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Agustus Pablo* - King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown
posted a review of Agustus Pablo* - King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown. 11 months ago
Since nobody said it yet, I'm going to make it very clear in general for all of these represses. Whoever is running Clocktower or Abraham these days, needs to un-fuck-themselves and take a step back to really think why these artists pressed dub... See full review
Overmono - Good Lies
posted a review of Overmono - Good Lies. 11 months ago
That’s Matt Colton quality right there. Perfectly balanced and quality as always.
Dima Disk - Pahakas
posted a review of Dima Disk - Pahakas. 12 months ago
Surprised no one gave this EP some words...! A slam dunk from first to last. Nice to see some throwback breakbeats in this decade, especially from Estonia. Baltic states represent!
Various - Firecracker EP 1
posted a review of Various - Firecracker EP 1. about 1 year ago
If anyone looking for additional copies and are based in Netherlands, recommend Clone in Rotterdam and Redlight Records in Amsterdam. Keep finding copies here and there often, but have to ask for Firecracker stock, since most of the times it's hidden... See full review
Theo Parrish - DJ-Kicks Detroit Forward
posted a review of Theo Parrish - DJ-Kicks Detroit Forward. about 1 year ago
I must say I am really enjoying this pressing a lot. The cut and indeed the mastering is high quality on every track. The low-end on 'Pressure' is a top of mine, 'Surrounded By Trees' is yet another highlight, while Moonlite (Duality/Detroit Version)... See full review
Mike Huckaby - The Jazz Republic
posted a review of Mike Huckaby - The Jazz Republic. about 1 year ago
Sounds good mate. Picked my copy at RushHour NL store. No complaints whatsoever.
King Tubby's* - King At The Control
posted a review of King Tubby's* - King At The Control. about 1 year ago
Ok to be completely fair to this release, yes, as the gent below mentioned it's a bit messed up and confusing. The tracklist is clearly invented gibberish. BUT, the LP does contain all of the original tracks, with the exception of Dread Dub. Also,... See full review
Fat Freddys Drop* - Based On A True Story
posted a comment on Fat Freddys Drop* - Based On A True Story. over 3 years ago
Same for me, brother. Some matrix / runout numbers seem to have been crossed out with X's, while A/B sides have an additional number 19980 and C/D - 19985 with Calyx Alexis name etched on them (Except A). An additional copy maybe?