ambient head from north england - into many genres..favourites are ambient/prog house 2001-2005,idm/electronica/trip hop/funk/tech house oh and balearica!

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Happy Mondays - Madchester Rave On (Remixes)
posted a review of Happy Mondays - Madchester Rave On (Remixes). 11 months ago
yup..the perfect marriage of indie and dance...sounded immense on a good system in a club
Various - Robodisco
posted a review of Various - Robodisco. 12 months ago
If you can't get down to this ace mix from miles and elliot then there's something wrong with ya..Truly nice and deep house music
Wolf Alice - Visions Of A Life
posted a review of Wolf Alice - Visions Of A Life. about 1 year ago
oh's like a word vomit..what a load of rubbish
Happy Mondays - Bummed
posted a review of Happy Mondays - Bummed. about 1 year ago
great album,before they went all balearic and madchester,shauns lyrics are brilliant.
Jens Buchert - Orbital Resort
posted a review of Jens Buchert - Orbital Resort. about 1 year ago
nicely chilled downtempo electronica - laid back beats with sparkling melodies sprinkled over the top - highly recommended
Ashra - New Age Of Earth
posted a review of Ashra - New Age Of Earth. about 1 year ago
r.i.p manuel what a fantastic body of work you have left for us all
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
The Future Sound Of London
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London. over 3 years ago
Harsh..they make music they want to make..ever since they left virgin they're under no pressure to produce and went their own way with the music..i like the fact they experiment,might not always work but they're still pushing sonic boundaries,heck... See full review
Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise
posted a comment on Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise. over 3 years ago
valley of paradise is a nigh on 10 minute smooth psychedelic trip...very very relaxing and highly recommended
Waveform Transmission - V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9
posted a comment on Waveform Transmission - V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9. over 3 years ago
Couldn't agree more.. It's my favourite out of all the astral industries releases.. So deep and spacious through all four tracks
Yunx - The Interview EP
posted a comment on Yunx - The Interview EP. over 3 years ago
thinking about your next move has to be one of the most beautiful laid back songs recorded...and then the strings kick in!!
Dub Tractor - Delay
posted a comment on Dub Tractor - Delay. over 3 years ago
delicate - intricate - melodic - intrinsic - beautiful electronica - highly recommended
C. Chevallier* & A. Feanch* - Flash Resonance: Space Resonances
posted a comment on C. Chevallier* & A. Feanch* - Flash Resonance: Space Resonances. over 4 years ago
boards of canada brought me here after using the track 'strange pop' on their warp NTS radio mix (BOARDS OF CANADA - SOCIETAS X TAPE) from 2019

Various - Hibernation (Vol 1) - Sampler
posted a comment on Various - Hibernation (Vol 1) - Sampler. over 4 years ago
I am in love with the first track off this e.p by ronda - a future balearic sun kissed chugger...anyone an idea who is behind it?
Prince - Lovesexy Live
posted a comment on Prince - Lovesexy Live. over 4 years ago
My favourite live concert of all time...get this listened to
Omid* - Home
posted a comment on Omid* - Home. over 4 years ago
Personally i think this is one of omids' best productions, a deep,driving,soulful and beautiful track
Remote Control - Golden Acre
posted a comment on Remote Control - Golden Acre. over 4 years ago
immense throbbing tune...check it on omids 'everything,all of them,every year' compilation on alola.
YMC - Tale Spinnin' / Tears
posted a comment on YMC - Tale Spinnin' / Tears. over 4 years ago
totally agree with you about's in my top three of deep house tracks and one of the other two is another ymc track called last stop
Hernan Cattaneo* - Funky Deep 'N' Tribal
posted a review of Hernan Cattaneo* - Funky Deep 'N' Tribal. over 5 years ago
I'm sat here listening to this in 2019 and it still owns as a complete trip..makes modern house music look pathetic
Y.M.C* - Last Stop E.P.
posted a comment on Y.M.C* - Last Stop E.P.. over 5 years ago
'Last stop' is my favourite deep house track of all time..deep,pulsating,soulful..the best type!! timeless
Daniel Pemberton - Bedroom
posted a comment on Daniel Pemberton - Bedroom. over 5 years ago
mr.pemberton is now scoring the new dark crystal netflix tv show as well as the films yesterday,spiderman into the spiderverse and oceans 8 and many more projects..he's doing pretty well i think!!
Esem - Enveloped
posted a comment on Esem - Enveloped. over 5 years ago
one of the stand out IDM albums of the period..wonderful production and still hold up extremely well today.
Various - Virtualsex
posted a comment on Various - Virtualsex. over 5 years ago
kenny larkin - tedra - one of the finest pieces of electronica ever laid down..carl craigs 'at les' another classic and bango - mystical adventures are all stand outs on this brilliant collection
The Amalgamation Of Soundz - Part II
posted a comment on The Amalgamation Of Soundz - Part II. over 5 years ago
the track textures is one of my favourite tracks of all time by these guys..both albums hold up really well with jazz tinged percussive house/beats styles.
Son'z Of A Loop Da Loop Era* - Far Out / Higher
posted a comment on Son'z Of A Loop Da Loop Era* - Far Out / Higher. over 5 years ago
the Dj at my favourite club in manchester back in the 90's used to mix this into the prodigy's 'your love' and it'd blow the roof off the club without fail everytime..a few hundred kindred spirits with massive grins and tons of energy all bouncing along!!
