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posted a comment on Asso - Do It Again / Don't Stop. about 1 year ago
It sounds terrific. Great pressing and a really nice full colour jacket.
posted a comment on Conga Radio - Right Beside You. over 2 years ago
There are no samples used in this track and any similarity to the chords in Games is purely coincidental. Similar progression though!
posted a comment on Expansives - Life With You. over 2 years ago
I use Ortofon Nightclub MkII cartridges mounted on a standard Technics headshell. Usually gives pretty decent sound and tracks most things quite well!

Anyway, I'm a bit happier with the Dark Entries reissue of this tune. It's not wildly different but a ... See full review
posted a comment on Mid Air - Ease Out. over 3 years ago
It's ok but not great. Somewhat lacking in brightness and clarity
posted a comment on Pender Street Steppers - The Glass City / Golden Garden. over 3 years ago
Pretty certain that "ooh" sound is from the Korg M1 synthesizer.
posted a comment on Gloria Ann Taylor* - Deep Inside You. over 3 years ago
I think it's really funny that this release, of all the hundreds (probably thousands) of bootlegs for sale in this marketplace, is the one that is blocked from being bought and sold. What about the other releases on this label? Oh right, none of those ... See full review
posted a comment on Expansives - Life With You. over 3 years ago
Pretty brutal sounding bootleg, folks. Save some cash and rip that youtube instead, it sounds better!
posted a comment on Various - AOR Global Sounds 1977-1982. over 3 years ago
I believe they had to change the tracklist slightly from what was originally planned. There was some online disagreements over it's similarity to another compliation or DJ mix.
posted a comment on Wanexa - The Man From Colours. over 4 years ago
Thank goodness! This most recent boot looks really nice but man it is not pleasing to the ear.
posted a comment on Joan Bibiloni - El Sur. over 4 years ago
Very special collection of music... never to leave my bag again.
posted a comment on Garfield Fleming, David Morris (3) - Don't Send Me Away / Saturday Night. over 4 years ago
I got one recently that is flat and plays just fine. In fact it sounds quite good! Maybe not on the heaviest vinyl going but perfectly acceptable in my opinion, especially for 1/3 the price of an original.
posted a comment on Jean-Louis Huhta, Golden Ivy - Trinomics. over 4 years ago
My copy does not have that issue.
submitted Various - Use Of Weapons 006. over 5 years ago
submitted Al Wells - A Better Love. over 5 years ago
submitted Short Stories (2) / Pional - Young Turks 2013/3. over 5 years ago