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posted a review of Adrian Wagner (2) - Merak. over 11 years ago
This record is one of those unsung masterpieces. Classic synth work on this piece. Simple complexity layered to perfection. Comforting space textures, celestial comfort and a lesson in classic ambience. A gem from the 80s, stunning and elegant. ... See full review
posted a review of Fon - Vi Aux. over 11 years ago
I found this amongst the rubble of Swell Records(now defunct) a few years ago. Unassuming and pensive, meditational yet stirring, this record will change the air pressure in the room without warning. EQ trickery at its finest. Find it, play it, and ... See full review
posted a review of Cranioclast - Carl's On Acit. over 12 years ago
I am particularly fond of the A side Heartbeats of Mating Galaxies. The track starts slowly as atomic particles awaken to the caress of space matter on space matter, the galaxies explore eachother's nebulae, and then the track erupts into a crushing ... See full review
posted a review of Semblance Factor - Fact Finding Mission. over 12 years ago
On the A-side you can't go wrong with Autofreak. Driving, twisted, raw and disturbingly sexy techno. Followed by the electro flavorings of track two. The B-side is a synth laden monster building and swirling until it seems to implode. Ok, buddy ... See full review
posted a review of Håkan Lidbo - From A To D. over 12 years ago
The Snake Song...a rock solid kick that'll get deep into the cortex, with a serpentine bassline, peppered with nice bubbly psych percussion, go with it. Just one of a quality bunch on this double.