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posted a comment on Timothy J. Fairplay* - Where Is The Champion?. about 1 year ago
Exactly, you must combine only one track at a time, doesnt works as whole album.
posted a comment on Etapp Kyle - Alpha. about 1 year ago
Ok I realized the digital version has same noise, so looks like orignal from the track.
posted a comment on Etapp Kyle - Alpha. about 1 year ago
My copy has a really noisy B2 side, anyone with same issue?
posted a comment on Death In Vegas - Transmission. over 2 years ago
same in my copy, it is not intentional as it is not present in the digital edition.
posted a comment on Dorisburg - Irrbloss. over 3 years ago
Also surface noise here on D2, it is really a pitty
posted a comment on Black Merlin - Salute To The Light. over 4 years ago
Not sure if b side really plays @33 rpms, I would say sounds better at 45.
posted a comment on Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving - Intercepts. over 4 years ago
mine also a bit noisy, have the grey vinyl edition.
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posted a comment on EOD - Utrecht. over 8 years ago
how about side B, should be really played  45rpm?
posted a comment on Monolake - Occam / Arte. over 9 years ago
in my opinion, Side B, Arte, should be played at 45 rpm

posted a review of Layizon / KRB* - Special Old Gold EP. over 16 years ago
The tracks on this record from spanish producers, rocked in the early 90's in the Valencia (Spain) party scene; and they still blow away in any techno session, specially todays 80s revival