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posted a review of Lee Coombs - Perfecto Breaks. 6 days ago
Really nice mix that meets the quality standards of Perfecto releases of that era, while adding a breaks vibe. A smattering of acid house classics provide an unexpected twist. Listening to it today, it's clearly of its time but still immensely ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Harvey - The Sound Of Mercury Rising (Volume 1). about 1 year ago
I'm glad it's not just my copy! Can't work out if it's a disc error, a "F U" to those of us who obsess too much about these things (guilty) or just a bit lazy (for someone like Harvey who used to make proper razor & tape edits, how hard is it to open ... See full review
posted a comment on Brothers In The Struggle - A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That. over 2 years ago
Bought this for the Harvey mixes but was disappointed - it might have sounded OK in 1995 but hasn't aged well.
posted a comment on D.J. Spen* Presents Jasper Street Co. - Remixes. over 7 years ago
Junior's mix is one of his last great productions - true to the house roots of the early part of his career but with a big room feel and the kind of OTT build-ups which became a trademark of his sound in the next decade.
The massive samba breakdown in ... See full review