Schmock Machine EP. about 1 month ago
On A2, the sample "le dormeur doit se réveiller" (= "sleeper must awaken") is from the french version of the movie "Dune" by David Lynch.
posted a comment on Dmitry Distant - Machines Are Playing Us. about 1 month ago
Cold, dark, nasty cassette to listen to on your walkman at night while walking around strange and isolated suburbs.
More please!
posted a comment on Pan Sonic - Kesto (234.48:4). about 1 month ago
I randomly purchased this box when it came out. 15 years later, it is still harsh, raw & mindblowing. The best Pan Sonic / Mika Vaino to my ears.
At that time, I didn't know who Throbbing Gristle, Charlemagne Palestine or Bruce Gilbert were... (each has ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - L-event. about 1 month ago
It fits but can you remove them from the box now?
posted a comment on Autechre - Exai. about 1 month ago
Don't forget "irlite (get 0)", the most Oversteps-like of them, and with great melodical patterns all the way.
posted a comment on Legowelt - Tondalayo. about 1 month ago
"Nebular Paradise" all the way. One of 2015's best electro tracks for me.