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This CD is a bootleg. It features from title 4 through 12 titles the Cannonball Adderley Quintet played in the studio for the North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR) in 1969 as stated. The sound quality of the CD is plainly crap, sound like recorded ... See full review
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Mine came with an SST-Cat listing nothing newer than SST-319 (actually from Greg Ginns Outfit GONE), released 1995. And my LP has the colored labels as described for the colored versions from 1990 (black, white, silver and bronze labels) but never for a ... See full review
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I've quoted the tracks as they were given upon a CD-copy to MP3 a few years ago (and indeed your analysis points correctly to this 12"), but a newer version of the WMP now displays as titles for these three tracks: "Heady Jam #1", "Heady Jam #2", "Heady ... See full review
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Just as a note: since many years the first track on this otherwise fine album is listed as "Rufus Still Skinned" - gruesome a tilte if there ever was one, but actually it's the title "Rumpelstilzchen" or "Rumpelstiltskin" by Joe Zawinul, in a good ... See full review
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Review of "On Jones Beach", the sole track split in two on the LP, but delivered as one (with other bonus tracks) once you download the album.
An extraodinary set. Ranaldo starts with a ca. 19 min solo improvisation, next the drums start and give it a ... See full review
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Hello, I just used some scales and weighted both black vinyls of my CORE055: both 180 gram. A fabulous album, I must say, musically as well as the pressing and the FOC. No, not just fabulous: gorgeous.
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As for the "untitled titles"=> the titles which are given by the resulting MP3s from a CD rip shall be added here for someone who knows how to change them in the release info sometime: Little Trouble Girl (24:16), My Arena (14:13), The Diamond Sea ... See full review
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Oh weeee! I'D BOUGHT IT as vinyl if I've had a chance to!!! Anyway, I bought the CD 2001, I think, and listened ca. 500 times to it in less than 2 yrs and more often since then. Unbelievable, great!