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posted a comment on Henni Hell. over 4 years ago
Henni Hell has created some of the coolest album art I've seen. I really like the cobbled-together aesthetic some of his work for DHR has. Wonder where he is nowadays.
posted a review of Eon (2) - Pocket Damage. over 4 years ago
Really love "Pocket Damage"! Such a hypnotic riff from the slightly distorted-sounding, cutting synth lead.

"Talk To Me" is a more subdued song with a more house-influenced sound to it. Ultimately a well-produced but forgettable track.
posted a review of Ferry Corsten Presents Eon (2) - Pocket Damage. over 4 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the remixes included were relatively faithful to the original track. So often nowadays do re-releases include remixes that try too hard to "update" a sing for modern audiences or to change the style into ... See full review
posted a review of Skywalker (4) - Seed / Macarony / Intentions. over 4 years ago
Nice easy-going drum'n'bass that is a far cry from the trance and trance-influenced material that Ferry is known for releasing. You'll like this if you're into the jungle and drum'n'bass sounds typical of the time, or if you're a hardcore Ferry Corsten ... See full review
posted a comment on Funk Einsatz - My Dance. over 4 years ago
This is a remix of Ransom's 1993 track "My Dance". It was also released on the Tsunami label as the "Ferry Corsten Remix" in 2001, and also appeared on the 2011 Armada Digital release.
posted a review of R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments. over 4 years ago
The "Moederoverste Onie Mix" --- or its radio edit --- is probably the version most people are familiar with. The original version is a fairly decent track itself, but it is easy to see why the Moederoverste mix was the version selected to headline most ... See full review
posted a review of A.I.D.A. - Remember Me. over 4 years ago
"Remember Me" is a great track, but ultimately it doesn't really possess anything that makes it stand out among the countless other trance releases of the that era. The track reminds me of Benno de Goeij's track "C Sharp", released under his "The Quest" ... See full review
posted a review of Atari Teenage Riot - Is This Hyperreal?. over 5 years ago
I discovered Atari Teenage Riot when I in 9th grade; around 2005 --- I think? Maybe '06. So I fell in love with their "original" sound --- "1995/Delete Yourself!", "The Future of War", and --- to a lesser extent --- "60 Second Wipe Out". When I got this ... See full review
posted a review of Ronald van Gelderen - This Way. over 5 years ago
Original mix is pretty good. Surprisingly, Rank 1 seems to have dropped the ball on their remix: It sucks.
posted a review of DJ Kim - Time And Space. over 5 years ago
The Alphazone remix is the only "must-listen-to" on here. Other two are mediocre.
posted a review of Mathias Moor Pres. M2M (4) - Colosseum. over 5 years ago
Utterly forgettable. Not sure how or why this got signed.
posted a review of Kelly Andrew - Across The Sea. over 5 years ago
Beautiful gem of orchestral/uplifting trance! This one sticks out amongst the other Abora releases.
posted a review of Sean Tyas - Ivy / Tingle. over 5 years ago
When I first listened to it, "Ivy" was the first decent track I'd heard in a good number of months. I was absolutely floored by the melodic piano and strings breakdown/buildup which, while certainly nothing new as far as trance music staples, is probably ... See full review
posted a review of Cern - The Message. over 5 years ago
The "Northern Mix": This has an AWESOME, driving melody that explodes after the titular message from the Apollo 8 crew!
posted a review of Questia - Crystal Clouds. over 5 years ago
The title tracks are forgettable. The real gem on this release is "Evolving Moods", an excellent beach/summer anthem! The guitar/synth riff is awesome and flows perfectly. It reminds me a bit of Solarstone's "Seven Cities", but with a harder edge to it.
posted a review of Faithless - The Dance. over 5 years ago
A subpar album on its own terms, let alone as the band's "final" album; you'd think they try to make something memorable. There are a few standouts on the CD, notably the tracks featuring Dido, as well as "Flyin Hi".
posted a comment on Agnelli & Nelson Feat. The Burn - Shiver. over 5 years ago
Love the vocal hook on this track: "The sweetest line I know/is the one that's down your back/Makes me shiver so/but it keeps me coming back"
posted a comment on Barbarus - Hold On. over 5 years ago
Nice, feel-good song. Still, to be honest, it's pretty forgettable. Wish they had credited the vocalist; I'd like to know who it was.
posted a review of DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry. over 5 years ago
"Lethal Industry" is subpar at best. The only thing it has going for it is the mildly interesting, gimmicky, lead synth sound. Of course, as Christopher_Jion noted, the melody was lifted whole-piece from the arguably more talented Alec Empire. When ... See full review
posted a comment on Phynn - Lucid. over 5 years ago
"Lucid" is a decent track, but not a floor-filler, to be sure. I also cannot help but note the similarities between the melody of "Lucid" and Vincent de Moor's "Mystique Colors". Depending upon the source, it would seem that "Mystique Colors" was ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago