I love '80 Italo and Euro Disco.
I like '90 Eurodance

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Just Michael - Time To Wonder
posted a review of Just Michael - Time To Wonder. 8 months ago
Just Michael it's Michael Bedford- great '80 Euro Disco star.
Call It Heaven - Dreaming
posted a review of Call It Heaven - Dreaming. 11 months ago
Epic synthesizers. Mystical, powerful and deadly. The voice in the verse is like Simon Le Bon, but the chorus is a completely different story. We fall into a bottomless well .... A wonderful, deep German Synth. I have the impression that in 1986 the... See full review
Blue System
posted a comment on Blue System. 12 months ago
Blue System is a successful continuation of the legendary Modern Talking duo. Beautiful melodies, great arrangements, perfect backing vocals, and a sweet voice from Dieter. Sometimes I prefer his gentle voice to the monumental voice of Thomas Anders.... See full review
Kim Wilde - Cambodia
posted a comment on Kim Wilde - Cambodia. over 2 years ago
One of Kim's best songs. Sounds like pure Italo Disco.
Tony Hendrik
posted a comment on Tony Hendrik. over 2 years ago
I personally think that Bohlen brought more quality to the world of 80's music than Hendrik. My friend, in turn, thinks that Fancy was better than Bohlen. Everyone has different tastes, one thing is certain - Fancy, Hendrik, Bohlen, Breitung, Moroder,... See full review
Bobbysocks - Bobbysocks
posted a comment on Bobbysocks - Bobbysocks. over 2 years ago
The song Adios is the pearl of this album. It's downright mystical Italo Disco.
Electra (6) - Cuando Cuando
posted a comment on Electra (6) - Cuando Cuando. over 3 years ago
Brilliant verse, simple but strong and deadly chorus, excellent arrangement. I love.
Curacao - Curacao
posted a review of Curacao - Curacao. over 3 years ago
What a wonderful magical verse, unfortunately a chorus without character and strength
Romantic Dreamers - Poisonous Love
posted a comment on Romantic Dreamers - Poisonous Love. over 6 years ago
Instrumental version is really very good! '80 Forever! '80 Magic!