DEFEND is a '2 friends' crew born in Poznan in the beginnings of 2004 (members: Piro and me) specialized in hardest beatz of undergroud hardcore scene. Had an opportunity to meet and play at gigs with such foreign hardcore producers and djs like: The Speed Freak (DE), Radium (FR), Leviathan (NL), Bonehead (NL), Gabba Front Berlin (DE), La Peste (FR), Noisekick (NL), Detest (DE), Matt Green (UK), Tymon (AU), Neurocore (FR), Collision (NL), Mutante (CA), Stormtrooper (DE), The Massacre (CH), Stefan ZMK (NL), The Sickest Squad (IT), Moleculez (DE), Nevermind (US), Sam-C (NL), Igoa (DE), Tense (US), Chosen Few (NL), eMeL (NL), Jensen (DE), Suburbass (FR), Capcom (CH), Vague Entity (DE), Doe Doe (CA), Rob Gsh (DE), Junkie Cut (UK), Crap Killa (DE), Psychopath (DE), Saint Pure Shit (ES), Lamagra (DE) and almost all hardcore djs and producers from Poland.

GAL - Hardcore Fanatic since 1993. Infected by oldschool sounds from T99, M.N.O, Cubic 22, Holy Noise, Apotheosis that turned later into artcore/terrorcore/speedcore tunes. First steps of letting people to listen to music he played was due to 1999 at open air parties.
Former member of groups like: Unholy Trinity, K.I.D.,, and D.E.F.
For 15 years he's been the real vinyl fetishist in spite of he had played at first gigs with Amiga 1200s and later PCs.
Besides of this, he's an author of inter alia 51 vinyl mix series named: THIS IS WHAT WE CALL ... (acidcore, artcore, breakbeat hardcore, darkcore, deathcore, doomcore, frenchcore, gabber, hardcore, hardcore breakz, industrial hc, newstyle, oldschool techno, speedcore, terrorcore, trancecore, uk hardcore).

PIRO - has played for 15 years (2004), inspiring his semi-artism with metal hardcore and electronics of 90's. Tracing developement of music's kinds, he creates better and better view of his mixes, focusing finally on industrial hardcore style. The characteristic feature of his playing is that ... he always fucks something up. Except of that, he places in people's minds the fantasy tale which he ends with double pace and cigarette :) In hardcore techno scene he has played everything from classic gabber and artcore, through terrorcore and speedcore. Meanwhile even uk hardcore and frenchcore, ending on industrial and darkcore. He coorganised such party cycles like: Chant of Hardcore and Independent Sound or single shots like 'famous' The Hole. Used to collaborate with legendary DHC Meinhof ( Since always has been partying with Gal under "Defend" name, sharing the scene with many foreign and Polish artists.

If You are interested in buying something from my collection, place me an offer.
Selling only to European Union by PayPal.

POLAND (koszt wysyłki):
1 vinyl - 12 pln
2-3 vinyls - 16 pln
4-8 vinyls - 20 pln

REST OF EUROPE (shipping cost):
1 vinyl 8 euro
2-3 vinyls 14 euro
4-7 vinyls 19 euro

