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2Kool - Love 2 Love Part III
submitted 2Kool - Love 2 Love Part III. 4 months ago
2Kool - Warm It Up
submitted 2Kool - Warm It Up. 4 months ago
The Roots (6) - Roots
posted a comment on The Roots (6) - Roots. 11 months ago
really nice music, A1 Jabu and B3 Barney's Shoes are the highlights for me
Lady Zu - Fêmea Brasileira
posted a comment on Lady Zu - Fêmea Brasileira. 11 months ago
Dança Louca is the best, followed not too far behind by Valeu A Pena. the rest is not for me
Osiris (2) - Since Before Our Time
posted a comment on Osiris (2) - Since Before Our Time. 11 months ago
two incredible tracks here. Consistency is probably my favorite. Damn is very special as well though. you must make sure to get through the intro because the good stuff starts at 1:30 and really blasts off in the mid 5min area, deserves to be turned... See full review
Emilio Santiago - Tá Na Hora
posted a comment on Emilio Santiago - Tá Na Hora. 11 months ago
only one super incredible amazing track, and that's Revelação.
Emoção, Noite Acesa, and Tá Na Hora are all nice 4/5 tracks for me though.
Darkside (22) - Spiral
posted a comment on Darkside (22) - Spiral. 11 months ago
The Limit and Liberty Bell are my favorites, followed closely by Lawmaker, I'm The Echo, and Inside Is Out There
Various - Oz Echoes: DIY Cassettes And Archives 1980​-​1989
posted a comment on Various - Oz Echoes: DIY Cassettes And Archives 1980​-​1989. 12 months ago
really cool sounds, my favorites are "Open The Goddam Door", "Vicious Circle", and "Ravi Dubbi
Germannu - Germannu
posted a comment on Germannu - Germannu . 12 months ago
A side is really good, B side is really not. Music for a breezy beach on a sunny day. a bit yacht rocky
Ralf Nowy - Colours
posted a comment on Ralf Nowy - Colours. 12 months ago
Akili Mali is incredible, Bossa Nowy has some good parts, few other ok tracks and a lot of so so tracks
Hamid El Gnaoui* - Saha Koyo Vol. 2
posted a comment on Hamid El Gnaoui* - Saha Koyo Vol. 2. 12 months ago
super album, extremely strong throughout with no awful songs. after a first listen tracks 1 and 2 are my favorites, followed by 6 and 7, then 5 and 9. probably need a few visits to really decide though. conveniently on spotify if you search for it.
Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan - Young Tarang
posted a comment on Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan - Young Tarang. 12 months ago
very fun italo-esque disco sounds. Check out Aag, Dum Dee Dee Dum, and Ashanti
Évé* - Canto Aberto
posted a comment on Évé* - Canto Aberto. 12 months ago
not a bad track on this album. my favorites are Canto Aberto, Os Ratos, and Zoeira
Nazia Hassan And Zoheb Hassan - Hotline
posted a comment on Nazia Hassan And Zoheb Hassan - Hotline. 12 months ago
Paisa and Hamaisha are big jams which you should listen to. the rest are not.
Хэй Джуд Структура - Танцуйте Вместе С Нами
posted a comment on Хэй Джуд Структура - Танцуйте Вместе С Нами . 12 months ago
very cool ! check out tracks 3, 4, 6, and 7 first. the others aren't bad, just less good.
Хэй Джуд Структура - Городская Жизнь
posted a comment on Хэй Джуд Структура - Городская Жизнь. 12 months ago
main highlights are 9. Это Случилось, and 2. Зе Скай Из Блю. honorary mention for 6. Почта Придёт which is also cool. the rest are mostly forgettable for my personal tastes.
