Have been mixing/buying electronic music since early 1988. One day I will hopefully get the time to add my entire collection. I love this site - discogs rules! My records are not for sale although you can try for trade, please don't ask for Mp3's.

I was lucky enough to have grown up before the "criminal justice bill" was brought to be. Attended most of the free festivals and free parties from 1989-1994. Was part of a four DJ sound system that threw many illegal parties up and down the country. Woodland High Power, Smeatharpe, Torpedo Town, Castle Morton, Stroud, Oxford, Alfold, Shepton Mallet, Lewisham Library, Holcombe Quarry etc. Held a residence at the SW1 club for the 'Survival' club nights back in 1992. I am still active in the London scene. I currently work for Lost in the UK. Cosmic ID, Cosmic Records, Lost Recordings, Clubtracks and ID(dentity) etc.

Some of my favourite labels:

Ai Records
Red Planet
Breakin' Records
Bunker Records
Frustrated Funk
Underground Resistance
Trust Records
Murder Capital
World Electric
Cosmic Records
Lost Recordings

+ Many, many more........

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submitted Rhythm Plate - Lean 2013. about 1 month ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Unknown. 2 months ago
submitted Molly Nilsson - Twenty-Twenty. 3 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Pooch - Control EP. 3 months ago
What no review? DJ Pooch often doesn't get the credit he richly deserves. This EP is criminally underrated and often overlooked. Why? Excellent EP from a vintage time in UK hardcore history.
posted a review of Sound Corp.* - Dream Finder (Limited Edition Remix). over 16 years ago
Sound Corp were always ahead of there time and they made the darkest music. Still sounds as fresh today.
posted a review of 313 Bass Mechanics - From Belle Isle To Seven Mile EP. over 16 years ago
Brilliant old school sounding elecctro record D.E.T is complete with a excellent vocal. This will get your club rocking.
posted a review of Force Legato - System (2K1 Remixes). over 16 years ago
Andy Weatherall and Co remix track A1 under the guise of Two Lone Swordsmen. Nice production with crisp percussion over a fine electro beat. Currently being smashed in the clubs over here.
posted a review of Calix - Deep Fried Porn EP. over 16 years ago
Track A1 'Deep Fried Porn' is a tough electro track with pounding stabs. Clever intro that just rolls off into one. Top grade stuff all the way from OZ.
posted a review of Drax - Drax Two. over 16 years ago
Thomas P Heckman in full effect. Second track on side A 'the madcap laughs' is a fantastic electro cut with a bass line to match - timeless.