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posted a comment on Tymon (3) / Waldhaus / Stormtrooper - Menage A Trois. about 1 month ago
If anybody wants to buy it in NM- cond. (played several times), PM me. Price better than here.
posted a comment on Slipknot - Iowa. 2 months ago
Does anybody have any information, that this album's going to be repressed on vinyl after 20 years in 2021 ? If yes, please past here the link to the article.
posted a comment on Theeq - =/+ (Parallel Purpose / Perpendicular Thinking). 3 months ago
Does anyone know where to listen to A1 and A2 ?
posted a comment on Panzerfaust (9) - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter I: War, Horrid War . 4 months ago
THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE EVER LISTENED IN BLACK METAL SCENE. The Person responsible for mastering should get Nobel price as well. Fuc*ing amazing work.
posted a comment on Ledaka - Definition. 4 months ago
Does this Ep really exist? I had asked my Colleague Sq7ro and he pointed me distributor to ask. As reply from distributor I got confirmation, that they have a "trace" that this Ep was on their site, but there was no sell at all and they do not have ... See full review
posted a comment on Ybrid - ARK22. 5 months ago
Where to buy these 4 ultra rare vinyls 11,22,33,44 ?
posted a comment on The Offspring - Conspiracy Of One. 6 months ago
Any news regarding reissue of the vinyl after 20 years?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Tommers* - Marching Drones. 6 months ago
If anybody wants it in NM- condition, let me know (PM)
posted a comment on Sei2ure - Urban Hunting. 6 months ago
If anybody wants it in NM- condition, let me know.
posted a comment on The Relic - Bunker I. 6 months ago
If anybody wants it in NM- condition, let me know (PM)
posted a comment on Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction EP. 6 months ago
If anybody wants this 3x12" in NM- condition, let me know (PM).
posted a comment on Micropoint - Unreleased Vol. 1 - 1996​-​1997. 6 months ago
Where are the samples and where is the vinyl possible to buy from?
posted a comment on Epidemie (4) - Ketoksid 05. 8 months ago
SOLD ... Ketoksid is a master label ! Specially first ones.
posted a comment on Shem (2) / Tzare - Sunrise On Mute. 10 months ago
If ANYONE has "Tzare - Sunrise On Mute" please contact me. You won't regreat this !!
posted a comment on Aborted - Global Flatline. 10 months ago
If anyone is interested in buying this vinyl (without CD) in NM- condition, PM me. Price would be lower than here ...
posted a comment on Tik Tok (2) / Mobile Dogwash - Techno Bitch. 10 months ago
If anyone wants to buy it, contact me ... whole my collection is for trade.
posted a comment on Get The Shot - In Fear We Stand. 12 months ago
WTF is this? I have all Get The Shot vinyls and know their tracks by heart BUT this CD is a serious ... (how to say it, not to offend anybody?). Is this really the same crew? Nothing did change with the members? Vocal and leading riffs are completely ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Braindead 2000. about 1 year ago
Original cover (artwork) comes from here ...
Purple one looks better
posted a review of Slayer - God Hates Us All. about 1 year ago
Do not recommend the sound quality. Too much middle. I was really dissapointed
posted a comment on The Offspring - Americana. about 1 year ago
Mine, bought in Poland has it too ;) But i do not care, finally I have Offspring 1989-1998 completed on vinyl :D And the lenticulat cover of Americana is a nice additional item.
posted a comment on Aborted - Global Flatline. about 1 year ago
It's clear (transparent) and the quality is very good! :)
posted a comment on Various - P.O.R.N.. about 1 year ago
@ Barthard, I have more than 1500 vinyls and only on this one there is a problem. I have checked that on 4 different turntables, and result remained the same.
posted a review of Forbidden Society - Self Abuse. about 1 year ago
Very good track :) RARE as hell, took me a while to get it.
posted a comment on Akira, Bonehead - Total Destruction Vol.1. about 1 year ago
If anybody has it, please contact me ... You won't regret this decision
posted a comment on The Prodigy - No Tourists. about 1 year ago
This album is a MASTERPIECE !!! For sure will buy this double 12" LP. Big up The Prodigy. Very well done and keep it still rollin'.
posted a comment on Fear Factory - Obsolete. about 1 year ago
FINALLY !!!! I have always known this happens. 20 years of waiting and now goosebumps listening to this masterwaxpiece.
posted a comment on Vader - Dark Age. about 1 year ago
There is the black vinyl version too (I own such one)
