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posted a comment on 100 Hz - U Don't Know. over 7 years ago
U Don't Know......what a tune. 100 Hz do bad boy basslines and tight drum kick percussion pressure in abundance. bit of mystery dont mean nothing :-) great keys and melodics in effect - LARGE and safe everytime.
posted a comment on Izit - Stories. over 7 years ago
spot on with your description of this - i agree 100% :-) This track did the business...just completely of the time and not like anything else aside maybe from Cry Sisco but even that was'nt as easy as this on the ear...wicked tune.
posted a comment on Hardfloor - Funalogue. over 7 years ago
The alternative mix of Funalogue played at 45rpm pitched down to -8 is the one.
posted a comment on Various - Hospital Mix.Five. over 8 years ago
61 mins x 30 tracks is like a 'Stars on 45' for Drum & Bass. Its just too many tracks in the mix and I feel that many tracks dont get a chance to breathe in this mix. Why cram so many in?
posted a comment on Marvin Gaye - I Want You. over 8 years ago
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Violator. over 9 years ago
last of the golden albums??? that is only one view :)
posted a comment on Tony Thomas - Beginnings EP. over 9 years ago
Tony Thomas at his best..Beginnings is a slab of quality house music with superkool sounds and rhythms throughout as it builds and drops thru its journey. Absolutely brilliant. All Tony Thomas productions are stamped with a certain sound and quality but ... See full review
posted a comment on Rekorder - Rekorder 0. over 9 years ago
Heard this track at the last ever Subterrain 2 weeks before The End was closed for good. Mr C & Murf dropped it at about 3 or 4am when things were at a peak. This track is a real trouser arouser, and had the whole place completely locked into it ... & ... See full review
posted a comment on Blastromen - Blasteroids EP. over 9 years ago
Have to agree 'Blasteroids' is a freaking masterpiece - wow.
posted a comment on Various - Nu Electro Volume 1. over 9 years ago
Now then.... Some of these comments seem a trifle HARSH in my opinion..?
I was lucky enough to be alive/aware of the Streesounds Electro series back in the early-mid eighties. I bought Electro 6 in my local record shop and like thousands of kids in ... See full review
posted a comment on Major Problems - (The Effects Can Last Forever) How & Why? Edits. over 9 years ago
These edits are subtle... less so on the 'Overdose' rub but I doubt I would have noticed if I heard them out...well depending on the night anyway...All good tho - can't get enough of that Nu Groove.
posted a comment on Tu Rong. over 9 years ago
!! Re-rubs dedicated to best house music label ever :)))) Respect to the MAXIMUM.
posted a comment on Vegard Wolf Dyvik - C.O.D.E.S. over 9 years ago
The Quad I mix is very nice closely followed by C.O.D.E.S (Tough Mix) The concept behind this label puts a smile on my face for real :)) Anything Nu Goove is a GOOD thing.
posted a comment on Nu Groove Records. over 9 years ago
It's awaiting another lost Nu Groove recording..
posted a comment on 33 1/3 Queen - Volume One. over 9 years ago
'Searchin' carried some serious weight when it rocked the underground clubs & pirate stations like Centre Force/Fantasy back in London 1990. There is a sequence towards the end where the bottom freq is cut completely over 4 bars before dropping back in ... See full review
posted a comment on Roqui - You Are On My Mind. over 9 years ago
This is one of the first NG releases I picked up and I have a real soft spot for it. I am sensitive that the backing vocals might sound a bit (dare I say it) 'cheesy' but I just love the melodies and the positive vibe of the record. The female vocals are ... See full review
posted a comment on Lost Entity - Bring That Back (One More Time). over 9 years ago
If my ears are not deceiving me, Annihilate (L.E.S Mix) appears to include a brief sample from 'Were Rocking the Planet' by Hashim as it starts off... Very kool synth work in this track & one of my fave's from this Nu Groove period.
posted a comment on Code 6 - Second Chapter. over 9 years ago
Yes the 1991 period produced some quality music from this man. C.O.D.E.S reminds me of 'Mind to Mind' released on the flip of 'Mentasm' R&S Records the same year. The synth lines and key changes send shivers down my spine...special release.
