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posted a comment on The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Invisible Roots. about 1 month ago
Easily one of the best album artworks ever designed. The artwork alone would get you into jazz.
posted a comment on Brambles - Charcoal. about 1 month ago
a small repress is up at the shop. Get in there quick!
posted a review of Laurence Guy - Saw You For The First Time. about 1 month ago
Definitely on my top 5 for the year. Fucking brilliant.
posted a comment on Leif - Dinas Oleu. about 1 month ago
Revisited this the other day and man... this album is a stunner.
posted a comment on Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Unintentional Sea. 2 months ago
There was a standard and a Bandcamp/Direct from RAI option available. If you ordered from RAI it cam signed. If you ordered elsewhere it was standard. I think total there were 300 which is a Room40 standard.
posted a review of DJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U. 2 months ago
Probably the album of the year. This is pretty damn impressive.
posted a review of Desolate (4) - Lunar Glyphs. 2 months ago
Easily on my top 10 for the year. Sven has outdone himself with this one. Gorgeous arrangements and as always, super generous attention to detail. He continues to be a force in electronic music. Years from now, people will be saying, "this is who ... See full review
posted a comment on Christopher Tignor - Thunder Lay Down In The Heart. 2 months ago
It's a shame this record din't get more recognition. It is truly a remarkable piece of work. Great narrative in sound and extremely dynamic.
posted a comment on Segue - Pacifica. 2 months ago
Will trade my John Maus "Pitiless Censors" record for this. Any takers?
posted a review of Kedr Livanskiy - Солнце Января. 3 months ago
She is the future. John Maus meets Jessy Lanza. Though lo-fi, these are hits.
posted a review of Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Shameless Years. 3 months ago
Hot damn. This is possibly his most immersive work to date. Intensive and moving. Five stars.
posted a comment on Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here. 4 months ago
denniseckersley Repress planned for the end of the year! Be patient! Do you have a source because I want to believe

Snarky Puppy's Facebook. Someone in the comments asked if any repress was coming - they replied "by the end ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Stephan Bodzin - Powers Of Ten. 4 months ago
Where the heck did these prices come from? Yikes. Yikes.
posted a comment on Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here. 4 months ago
Repress planned for the end of the year! Be patient!
posted a review of Chino Amobi - Paradiso. 5 months ago
One of the most original albums of the year. Absolutely Brilliant.
posted a comment on William Basinski - Shortwavemusic. 5 months ago
This is one of those release you buy alone for its sonic, historical relevance. This is sound and tape art history. These early RN release probably didn't sound the best because it was so expensive. If you need the best sound, by the CD but buy this for ... See full review
posted a comment on Saxon Shore - The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore. 10 months ago
Buy this album on black wax. I've owned both copies and the black wax is exponentially clearer. The marble wax is just too muffled.
posted a comment on Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere. 11 months ago
This version does sound fuller than the original. Personally, if sound quality is preferred over collectible, I'd go this pressing for sure.
posted a comment on Carolina Eyck with American Contemporary Music Ensemble* - Fantasias for Theremin and String Quartet. 11 months ago
Absolutely stunning. Sublime sound quality and absolutely forward thinking composition. This is one of my favorite in my collection and a must buy. Very limited quantity - so buy now!
posted a comment on Abdulla Rashim - Unanimity. 11 months ago
This record sounds incredible. Worth every penny, folks. This would impress even those not fond of techno.
posted a comment on Various - La La Land - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 11 months ago
Rumored to be between 500-1000 copies of this. According to some vinyl sites ive read.
posted a comment on Andrew Hill - Smoke Stack. about 1 year ago
This pressing sounds incredible. Buy on the spot, you won't regret it.
