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posted a comment on Analogue Solutions. over 8 years ago
keep cool. For me is that Labelpolitics what AS is doing, the future of good music...
i think u know the process ... going into a record store speak to the service guy, he told´s you there is something happened, No Info, No Star, No Lady Gaga or ... See full review
posted a review of Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns. over 9 years ago
Sorry to the Remix-Boys on that release, but the real remix of "Flying Turns" in 2009 exits on the "Medusa Edits 006";
this sound is like stepping back to the 80´s to the Original with the techniques/Synthies/Experiences and Worldview of today. Jamal ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Satellite Cities. over 9 years ago
Perfect electronic music. Remarkable is that the most emotional and professional Electrotracks like e.g. "The Helgramite" are from absolute unknown Artists. The seldom green Vinyl pressing, the mysterious Name of the EP in combination with the ... See full review
posted a review of Mahmoud Ahmed - Ere Mela Mela. over 9 years ago
Yeah, thats the shit. Man, why we hear 30 years later of that pure emotional stuff. From a Country who has got definitly many problems. Where a young Boy grown up as a schoe cleaner while singing onto to the top of a city. Later he inspirate many other ... See full review