Strong, sometimes hard, deep and soulcatching (hypnotic) music (fast & slow) is my life.
For ever and ever and every second.
Under my skin - since I heard hypnotic electronic music for the first time.

Respect to the soulmates...
Rave on

///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// / / / / / / / / /


Thank you for the music I never forget:
(list not in order)

-> C.Just/Votava (Ilsa Gold - never forget your positive power, Christopher you made me loving your powerful 303-lines and creative ideas)
-> Liza'n'Eliaz (Thank you for staying real underground, R.I.P.)
-> Acidiferous/303 Nation (Music like a "tank"...)
-> Pete Namlook (Thank you.. You gave us an Ambient Universe, R.I.P.)
-> Tetsu Inoue (Japans Master of deep strings: OMy god! its the DATacid-e-paradise!)
-> Atom Heart (Lonely Island? One wish to survive? Please his complete Discography and I am fine. Uwe, the secret king?)
-> Jeroen Verheij (Night On Earth's "Surf De Neige" - track, Point Blank's "Meng's theme" Remix(!), these sounds are born for an endless horizon)
-> Robert Leiner (Northstar. Start the engine to be free and start it at "Point Zero" (fuckin murder killer track...!)... He is the ambient techno king.)
-> Marc Trauner/Arcadipane (The Genius from the dark streets of FFM city, without words, founder of Hardcore?)
-> Frankie Bones (Brooklyn Storm Power Bass Machine, loved for his special Brooklyn Groov)
-> Greg "Stryke" Chin (Acidrenalin outfold by emotions)
-> Biochip C (The teacher of the art of Acid. Damm(n), The Underground Derwish!)
-> Wolfgang Voigt (David Bowie of Techno)
-> David Bowie (☆)
-> Jörg Burger (The Bionaut from the same school like Voigt. Klassen übersprungen)
-> Aad De Mooy (Yaaaaaaaaaah! Only he can do the D(elirium)-Shake trance.)
-> Mike Dred (303 ...and him: this must be love. UK-transistorbass-hero)
-> James "Influx" Bernard (Darker side of Rising High, little sister Sapho...Music for the soul & heart)
-> Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams)
-> Bruno Sanchioni (Feel it. THE man behind deeper rave tracks in the early 90s)
-> Jammin Unit (of 303 303s. Brings the Funk into hard driven bass sex. One of the originals: Cem)
-> Zenith (hardcore trance Italian hammer)
-> The KLF (more than quality music - unique art project against commercial music business)
-> Spiral Tribe (This Is The Spirit Of Techno)
-> Richie Anderson & Brandon Spivey (The hard & deep 303 soul rises over the landscapes of hardcore trance)
-> Marusha (Yes. Marusha. Especially her sets in 91-94. Those girls we need to get a better world)
-> Richard James (The Mozart of Techno, unique)
-> Lasse Steen (303uaaaaarrgggghhh!!over the edge.)
-> Ferenc E. van der Sluijs (808303 Bunker sounds from the Acid Planet, analogue fired basses)
-> Tanith (Bash-ing techno over Berlin, a soulmate)
-> Maarten Vandervleuten (the technotranceFLUXmaschine. Bass carpets moving e n e r g y stream)
-> Walker (You drive me crazy, what a 303(and more) talent)
-> Markus Löffel (FFM-legend. Live fast, died young. ...unforgotten Tripomatic Fairytales 2001+2002: standing 4ever)
-> Jam El Mar (his two friendships make us rich. Everlasting Music)
-> Cosmic Baby (Piano Uprising. Perfect work Made in Germany)
-> Luc Devriese (the deep 'E'motional underground pilot: Wake Up and check in...Belgium Disco King)
-> Mystic Force (Australian hardtrance shower - Real hardtrance.)
-> Stryke (US-Acid Trance-strike!!)
-> Tricky (Hold on. Listen. Serious signals schleifen tiefer)
-> Laurent Garnier (French Kissing Sounds, brings the heartiness to the cold)
-> Portishead (Feeling deep, sad & strong)
-> TP Heckmann (Exit 100 times ...and more and more and...)
-> Jeff Mills (You all know what i mean, he's obsessed of technoid perfection, legend)
-> The Hypnotist/C.Pound (R.I.P., best die young.. remember "House is mine" - Power!!! Rising High: what a label... killer releases)
-> Richie Hawtin ("Substance Abuse", PLUS8, Probe, nothing more to say - great sounds/great ideas!!
-> Joey Beltram (the dark knight of techno music, one of the most important artists ever)
-> Xol Dog 400 (Soundtrack to BUNKER BERLIN, the Hardest Club on Earth)
-> Damon Wild (Vortex Rec.+ the "Lazerium"-track on Rabbit City - dark power bigger better AND: EXperimantal Rec - 1 of the best labels ever)
-> Ege Bam Yasi (Eggs They See sagt schon das Ilsalexikon)
-> Andre Fischer (Pillen Andre !hyped me to the moon)
-> Väth (most charismatic dj ever/ he gives the tracks this special magic...)
-> T. Fenslau (THE technotrance pioneer from FFM, the Master of the Abfahrt.... R.I.P.)
-> Fritsch & Hastik (Seesaw to the chainsaw: Dark, deep & bold power over flooding the bass-thundering hall...but I am Quite Safe)
-> Mundo Muzique (burning out to your lonely soul - Deep Nrg House)
-> GTO/CoE/Tricky Disco (Lee - R.I.P., that was RAVE)
-> Moby (Only the techno stuff!!" Thousand" x thank U for that - "Go!", creator of the total emotional push..)
-> Lenny Dee (There was this awesome set on MAYDAY 93 in which he plays like knocking various shelves on each other, and someone could have thought that he has mixed every track only about 40 seconds - this was 1993: of course;) ...
-> Disintegrator (US heavyweight sound: John Selway and Oliver Chesler Acid Stormed my soul by Machines power - Energy!!!!)
-> Orlando Voorn (Format(ing) rythms for the body and the soul)
-> Freddie Fresh (Analogue sound-traveling by THE Modulator...)
-> Gabba Nation Berlin (Berlin is goin' faster and crazy f###ing everything. This is real hardcore should be. Gabba is for Kindergarten now. See ya on Fuckparade)
-> Westbam (Dance Yourself To Death: M(a)yday 92/93; innovator & free mind)
-> Hardfloor (303+303+303+303+303 Acperiences into your music-soul...)
-> Kris Vanderhayden (aka The Insider/ his first releases were state of art: "(T)ry (O)ut"-serial + "Destiny")
-> Edge of Motion (Set up 707, killerrrr!!! Acidtechno and Techno would be uncomplete without their art)
-> Gregory Dewindt (Deee Maestro, Master of Techno gives us the Energy of Tones...)
-> Acid Junkies (Sector 9, never forget, 88 acid in 93! Netherland's Hardfloor)
-> E De Cologne (A such perfumed A500 can cause brain damages if doin drugs on top. You need a 'Langspielplatte' to get fit again)
-> Psychic TV ('Tune In': after that i was on acid for ever)
-> Basic Channel (the legend of the BC dub techno. Every dancer know & has respect)
-> UR (the Philosophy of Techno Underground)
-> X-Crash ("Direct Drive" to Dance, nailin acid showers...)
-> Space Cube (92/93 the German Force Mass Motion? To less to describe their talents: so much just beautiful songs)
-> Jim Douglas Morrison (The unique connection between poetry and music, R.I.P.)
-> Motomorph (FuPa mix-cdrs. The revenge.)
only a few...


