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posted a review of Forest Drive West - Apparitions. 9 days ago
Transmission is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time.
posted a review of 2 AM/FM - Pt. 2. about 1 month ago
Acid Planes is something else - long jacking intro, which could well be a full track on its own, leads to an unexpected breakdown and a powerful acid bass line. Full 13 minutes gives you lots of potential to blend in and out of other tracks (Work That MF ... See full review
posted a comment on Eliphino - Vrybdy / Don't Make Sense. 4 months ago
Sample on VRYBDY is Adina Howard - Freak Like Me
posted a review of Mutt - Kush Talk / Draw On Me. 4 months ago
Mutt at his best. He really took the liquid sound to the next level - quality samples and really nice drumwork.
posted a review of Mist:i:cal - Mistical Dub EP. 5 months ago
Revisting this classic and Inside My Head caught me off guard - certified banger. Every track is quality and production still holds up nearly 20 years later
posted a review of Varg (6) - Misantropen. 5 months ago
Great LP. Mount Analogue works well as a moody set opener. Monologue from the must see film that is Holy Mountain
posted a review of Warp 69 - Power Of Yoga. 5 months ago
Great 4 tracker that has aged quite well. B2 is a very pleasant surprise right at the end - nice mellow techy affair.
posted a comment on Omar-S - Pull Ovaa. 5 months ago
posted a review of Adalberto (2) - Dance Maniac. 5 months ago
In Your Face is a secret weapon. Dirty bass and gritty beats, love mixing it in when the BPMs start to speed up in a set
posted a comment on Instra:mental / dBridge* - From The Start / Detuned Heart. 6 months ago
The synth line in From The Start sounds really similar to the intro of B2 here:
posted a comment on New Jack Pimps - Good Times (Remix) / Perplex. 6 months ago
Another take on Let The Good Times Roll here -
posted a comment on Black Traxx - Volume III. 6 months ago
Or you could just you know.. play music you like without worrying about who played it?
posted a review of Ten Ten - All In The Game / Its Just A Groove (The Remixes). 7 months ago
Surprised this one is still available for reasonable prices given what other Vicious records are going for. Not much to say here other than that this was a very satisfying find with quality vocals, which makes for a nice change from some lacklustre ... See full review
posted a review of Marcello Napoletano - Rush EP. 7 months ago
Smashing EP. Hard to pick a favourite but that bass line on Survivor wins it for me
posted a comment on Cliff Lothar - White Savage. 8 months ago
Keep coming back to this one. Always good to get a great record out of nowhere from a new producer. As for whether or not this reflects Viewlexx's creativity standards... don't really think it's fair to compare this with the rest of their catalogue.
posted a review of Takeshi Kouzuki - The House Of The Rising Sun. 8 months ago
Tenmagu is a really special track. Takeshi extracted a lot of emotion from those machines. This and U Get Lost on Snuff Trax are my favourites from him
posted a review of Digital - Nightcrawler / Fear. 8 months ago
Nightcrawler is a stunning drum workout. Great tension with the looming pads
posted a comment on Popsled & Magit Cacoon - Higher Point. 8 months ago
Love the Argy remix on this one. I think DJ TLR snuck this into one of his mixes ages ago
posted a comment on System 360 - Super Tuesday. 8 months ago
I love all the System 360 records but the A side on this one is really good. Perfect set opener
posted a comment on Laid. 8 months ago
Agreed. The compilation CD is brilliant. In a way I'm almost pleased they didn't keep releasing
posted a review of SFV acid. about 1 year ago
Very underrated artist in my opinion. There's a significant amount of his work spread across all the obscure CDr and cassette releases but all of it has this playfulness and soulfulness that I can't quite describe. It's music that doesn't take itself too ... See full review
posted a review of Endian - Two Chords Deep. about 1 year ago
Stunning two tracker from one of the guys behind Commix. A lot of drum and bass guys have tried their hand at techno but this is a very sophisticated effort - Two Chords Deep is my pick.
posted a review of Saburuko - Warped (Instra:mental + Survival Remixes). about 1 year ago
Instra:mental haven't done that many remixes but this one has to be right up there along with Japanese Electronics.
posted a comment on Various - Börft Dance Classics Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
The Börft gods have answered my prayers - Tja-Boo and Killimanjaro together on one 12". Smooth Lover was a nice surprise which I hadn't heard before, really trance-y number that reminds me slightly of CJ Bolland's Camargue. Let's see what Vol. 2 brings..
posted a comment on Mirage (2) - Feel My Dreams / Personal. about 1 year ago
Two stunning sides. Only SD could have come up with two outstanding tracks with such different atmospheres
posted a comment on Mathew Jonson - Dayz. about 1 year ago
Don't miss out on the dBridge remix which is digital only. Special tune
posted a review of Black Narcissus X* - Black Narcissus X. about 1 year ago
Top notch production with a lot of soul. Electro is a seemingly simple formula but hard to get right - perfectly executed here without sounding like a cheap knock off. Special record
posted a comment on D'Pac With Terrence FM* - Everybody / Wouldn't Lie. about 1 year ago
Vocal on Everybody is sampled from Coldcut - People Hold On
posted a review of Natural Mystic / Alias - Lazy Pt.2 / Jamming. over 3 years ago
All about Lazy Pt.2, masterful drum programming from Digital as usual.
posted a review of Dillinja / Lemon D - Violent Killa / 12.01. over 3 years ago
Can't get enough of this 12". Some of the meanest and darkest dnb out there with the classic amen fills.