posted a comment on Kryzys (2) - Crime Passionnel EP. over 3 years ago
Absolutely disagree. I have been listening to hardcore for 25 years and despite this EP doesn't bring anything new, and it's DnB, my face is smiling during listening to that.
posted a comment on Helios Is Dead - Sol Gott. over 3 years ago
"Ancient Roots" from the middle of the track till the end is outstanding. You can hardly ever listen to such doomcore. Amazing arrangement and power in the same time. From Traumatic 001-014 the absolutely best track.
posted a comment on Various - Broken Dreams. over 3 years ago
I do not collect CDs (only waxes), but have seen the version with 15 tracks, not 10
posted a comment on DJ SpeedyQ's* - Psychic Shock E.P.. over 3 years ago
2 tracks from this EP are also released on this EP:
Kin Golghott LTD ‎– KGL 002 - SpeedyQ's ‎– Hi Gore Back
and You do not need to spend so much money ;)
posted a comment on System Of A Down - Hypnotize. over 4 years ago
This pressing is on the RED vinyl. At least I have that one ;)
posted a comment on Brujeria - Pocho Aztlan. over 4 years ago
yes UR right ... :"the first listenable" LP I meant
posted a comment on Brujeria - Pocho Aztlan. over 4 years ago
The new Brujeria's LP is really good. After first stream-listening it was only good, but after next and next I know I have to buy this album. For fans that like the first Brujeria LP from 2000: You won't be dissapointed.
posted a comment on Vader - Tibi Et Igni. over 4 years ago
Does anyone have the black vinyl edition which is not warped? I have got 4 copies already and had to give them back, because NEW vinyls (sealed too) were not flat - they were swaying/waving (do not know how to name it) on my decks. What about coloured ... See full review
posted a comment on Death (2) - The Sound Of Perseverance. over 4 years ago
How many copies were made? I have read that only 250. Can someone confirm that? ##### EDIT (23.02.2016) I have just opened the package with this vinyl. It sounds different than from original CD (vocal i more aggresive) :) For thouse who say that sound ... See full review
posted a comment on Death (2) - The Sound Of Perseverance. over 4 years ago
I got information that the sound quality is very good ...
posted a comment on Various - Stay Up Forever Overdose 01. over 5 years ago
HOLY FUCK !!! OB1 "Aftermath" is one of the most brilliant tracks of new acid techno wave ever made. It contains new energy line with screwdriving acid patterns and old uktechno-like medi-tone samples.
I love this EP. It's really good, but this OB1 ... See full review
posted a comment on Pedro Delgardo - 818 Electro EP. over 5 years ago
"Zajebiście" in Polish language means: "fucking awesome"
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Komprex / Whourkr - Omicidio Musicale EP / Naät. over 5 years ago
"Comes in a special printed cotton bag." <-- this bag is just AWESOME. Got it today and was really SURPRISED :)
posted a comment on Human End - Celestial Deconstruction. over 5 years ago
Without lyrics, the tracks would be really great. But now it is only good ...
posted a comment on DJ Enthrall & Angstorm / D.K Dance - Untitled. over 5 years ago
Tracks A1 & A2 are avaiable on: DJ Enthrall vs Angstrom ‎– 1998 EP
posted a review of Various - Lesson One. over 5 years ago
HCM Xploded Melody <-- this track is AWESOME. Some kind of "mokum like" befrom the best shelf.
Indee "Back To Da Root" is quite good too, but the other tracks are just really really cheap :/
posted a comment on Various - P.O.R.N.. over 5 years ago
I have a new vinyl and the track "Akira Mongkok Terror " is unplayable. The needle just slides over the track. I have tried with antiskating (setting on singlesided vinyl) and preassure and it helped slightly. Anybody has the same problem?
posted a comment on sub~URBANE* - The Mechanical Propaganda Device. over 5 years ago
POLIS is harsh, raw and takes no prisoners = noisecore squeeze
posted a comment on Radium - Ersatz EP. over 5 years ago
40 euro for this NONSENSE now :D hahahahaha and this is the minimum price, but the lowest was 30 euro :D I just love vinyl market

posted a review of The Hardcore Fiends* - The Angry Distorted Noise EP. over 5 years ago
"Angry" and "Noise" repressed on this vinyl:
posted a comment on Various - Patterns Of Force (Schablonen Der Gewalt). over 6 years ago
This is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER release! In my opinion much better than it's parent label. The intros are really dark and futuristic and the tracks are incredible. Brutal, fast and NOT noisy/experimental. Speedcore/Deathcore that can crush everybody on the ... See full review