posted a comment on Rydims - Rydim #1. over 9 years ago
Rydim #2 (Version) is wicked. Deep and spacey rollin' onwards and downwards into the underground. Bubblin' bassline gets the groove goin' and atmospheric keys and horns drift in and out as the vibe gently builds. Also includes original intro & outro ... See full review
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Ultra. over 9 years ago
I agree with the last reviewer in the sense that this album may be downgraded by fans but for me this album is in the top 3 with SOFD and Playing The Angel. For me the bass parts on this record are warm and soothing and the beats are thoughtfully spaced ... See full review
posted a review of Renegade Soundwave. over 10 years ago
Let's not f**k around here, these guys were resonsible for the breathtaking double a side called 'Ozone Breakdown/The Phanthom' which in itself was the best warehouse groove to come out of London in the whole of 1989 and done THE damage to all associated ... See full review
posted a review of Various - X-Mix-1 - The MFS-Trip. over 10 years ago
I have to agree with the last reviewer on this one. When this CD came out it was extremenly well receieved as the effort in pulling these jams together must have ben considerable! I think it's also a great example of how spacey and melodic trance could ... See full review
posted a review of Grandmaster Melle Mel - King Of The Streets. over 11 years ago
Often overlooked but wicked, wicked, wicked piece of superbad rhyming from the pioneer & master, set to a catchy looping fat mutherfunk break that seems to continuously build & build. His rhymes develop over the course of the track and the last verse is ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine. over 11 years ago
I completly agree with the previous reviewer, the n.IASP track is the outstanding track on this compilation, expecially if you like the Aphex Twin's ambient works productions. If fact, this tack could sit nicely on the Selected Ambient Works 85-92 album, ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas Sahs - Little Dee. over 11 years ago
The Paul Paredes mix of 'Little Dee' just oozes with that phat funkiness only Mike Dunn can chat about - know what I mean? Its a fairly simple arrangement but contains 4/5 key components that make it so damn funky! Not sure if it's the looped idle chit ... See full review
posted a review of Nu Groove Records. over 11 years ago
Nu Groove was doing it! As a house label back in the day. Out of the extensive catalog there are some absolute killer recordings that got hammered at early raves in UK 88/89 and pirate radio in 90 - There is also some very experimental/tracky recordings ... See full review
posted a review of Patrick Turner - Rise Up. over 11 years ago
Wicked piece of tripped out house music. There is a nice little keyboard sequence that is running through this groove every two bars as the track builds with layers of subtle sound being applied. This tune is also very funky indeed, as the prodution is ... See full review
posted a review of Marvin Gaye - Live At The London Palladium. over 11 years ago
This version of 'All The Way Around' is absolutely amazing. I can't describe in words how beautiful and effortless his vocal is on this record, it is just quality. I heard this first on this recording, and then checked the album version - no comparison. ... See full review
posted a review of Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight / Apache. over 12 years ago
I beg to differ from comments above. One of the first commercially sucessful rap records maybe, but this record was shunned by the underground at the time. Regarded as an insult to the hard working hip hop pioneers developing the scene through block ... See full review
posted a review of Megalon - Sorceror. over 12 years ago
What a tune! I am referring to the Funky Magnus mix of 'Sorceror' here. When I listen to this it reminds me of a train bumping and bouncing across a landscape of twilight hills and valleys on a funked up phsycadelic trip to it's destination. Sounds a bit ... See full review
posted a review of Voyager (3) & Ed Rush - Baracuda Part 1. over 12 years ago
King of the rollers! The bassline in 'Chek Me Out' is absolutely tearin' (as MC GQ would say!). I first heard this in an L Double/GQ set that was broadcast as part of the 'one in the jungle' shows 96/97 timeframe. That bassline is so dark yet melodic at ... See full review
posted a review of No Smoke - Koro-Koro. over 12 years ago
For me this track defined the warehouse sound of London in 1989. I can remember these tribal percussive rhythms through the smoke and the haze at a party somewhere on the outskirts of London. The ultra funky bassline bouncing off the walls keeping ... See full review
posted a review of New Order - Blue Monday. over 13 years ago
This track reminds me of the ZX Spectrum computer games I was playing around this time, it was a futurist record with a tech orientated sound. This and also Confusion for the drum programming and synths, it was not like anything else coming out the UK. ... See full review
posted a review of Mr. C - Psychotrance. over 13 years ago
I'm a big fan of this CD. The first 7 tracks in this mix are amazing. This groove virtually takes off and then comes back down to earth via a haze of tranced out acid rhythms. Don't be deceived by the title as this is not really trance, just the only ... See full review
posted a review of Mr. C. over 13 years ago
Mr C as a DJ can take a selection of records and transform them into a musical journey, the resulting groove will transcend the expected and be a pleasure to listen to. My personal preference will be his more phsycedelic and deeper sets but he is ... See full review