Former Discogs moderator (when there used to be such a thing) from October 2006 until our comrades in the Discogs front office turned on v4 of the site.

Long-time music addict with a collection exceeding 8000 titles (slowly but surely they are all finding their way into the Discogs site).

Genres of interest run a wide range, but are centered around electronic (IDM, ambient, experimental, glitch/microsound, drone, minimal, downtempo, triphop, rhythmic/industrial) and rock (primarily post rock, slowcore, shoegaze, 4ADish, and some of the more unusual indie). I also have a soft spot in my heart for harDCore; I spent my "formative years" from a music perspective in DC during the 80s, the heyday of the local punk scene.

Radio DJ at WRPI from 1987 to 1993. Club/lounge/artspace DJ from 1987 to 2001; co-founder of the DC area event Rituals in the early 2000s.

Recently returned to radio in October 2018 with a bi-weekly program called The Journey on WOWD. Full archive available on Mixcloud.

If you have something from my wantlist (either for set sale or on eBay), feel free to drop me an e-mail. All set sale offers must include: your price, your shipping cost to the US, and the condition of the item. If you see something in my collection that interests you, feel free to get in touch (with your "best & final" offer). Although there are many "not for sale at any price" items in my collection, you never know...

I am not willing to trade MP3s or CDRs, so no requests, please!
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submitted Ars Moriendi - Hexass, Part III - Part VI. about 1 month ago
submitted Alaskan Tapes - Views From Sixteen Stories. about 1 month ago
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submitted Maps And Diagrams* - Archiv. 2 months ago
submitted Maps And Diagrams* - Gauze. 2 months ago
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submitted Ⓚ - Three Pillars Of Limbic Fission. 2 months ago
submitted Mark Streatfield & FMS-80 - Dual Four. 2 months ago
submitted Panama Fleets - Golden Age Of Alpinism. 3 months ago
submitted One Million Eyes - Brama. 3 months ago
submitted Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Pick A Day To Die. 3 months ago
submitted Bobby Lee (35) - Origin Myths. 3 months ago
submitted Gadi Sassoon - Multiverse. 4 months ago
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submitted Ghosting Season - The Very Last Of The Saints. 4 months ago
submitted LAN Formatique - Homework EP. 4 months ago
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