R E V I E W S & C O M M E N T S
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What I don't understand is how these 3 people came to their decision to rate this 12" with only 1/5 ? How do they know how the track sounds??? Btw at least one of this 3 users is blocked from Discogs because he ripped off Discogs buyers.
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The Madrugada Eterna track reminds strongly on Fleetwood Mac - Albatross.
posted a comment on BASS - Binary Amplified Super Stereo. 3 months ago
Ahead of its time. Timeless modern sound-art. Some would call it 'intelligent' back in the day, but I want to prevent to put it in a style. Its not pushing club power music but as older I get (90s raver) the more I get the entrance to it.
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Dancing with tears in my eyes

In my life there had been a lot of artists who have enthused me, from whom I till today listen to their tracks.
But there had been only a handful who have given an unique aura to my personal development, a soundtrack to ... See full review
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Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger give the lost in music-home listener a new magazin for his pistol he points on himself again and again, every day, every night, in front of the stereo. After pulling the trigger he fells into a city of thought buildings, ... See full review
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This is a nice 2x3tracker mini compilation, the first part of two. Produced by the NYC dreamteam: the Mitchell brothers, Damon Wild and Ray Love.
Compiler Frankie Bones again with a good instinct for underground slammer: The opener, the underground hit ... See full review
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Dark, wide and strong signals from the shocking strobo-lightened underground.
Beautiful artwork. Great & rare stuff.
Already now a high qualiy collectors item.
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You are so right. I am so thankful that I am allowed to listen to this emotional wonderful sounds for the heart like 'Heaven' or 'Tongues' or 'My Beautiful Blue Sky'. I talk about the cd version. In this tracks I hear a soul with the connection to the ... See full review
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I like this crazy combinations, the opera singer and the musical clock sample in the intro, all very psycodelic floating sounds, this is to imagine like flyin on a good trip...fantasy roller coaster. The second track is a 20+ min very deep slow ambient ... See full review
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The legendary relict: 2 x clear vinyl. The sounds fit to the outlooking - so clear like the sound gentle touches the heart. It contains the golden moments catapulted RSD onto the top of the lists of all trance enthusiasts - for ever. Exploded into an era ... See full review
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Summer, water splashing , sun, closed eyes, crystal blue sky, like pearls out of the speakers, sundream signals. Progressive trance to ambient tribal house. Robert Leiner gives one of his best remix works: Source Reproduction Mix.
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posted a comment on 100% Acidiferous - Tank / 303 State. 7 months ago
You say it man. Its a legendary 303 power machine.
303regards mate
posted a comment on Manuel Göttsching. 8 months ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for E2-E4.
When, oh, when could an artist create a track which gets never boring although its very long and loopy? For ever a part of music history. Brilliant.
posted a comment on Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη - Αλίκη. 8 months ago
As beautiful as the country of Hellas. Αλίκη 4 ever.
posted a comment on Billy Daniel Bunter* & Sanxion - 88 To 94. 8 months ago
Very nice 3x12" which sounds like a collection of lost gems from the golden years 88-94.
They could appear on a list of underground sought after tracks from very limited white labels we all know from the database and it won't wonder myself. The producers ... See full review
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Doubtless one of the legendariest underground 2cd dj-mixes, with a stunning set by Deadly Buda who shows his skills in techno instead of hardcore & breakcore - a rare chance to get this style from him mixed. Creative, progressive and fresh sounds from ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on 1997EV - Strobos Vann. 9 months ago
Underground tape! Sinister monotone snuff sounds. The trippy artwork is cool, the tapes color is in good combination with the sleeve: all fits well ...good & special item!
posted a comment on Various - Trancemaster 8 - Dream Structures. 9 months ago
This is a legendary 2 CD. And it has a very beautiful artwork, all the details, inside and outside...nice one. Big memories
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on EXperimental. 10 months ago
This is most likely my favorite label of all time. Here you can find Acid, Techno, Trance, Ambient Trance and even some Breakbeat.
But don't make the mistake to think that the label has no real aim, no core, no red line.
Its the ageless quality of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Paul Mix - New Millenium. 10 months ago
For me this record marks one peak (ok, one of the many peaks ;D ) in EXperimental's output. It has this float & groove feeling which is typical for one of the main arms of the label. I would file it under ambient trance or ambient house, maybe ... See full review
posted a comment on Manu Le Malin - On The Way Home. 10 months ago
The cd contains a lot of heavy good hardcore, witnesses of the high adrenaline era but my words I want to dedicate today to the artwork.
It has soul, it shows the moving and the speed of the music, it shows the artist or somebody who the listener can ... See full review
posted a comment on Cybordelics - Nighthorse. 11 months ago
I just remember when I have heard Adventures Of Dama the first time. I had visited my relatives in my birth-city Tübingen in 1993 and my oldest cousin and me decided ad hoc to go to the disco/club Cinderella, a place where different music had been played ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Mind EXpansions. 11 months ago
Nearly every matrial rots somewhere in future. Currently the lifetime of compact discs are calculated between 50-100 years.
This is a result of tests where the aging process had been speed up.
Still today most of the first manufactured cds (early-mid ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Turn Up The Bass - Volume 4. 11 months ago
On both - booklet and inlaycard - only info is:
The New Confetti's - The Sound Of C, no mix/version info.
posted a comment on Various - Mind EXpansions. 11 months ago
My copy is NM-Mint, like new - no problems like aging material or rot effects.
If it was handled with care in the past there should be no problem. Wrong storage place(s) may cause damages.

A milestone in NY trance, techno, acid. The compilation delivers ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Biochip C. - Freedom 7. about 1 year ago
One of the best Biochip C records. Its the pure analoge joy storm.
I would store it in the tribalacid sector. This release could be a Dj.ungle Fever too.
Martin Damm composed not only acid and techno with a special punk style he did it with hardcore and ... See full review
posted a review of William Basinski - Watermusic II. about 1 year ago
William Basinski: 2062 0302

Oppressed emotions become light rays, moving drifting bright blinking into the lifes dark night... 
When I understand how serious all will get and I see that its for sure. View in the mirror.
Angels dust in the air, my ... See full review
submitted Various - On This Day. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Takuya Matsumoto - Drafting Under The Stars. about 1 year ago
"Drafting Under The Stars"
What a track. You can sink in it...
one of my fastest purchased records ever ....
now it spins and audio stardust rains overall

A diamond
posted a review of Music For Dreams. about 1 year ago
Music For Dreams? Is there actually another reason for this? Dreaming, daydreaming, building big and small worlds from what we circle around...
The label name leads into the right direction - it has a huge output of music and stands for sounds to relax ... See full review
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann - Raum. about 1 year ago
Very nice artwork too...really nice image selection...and the music: just great!
posted a comment on Deepchord - Lanterns. about 1 year ago
High above the ground of earth in the space above the clouds where little changing winds play their game - there is a moment like and in a dream, streaming ambient dub waves from a place many many miles away...deeeeeep !
sound and design: impressive. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Goto (2) - Sweets. about 1 year ago
Rare & nice record. Visual: The sleeve is mint colored with a pink info sticker on it. Accoustical: A-side a detroitish warmcold trance track, B-side with an cowbell brett, monotone noise hard stompin techno, very nice and underground acid stuff...
posted a comment on Atom TM* - Ich Bin Meine Maschine. about 1 year ago
Huiiiii! Very nice....He's a ...bass machine! Stunning item!
The first track is the remix by Uwe Schmidt himself. All tracks are heavyweight bass groovers for HIGH end P.A.s. Not so easy to get the remixes in digital format...
Here it is: directly from ... See full review
posted a comment on Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates. about 1 year ago
Those dumb fuckers who make a machine be worshiped like its god spit on everybody who believe in something more, in something above humans who only believe in themselfes and products build by themselfes. What a small god, this box ;) ...
I love ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Alien Nation - Lovers Of The World. about 1 year ago
The main hook of Tranceformed II version and parts of the harder Revolutionized version are sampled from Bassomatic's "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass (Va Va Voom Mix)"...
In my opinion the idea to use this sample had big potential but the ... See full review
posted a comment on Walker* - Drummatix Drop Outs. about 1 year ago
Yeah, you're right mate! This is a special unique electronic music trip. My first contact with Frankfurt Berlin was via the trance mix-compilation Tranceworld - The Chill Out Mega Mix (also 1993), where it was one track under several very interesting ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Secret Files I. about 1 year ago
This sound is hardcore/speedcore from best quality. This duo has composed tracks you don't get borded from - everytime when you think: '...and now? Comes the right sound after this? Can they hold the high level of quality?' the answer is: Yes! They took ... See full review
posted a comment on Paradise 3001 - Tribatol. about 1 year ago
Aad De Mooy takes for his track 'Texas Nebulae' the stunning guitar sample from Ry Cooders 'Paris Texas'... again shows D-Shake his talent for sound combinations burning into someones mind.
posted a review of General Base - In Trance. about 1 year ago
I am not the opinion like the other Discogs user - btw it is all a matter of taste anyway.
But he wrote that its mid90s - that is wrong. The release was 92 and in that time it was much fresher than it would have if released 95. Its needed to seperate the ... See full review
posted a comment on M|A|R|R|S Vs Christopher Just - Pump Up The Disco Dancer. about 1 year ago
Would be interesting to know who is responsible for this single sided 12".
The outlooking is cool and the track is good too. I thought a long time that the track is composed by Just.
After the switch of info from offical copy to unoffical/bootleg copy ... See full review
posted a review of Trancemaster. about 1 year ago
Does anybody know who has compiled the first Trancemaster compilations 1-11 and the first Trancemaster Goahead XL-Mix?
In my opinion all ratings under 4 don't display the quality and meaning of this serial, especially those parts from the years ... See full review
posted a comment on Jawk - Anywhere. about 1 year ago
I don't know the mix although the tracks are great, but the artwork is very nice!
Car driving is the key to going deep into music!