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posted a review of Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 2 years ago
Beautiful...some surface noise but considering the volume of much of the music it really isn't bad and definitely one of the best pressed scores I've purchased. Packaging is very glossy and the plastic outer sleeve speaks to the care taken. I just wish ... See full review
posted a comment on The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Raw Deal. over 2 years ago
Great band, great album. This pressing also convinced me that coloured vinyl doesn't have to sound crackly, this sounds fantastic.
posted a comment on Cliff Martinez - Solaris: Original Motion Picture Score. over 2 years ago
Extremely crackly pressing for me. Vinyl is beautiful but I doubt I'll play it often because of the background noise. After this I don't think I'll buy any more coloured vinyl re issues as every one I've bought has sounded sub par.
posted a comment on Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. over 2 years ago
Beautiful packaging and vinyl but extremely crackly all the way through both discs. Put this along side the latest pink floyd re issues and you'd think it was a different medium entirely.
posted a comment on Frank Ocean - Blond. over 2 years ago
Plays very well and mostly very clean, a little static crackle in the right channel but very pleased
posted a comment on Frank Ocean - Blond. over 2 years ago
Mine finally arrived today. Had been sent by DHL from the US but I had to pick it up at the Royal Mail office and pay an extra £13 customs. No Black Friday sticker. Vinyl has some light scuff marks which I put down to the low quality black inner sleeves.
posted a comment on Prince - Sign "O" The Times. over 2 years ago
Prince's best. I was obsessed with this album for years on my original cassette version. Picked up the CD version somewhere along the way which was fine for the car. This vnew vinyl pressing sounds amazing, absolutely zero surface noise, probably the ... See full review