الشاب عراب مع فرقة حميد الشاعري - لو كان
posted a comment on الشاب عراب مع فرقة حميد الشاعري - لو كان. about 1 year ago
unfortunately discogs doesn't allow translations unless it's on the physical media : ( so i'm guessing that i have correct track names
best for me are 1 - Lw Kan, 2 - Wain Meaddy, and 8 - Yama Eyouny
Thebe - Top Dawg
posted a comment on Thebe - Top Dawg. about 1 year ago
some cool tracks here. check out 2 - Ungawa Kum, 3 - Gillespy, and 11 - What's Your Name? (+instru)
François N'Gwa - N'Kang
posted a comment on François N'Gwa - N'Kang. about 1 year ago
N'Kang, Loulou, and N'Kene are all incredible and enough to carry the entire album. unfortunately the rest aren't quite as compelling for me
Bena Roberto - Cara Lavada
posted a comment on Bena Roberto - Cara Lavada. about 1 year ago
highlights for me are Viva Oxossi Viva, Brincando De Amor, and Não Vou Não
Mari Kaneko - Mari First
posted a review of Mari Kaneko - Mari First. about 1 year ago
just having a nightcap surfing the 'cogs and "Honey" comes on. now i'm sitting here for 6 minutes more engrossed by a track than i have been in months. it's heartbreaking. it's empowering. i have no idea what the lyrics are but the emotion billows... See full review
Ralphael (2) - Mixed Rhythm
posted a comment on Ralphael (2) - Mixed Rhythm. about 1 year ago
Disco Lady and Night Life Groove are very cool, the rest not so much
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Jex Opolis - Net Worth
posted a review of Jex Opolis - Net Worth. about 1 year ago
bangin !
check out Subsystem, What Am I Gonna Do ?, and Listen to the Band
LX72 - New Affinity
posted a review of LX72 - New Affinity. about 1 year ago
if you like Nujabes, you'll like this. if you like good music and feeling good, you'll like this.
It feels a little dirty to mention my favorites because everything on this is so strong and I wouldn't call a single track bad but ....
5/5: Duster, 4... See full review
Sharon Cuneta - Sharon & Love
posted a comment on Sharon Cuneta - Sharon & Love. about 1 year ago
a nice easy listen because there's only one track you gotta worry about !
B2 So Much In Love
Sharon Cuneta - Sixteen
posted a review of Sharon Cuneta - Sixteen. about 1 year ago
only three worth mentioning here but they're very cool, check out:
A2 Give Me Your Love !!! uptempo kinda aor-ish > B2 Love On Your Mind more jazzy lounge vibe > B4 It's Not You kinda romantic ballad-esque but fun and lots of orchestral sounds
Cocktail (4) - The Book Of Love
posted a review of Cocktail (4) - The Book Of Love. about 1 year ago
I'm just listening through again and maybe i need to revisit some of my ratings but for the most part this LP is all about one track
B4 The Final Chapter is super lush and moody, you get chills
then A2 The Falling In Love comes in 2nd place. it's much... See full review
Special Touch (3) - Garden Of Life
posted a review of Special Touch (3) - Garden Of Life. about 1 year ago
outrageously cool sounds, very glad it got a reissue
check out:
B2 Garden Of Life > A3 It's Your Life > A1 Searching For Your Love > A5 Thank You > A4 That Special Touch (625Mix)
Cosa Rosa - Kein Zufall
posted a review of Cosa Rosa - Kein Zufall. about 1 year ago
very cool production, a fair amount of imperfect songs but everything has great sounds and texture
check out in order:
B4 Ich Fliehe Mit Dir !!!! > B3 Zufall > B2 Millionenmal > A3 Gefühle
Enzo Carella - Sfinge
posted a review of Enzo Carella - Sfinge. about 1 year ago
stunning emotional acoustic vibe mellow folksy groovy "prog rock"
check out in order:
A4 Mare Sopra E Sotto > B3 Contatto > B2 Che Notte (Qui Con Te)
Fax (3) - Fax
posted a review of Fax (3) - Fax. about 1 year ago
very cool release ! my preferences are something like this order
B4 Animal Life > A2 Fax > B2 Fax (Remix) > A1 Girls in Cars
Clive Brown (4) - See U Cry
posted a comment on Clive Brown (4) - See U Cry. about 1 year ago
there is a cabal of users who believe in a strict interpretation of the rules regarding "reviews", to have a better chance of surviving reports you should add even just a few words reviewing the music. for instance if you edit this one to add at the... See full review
Darryn Jones - Darryn Jones Presents Chi-Town
posted a comment on Darryn Jones - Darryn Jones Presents Chi-Town. over 2 years ago
there were a few copies (~6) for sale here earlier today
Prince - The Black Album
posted a comment on Prince - The Black Album. over 2 years ago
unfortunately i do not think there is any solution to this problem. verifying people actually have a record won't work at scale and even then there would be no way to make sure people remove it from their collection when sold. i don't understand why... See full review
Don Laka - Smile
posted a review of Don Laka - Smile. over 2 years ago
a lot of okay 4/5 star tracks, Dreamer takes the cake though and gets 5/5. if anyone knows where i can buy the sweater he's wearing on the cover, please msg me. not sure how i feel about the uh tightness of his pants but ya gotta respect it
Jeanette (2) - Lady Blue
posted a review of Jeanette (2) - Lady Blue. over 2 years ago
(Part 2) Let's Take Over. (Part 2) Let's Take Over. (Part 2) Let's Take Over. (Part 2) Let's Take Over.

