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posted a comment on Osborne - Fools . 4 months ago
Yeah I reached out and they confirmed this, and offered the credit or full refund. Fair play. Such a shame though as that track would sound immense on a good system, if pressed properly. And agreed the rest of the release is killer.
posted a comment on Osborne - Fools . 4 months ago
Has anybody else got a pressing flaw in the A1 at around 3:19 when the kick comes back in? The second kick of the bar is distorting heavily in mine. Sounds like a mastering/pressing issue. Shame as the record is quality otherwise. Both B-side tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Arthur Russell. 4 months ago
Totally disagree with this nonsense "review". The "handful of good disco cuts" you speak of are arguably the weaker points of his (massive) back catalogue. Maybe stick with the more straightforward stuff out there mate, lord knows there's plenty of it ... See full review
posted a comment on Fireball (5) - Drive Me To Hell. 6 months ago
Notable for being Wally Badarou's first appearance as producer (on the A1). Solid LP with a number of standout cuts, especially This Song, a beautiful, slower soul stepper.
posted a comment on Todd Osborn - Components. 6 months ago
ever find any? Also very keen on grabbing these two albums. According to the label's website they are both solo piano records!