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posted a comment on Allan Holdsworth. 5 months ago
Highly underrated and innovative player. Saw him with the Soft Machine in 1974. Best soloing ever!
We already miss you Allan, you are GENIUS! R.I.P. Amico!
posted a comment on Gentle Giant - Giant For A Day. 7 months ago
Hi Mon Ami!
Agreed Z, best tours (in my opinion) were In a Glass House (74) and 1975's "Interview". One of the MOST innovative groups of the early 70s, after "Missing Piece" mostly just trying to keep selling albums into a newly "dismantled" market with ... See full review
posted a comment on Sensations' Fix - Portable Madness. over 6 years ago
poly 2448-034A Polydor Italia
posted a comment on Atomic Rooster - Made In England. over 6 years ago
Dawn #DNLS 3038,exactly!