posted a comment on Omar S* - It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It. about 1 year ago
I had a copy of this and the sound was great, but I had a major issue with skate. A few tracks wouldn't play at all. The needle just flew over the track. I even adjusted my antiskate and tracking force, but kept running into the issue. Not sure every ... See full review
posted a comment on Floex - Pocustone. about 1 year ago
Looking for a copy if anyone is willing to sell!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Humble Bee - Henrietta. about 1 year ago
anyone looking to sell a copy?? I'd be interested! :)
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - Works. about 1 year ago
New variant being sole through Boomkat. /300 only. Get it quick.
posted a comment on Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind Of Cadwallader. about 1 year ago
My labels are yellow & red and have red stamps. The run outs read "Cut Off Your feet" (A) "And like it." (B). Not sure how many are like that. Willing to trade my copy if anyone is interested.
posted a comment on Appleseed Cast*, Only Airplanes Count - Appleseed Cast / Only Airplanes Count. about 1 year ago
I presented my copy of this found in Raleigh, NC to Chris. He confirmed it is an early demo tape that was made by OAC. The versions of these songs are different than on their debut. I am going to make mp3's out of this and send them to Chris. Should he ... See full review
posted a comment on Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings. about 1 year ago
Anyone know how this sounds?? Will it impress the father-in-law??
posted a review of dné - These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere. about 1 year ago
I first heard dné when he did a track with Danny Norbury years ago. To see him back on the scene and releasing something so simple yet utterly beautiful, is truly exciting. Sure to be a rare, gem. Do not sleep on this.
posted a comment on Balmorhea - Rivers Arms. about 1 year ago
My copy of this plays beautifully - no issues. Easily my favorite record i own.
submitted Idaho - Year After Year. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Bakradze - Restless. about 1 year ago
Great flow on this record, but "Dead Places" has the same drum pattern used in Robag Wruhme's track "Pnom Gobal" on Thora Vukk. It floats in the background, but it's still there. Not sure if I'm cool with that or not.
posted a review of Uffe (6) - No!. about 1 year ago
Absolutely exceptional. It is completely unique and one of a kind records such as this that alter careers. Brilliant.
posted a review of Grant (24) - Cranks. about 1 year ago
House record of the year - nothing can compete. Truly a timeless release.
posted a comment on The Six Parts Seven - Things Shaped In Passing. about 1 year ago
One of the most important instrumental rock albums ever recorded. Buy this on the spot.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. about 1 year ago
Got this for my father-in-law who is a big audiofile. It sounds amazing on his Scout VPI. Get this while its cheap.
posted a comment on Grizzly Bear - Shields. about 1 year ago
My copy is super clean aside from an anomaly on 'D.' I haven't had any skate issues or "whooshing" sounds. My predications are that the count between plate swapping was super high. I think there are clean copies of this and some noisy copies. Pretty ... See full review
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posted a comment on Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago. about 1 year ago
Personally, the inner grooves of each side sound exponentially better than the inner. There is some whooshing, yes, but if you get you wax vacuumed the sound quality gets better. It is true, this is not the best pressing. Hopefully with the enormity of ... See full review
submitted Appleseed Cast*, Only Airplanes Count - Appleseed Cast / Only Airplanes Count. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Low - I Could Live In Hope. about 1 year ago
My copy is super clean - I have had no issues.
posted a comment on Peter Broderick - How They Are. about 1 year ago
Possibly Peter's most intimate work. Recorded and Mastered beautifully - feels like he is right there in the room singing to only you. This is one to treasure folks.
posted a comment on Peter Broderick - about 1 year ago
The Etching on side D is of his cat Freyr. RIP
posted a comment on Murcof - Martes. about 1 year ago
Agree 100% with OCCIDENTAL. The mastering is near perfection. This is a record that may even impress your dad.
posted a comment on Apparat - Walls. about 1 year ago
There is a re-issue this year folks. Hold on to your wallets.
submitted Benoit Pioulard - Hymnal. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Peter Broderick - Home. about 1 year ago
There is definitely not 1000 copies of this. I don't think Type released anything with that amount of least not in the early years of it. Most Type releases never span pass 500-600 max.