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My interest in music already started when I was a little kid. Since the mid 80's I'm addicted to music and since the early 90's I started to collect CD's and records.

From September 1993 until January 2011 I worked for a local radio station in the south of the Netherlands called 'Siris Radio'. First the show was called 'Bassline', but after a few years we decided to name the show 'Dancemania'. 'Dancemania' is a weekly show where all kinds of electronic dance music (such as house, club, progressive and trance) is being played. Early 2011 I stopped with making radio, but my colleague is still hosting the show on a weekly basis.

I also worked as a DJ in local bars / clubs for over 10 years, but in the summer of 2008 I decided to stop with DJ-ing because the lack of time.

From July 2001 to July 2010 I also worked for as a contributor. I wrote news-items, party reviews, CD reviews, but most people might know me because of the many interviews that I've done for the website (plus for our radio show as well). In the last couple of years I did interviews with lot of well known DJs and producers such as:
Ferry Corsten (System F / Gouryella),
Paul van Dyk,
Markus Schulz,
Geert Huinink,
Bart Claessen,
Leon Bolier,
Junkie XL,
Laurent Véronnez (L-Vee / Airwave),
Richard Durand,
Joni Ljungqvist (JPL / LNQ),
Gabriel & Dresden,
Mark Norman,
Sander Kleinenberg,
André Tanneberger (ATB),
Ben Liebrand,
Marcel Woods,
Ralph Barendse (Ralphie B / First State),
Menno de Jong,
Paul Moelands (Re:Locate / Octagen),
Rank 1,
Marco V,
M.I.K.E. (Push / Plastic Boy),
Benjamin Bates,
Jonas Steur (Estuera),
Marcus Schössow,
Super8 & Tab,
Adam Sheridan,
Mark Otten,
Jochen Miller,
Cor Fijneman,
DJ Dazzle,
Johan Gielen (Airscape),
Ron van den Beuken,
Eelke Kleijn,
Jes Brieden,
Hemstock & Jennings,
Tom Harding,
Joris van der Straten (C-Quence),
Rafaël Frost,
Lemon & Einar K,
Blank & Jones,
Ernesto vs Bastian,
Ronald van Gelderen
and many, many others.

And last but not least, since November 2004 I work at Dance Therapy Productions, which is the management company of Ferry Corsten. I'm taking care of social media and everything regarding Ferry's weekly radio show Corsten's Countdown amongst other things. From July 2007 to September 2015 I worked for his label Flashover Recordings as well.

My music collection:

One of my vinylshelves (there is another one behind this one)

A small part from the other vinyl shelf and on the right you see my CD wall.

My CD wall.

Normally I do NOT sell anything from my collection, unless somebody makes me an offer that I can't refuse! ;-)

Check my new music vlog:
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posted a comment on Dolores O'Riordan. 7 days ago
RIP Dolores O'Riordan :( Loved the early stuff of "The Cranberries", tracks such as "Linger", "Ode To My Family" and of course "Zombie". But also "Promises" and "Salvation". Thanks for the great music.
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I joined the Kickstarter project months ago, always been a huge fan of these 2, so I was happy to read they were gonna work on a new album. Listening to my digital copy as we speak, but of course I did order the actual CD album as well. Great album with ... See full review
posted a comment on RAM* - RAMsterdam. about 1 month ago
Check out "Lemon & Einar K - Anticipation" from the year 2008 ;-)
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posted a comment on Tom Petty. 3 months ago
"Music, as far as I have seen in the world so far, is the only real magic that I know. There is something really honest and clean and pure and it touches you in your heart."

RIP Tom Petty
submitted Alpha 9 - Lily. 3 months ago
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posted a comment on Linkin Park. 6 months ago
RIP Chester Bennington ... Another huge talent gone way too young...
submitted Ferry Corsten Ft/ Clairity - Reanimate. 6 months ago
submitted Ferry Corsten Ft/ Clairity - Reanimate. 6 months ago
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submitted Ferry Corsten - Blueprint. 8 months ago
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posted a comment on Robert Miles. 8 months ago
RIP Robert Miles ... When I first heard his track "Children" I was blown away. He was an influence for many producers and made lots of people starting to listen to trance music (or "dream house" as it was called in that time). So sad he died at such a ... See full review
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