Woweeeeee what a trip this thing is. stumbling tumbling loose goosey sounds in both vocals and insturmental. like a fever dream you are along for... See full review
Jeanette (2) - Prefab In The Sun
posted a review of Jeanette (2) - Prefab In The Sun. over 2 years ago
Jeanette is just the epitome of cool. This particular album has two tracks which I think are standouts . . .
"Swallow Flight" is a chugging crooner with very whispy dynamic vocals, sounds like a warm breeze on a sunny day. If you like Fleet Foxes or... See full review
Paul Laurence - Haven't You Heard
posted a review of Paul Laurence - Haven't You Heard. over 2 years ago
no reviews ?! you're crazy discogs. this thing's ACE! ace i tell you. i'm getting chills listening to it right now.
starting out at the beginning with Strung Out, you think "oh did i put that ZHU album on" because he jacked this sound fer sure. such... See full review
Objetivo Birmania - Tormenta A Las Diez
posted a review of Objetivo Birmania - Tormenta A Las Diez. over 2 years ago
WOW this lil record has so much to give ! right from the get go it's big and energizing. danceable to the max. the real highlights are on the B side though.
No Te Aguanto Mas has some awesome sounds. i'll admit i don't speak Spanish so i've just... See full review
Gang Of 4* - Hard
posted a review of Gang Of 4* - Hard. over 2 years ago
there's nothing I like more than an entire album with only one good song and that's what this is. Luckily, for you dear reader, it is the first one "Is It Love". Don't be fooled into thinking the whole album is on the same level, that's just a... See full review
New York Superstars* - Raché Yo Ak Misik
posted a review of New York Superstars* - Raché Yo Ak Misik. over 2 years ago
not a good release, you think, bad songs abound. BUT you get to "I Am A Superstar" and you assume your music player switched to a different album because it sounds so wildly different from the rest and it's incredible. English language downtempo rap... See full review
Howard Hewett - Howard Hewett
posted a review of Howard Hewett - Howard Hewett. over 2 years ago
Head straight for "Let's Get Deeper", the rest is forgettable except for "The More I Get". Let's get deeper is Prince style new jack boogie / brit funk. The More I Get is a little more smooth top 40 pop.
TMO (10) - U Massa Move
posted a review of TMO (10) - U Massa Move. over 2 years ago
so much to like about this release, except Stamina, i don't like that one. let's focus on the highlights though. go figure the title track is one of them. U Massa Move is aptly titled, ultra groovy, sounds that still sound fresh. yeah it's a little... See full review
Khadijah Ibrahim - Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka
posted a review of Khadijah Ibrahim - Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka. over 2 years ago
ok well there's a lot not to like here unfortunately but that's okay because Ku Ingin Lari is really cool. outrageous fuzzy synth instrumental and strong female vocals. wonder what the song's about. it's a little hard to tell if i like this because... See full review
Harari - Bad Boys
posted a review of Harari - Bad Boys. over 2 years ago
listen to Message of Unity and State of Emergency first, because they're the best tracks

Message of Unity is super groovy and optimistic but definitely not euphoric. "we can work it out, if we try" and the vibe matches, the possibilities for... See full review
Flavia Fortunato - Flavia
posted a review of Flavia Fortunato - Flavia. over 2 years ago
Vento Nel Cuore is the track to listen to here. oozes nostalgia and heartbreak, very cinematic. I would call this sound more Italo tinged prog rock or something (i don't really know genres, sue me). anyway the song does take a more optimistic mood... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Umoja (2) - Party
posted a comment on Umoja (2) - Party. over 2 years ago
Satisfy Your Lover and Feels Good are the standouts here - relaxed happy disco with cosmic sounds. Satisfy Your Lover has a great message without being explicit or vulgar, works for everyone. Feels Good is bigger, more upbeat, with spacey sounds but... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago