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Mine has a similar thing going on - everything is marked ST 11078 where it should be, but, on the outer sleeve there is a thick, white wrapped round the left top corner ( where the # on the spine would be, if there were anything written on the spine) ... See full review
posted a comment on Parliament - Osmium. 4 months ago
Man, I wish someone had answered yr question cuz this is driving me nuts. At the very least I'd like to know how this pressing sounds...did u happen to buy one ?
posted a comment on Prince - Lovesexy. 5 months ago
In most cases, it is hard to choose a favorite Prince album. But, Lovesexy is so damn perfect that it makes it easy .lovesexy is so tight, such a solid record that has no lagging moments - it just cooks from beginning to end. And, the production is truly ... See full review
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Same here, but mine has a slight difference - after the JWI's are extremely faint #5 (side 1), and, #6 (side 2). Will u look at yr copy again & see if u have that faint etch , too ? If u do happen to look, please message me afterwards cuz I really wanna ... See full review
posted a comment on Public Image Ltd.* - Second Edition. 6 months ago
I also have a WB logo on my the labels, Island logo on the bottom left of back cover, missing asterisks, and #4 etched on sides 1 & 3. Its official - this is a thing. What next ?
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My copy came with everything listed here except the download card. But, since this is such a great listen that is also beautifully packaged , I'm happy with what I did get. Though I would love to be able to burn copies for friends cuz this is one of ... See full review
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posted a comment on Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade. about 1 year ago
My copy of this came with a huge full color, glossy poster of the LP cover. Anybody else have this ?
posted a comment on The Clears (2) - The Clears. about 1 year ago
Anybody get a black & white poster of Alicjia Trout with their copy ?