Don't quote me on this but apparently Dillinja used an explosion sample for the kick drum on Violent Killa.
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Omar S* - The Best!. over 3 years ago
Gave it about 3 listens and I don't see how this is his best work to date or essential in any way. Nowhere near his other stuff. The fact that someone included this in a list called "Best House Albums/Compilations Ever" is laughable imo.
posted a comment on Decoder - In My Dreams / Time Square. over 3 years ago
A side uses the same sample as Mirage - Feel My Dreams
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posted a comment on Kassem Mosse - We Speak To Those / Hi Res. over 3 years ago
Hi Res is my favourite KM tune. First heard it played on Rinse FM on the Autonomic show and it blew me away.

Very fun to mix as well @147BPM (personal fave is to mix this with Delroy Edward's Sprk Tha Dust but it goes well with techno or dubstep too).
posted a review of Instra:mental - Resolution 653. over 4 years ago
I love Instra:mental... I love this album...

So good on so many levels. Especially knowing where they come from musically, it's just a huge melting pot of all sorts of influences. Can't think of anyone or anything that comes close to this in terms of ... See full review
posted a comment on Merle* - 2000 (And We're Still Here). over 4 years ago
bring back Fannie :(
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posted a comment on Natural Mystic - Slow Waves / Tension. over 4 years ago
next level
posted a comment on Aux 88 - Electro Boogie. over 4 years ago
To be fair, this isn't exactly deep house, where you do slow & clean blends.. electro is more uptempo and energetic and the mixing reflects that
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posted a comment on Doc L Junior - Footnotes 3. over 4 years ago
Because there is a delay between the time when a sale occurs and when it shows up in the statistics
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posted a comment on 2AMFM* - Fusion Daze. over 4 years ago
"What maybe the longest pre‐order in the history of record label [mis]management, I'm pleased to announce all those who pre‐ordered SIG XI Elect pt1 & SIG XII 2AMFM will be getting their copies sent out over the NY period and the releases will be hitting ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - MCDE 1209. over 4 years ago
North & Pulaski - The Wire reference?
posted a comment on Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion / Naked Lunch. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Addison Groove - Footcrab / Dumbsh*t. over 4 years ago
Dumbsh*t samples Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy
posted a comment on Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising. over 4 years ago
Addison Groove's Fuk Tha 101 samples Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy
posted a comment on Calibre - Hypnotise / The Water Carrier. over 4 years ago
Hypnotise samples Sweet Stuff - Freaky (To You)