See full review
posted a comment on Bullitnuts. over 5 years ago
Came to these guys late though i do remember them from the trip hop era of the 90's..revisiting again and fallen in love with '1st of the day' especially the first two tracks pizzle road rhapsody and fortean daze.Production is tight,melodic and really... See full review
Carl Cox & Dave Seaman - Mixmag Live Vol. 1
posted a comment on Carl Cox & Dave Seaman - Mixmag Live Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
dave seamans mix would sound better if that 'brass disk' twonk talking over the first 7 minutes wasn't there
Amir Baghiri - Time
posted a comment on Amir Baghiri - Time. over 5 years ago
Galileos dream is one of my all time favourite ambient tracks
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
posted a comment on Jon Hopkins - Singularity. over 5 years ago
this is just an aural snorefest..i can make better music than this on fruityloops
Djrum* - Portrait With Firewood
posted a comment on Djrum* - Portrait With Firewood. over 5 years ago
creature part 1 for me all day doesn't feel like it should be on this album due to the total change in speed and tone but it works and oh my god it's such a beautiful track.
posted a comment on DJ Scott - Dancin' (Makes You Wanna Move). over 6 years ago
what a tune...bonkers hi energy track that juts makes you wanna move...Essential nightclub in manchester used to play the hell out of this and it sounded immense on the dancefloor
Schmoelling* & Waters* - The Immortal Tourist
posted a comment on Schmoelling* & Waters* - The Immortal Tourist. over 6 years ago
the fsol remix of morning walk is just amazing...pure unadulterated electronic beauty
Shamen* - Hystericool: The Best Of The Alternate Mixes
posted a comment on Shamen* - Hystericool: The Best Of The Alternate Mixes. over 6 years ago
always loved the the future sound of londons' mix of re:iteration..but honestly could do without terence mckenna speaking over the music? wonder if there's an instrumental version around somewhere?
Faze Action - Remixes #1
posted a comment on Faze Action - Remixes #1. over 6 years ago
chuggy's dub of floating world is just lovely...literally a nice disco/chuggy track ...lovely summer fare.
I Boat Captain* - Slower / Moody Beat
posted a comment on I Boat Captain* - Slower / Moody Beat. over 6 years ago
the backwoods remix of slower is absolutely stunning...a chilled chugger of a tune..On Fire!!
André Lodemann - You Never Know EP
posted a comment on André Lodemann - You Never Know EP. over 6 years ago
a strangely isolated place brought me here..'you never know' is one hell of a fine track,crisp minimal techno that builds its rhythms and then the melodies hit late on for a winner
The Beloved - The Sun Rising
posted a comment on The Beloved - The Sun Rising. over 6 years ago
Marks Deep House mix and the 'Rising' mix are the ones for me...Both hypnotic and atmospheric..lesser known but those in the know......know!!
Chris Coco - Return To Good Karma
posted a comment on Chris Coco - Return To Good Karma . over 6 years ago
Personally i think this is the best thing chris has done.Meandering but beautiful,it's like a watercolour wash of sounds and an aural treat.My favourite track? The impossible Road.
Moraes* Featuring Sally Cortez* - Welcome To The Factory
posted a comment on Moraes* Featuring Sally Cortez* - Welcome To The Factory. over 6 years ago
i'll add to the reviews too..angels journey mix is the one for me and at nearly 15 minutes it's a monster guaranteed to get everyone up and on the floor..would have loved to have heard this either in the loft Ny or the hacienda manchester!
Hypnotone - Dream Beam (Remix)
posted a comment on Hypnotone - Dream Beam (Remix). over 7 years ago
the ben chapman mix is the one for me..great vocals and lovely piano riff summon up laid back parties on the white isle!
Scott Gallacher - Deep House Classics
posted a comment on Scott Gallacher - Deep House Classics. over 7 years ago
excellent compilation of some hard to find tracks.Highly recommended album
Hypnotone - Dream Beam
posted a comment on Hypnotone - Dream Beam. over 7 years ago
always get a great reaction playing this balearic beauty.The italian house style piano hook is what does it probably!
Paul Rogers - Switch / Lazy Monday
posted a comment on Paul Rogers - Switch / Lazy Monday. over 7 years ago
Possibly one of the finest progressive house tracks ever made.It's that good! and as the other reviewer mentioned it's a great track to open a set with!
Land Of Light - Land Of Light (Remixes)
posted a comment on Land Of Light - Land Of Light (Remixes). over 7 years ago
just discovered this remix and agree with you friend..just immense and atmospheric!!
Medway - Release
posted a comment on Medway - Release. over 7 years ago
andy moor mix for me everytime...vocals lift it and make it that more insistent!
Bipath - Paranoize
posted a comment on Bipath - Paranoize. over 7 years ago
deep dark and dubby oh and chuggy in all the right places..Belter
Bernard Leon Howard III Featuring 80 - Marscarter
posted a comment on Bernard Leon Howard III Featuring 80 - Marscarter. over 7 years ago
the debo and porter mix for me everytime...Deep,chuggy and that spacious sound is amazing...would have loved to have heard this play in the hacienda..
Deep Dish - Yoshiesque Two
posted a comment on Deep Dish - Yoshiesque Two. over 7 years ago
One of the finest mixes deep dish laid down..some choice tracks used such as blair bitch,loud east lights off,hot lizard 165 drop and behrouz what we do in life...gets a regular outing at mine and always love watching other peoples reactions when they hear it. See full review
Bola - D.E.G.
posted a comment on Bola - D.E.G.. over 7 years ago
Wonderful stuff from mr fitton.Lush melodic electronica that bubbles away in a 90's electronica/ambient kinda way but has a relevant sound today..highly recommended too! Lovely artwork as always to round off a quality package!
Weekend World - The Word / Outsider
posted a comment on Weekend World - The Word / Outsider. over 7 years ago
The word - gorgeous/sublime/uplifting..brilliant track to open a set with just like alex neri does on the yoshitoshi in house trust 4 cd