My alias is DarkRagnarok, a name that has been with me since at least 2006.

I am a former DJ of electro-breaks, tech-funk, house, trance, and even hardcore.

I play the drums in my spare time now, but I still collect music and search for musical gems new and old.
Recent Activity
posted a review of DJ Sharpnel - Mad Breaks = マッドブレイクス. over 12 years ago
I really like this album. Although admitably the main reason I wanted the album was for the artwork, I was surprised. The track "Blue Army" was different in a few smalls ways but made a huge impact versus the one I had heard from the net. They cropped ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Sharpnel - 悩殺♥ ハードブレイク. over 12 years ago
Personally I loved everything from "W" to "Beautiful Synergy". I thought "Mag-Burner" was just a filler song, but now I see that it's a great intro for "Linuks". There's something about it that drives me mad, because the intro vocals sounds somehow ... See full review