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posted a comment on Gene Hunt - Welcome Home. 3 days ago
Silky Smooth, Mellow out...Absolutely love these two trackx. Will never fade and have gone WAY interstellar by this time...Thank you Mr. Gene Hunt : )
posted a comment on Various - Acid Trax Volume 3. 15 days ago
Just picked up an original replacement copy of this and to my surprise it is flawless. No rice crisps or anything else. So forget about the repress as its sonically inferior(muted) Stick with the original!
posted a comment on Yellowman - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng. 2 months ago
Gettin' absolutely lifted w/ some Colombian gold and Yellowman...RIIIIGGHT! respect
posted a comment on Willie Wonka - What Is House?. 3 months ago
The tid on this one is that there's a single track side and a double track side w/ two separate versions of What Is House and can be found on both red or orange label releases. Its hard to find the double tracker with a good press as they seem to look ... See full review
posted a comment on R.J.'s Latest Arrival - Shackles. 4 months ago
Yeah,so this was a total hit in and around the Detroit area at the time and if I remember correctly it was at number one at some point on the radio playlist of WGPR 106...Didn't R.J. himself host The Scene/New Dance Show after Nat Morris?
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle. 5 months ago
Just picked up this silver label version and to my dismay it does NOT have ARCHER in the deadwax thus having the inferior sound quality and it was sold to me under the category of the gold original...Dicked! Be careful out there
posted a comment on Various - Jack Trax - The Seventh Album. 5 months ago
The 2x12 is out there somewhere as I've been looking for one myself for years now. I remember one for sale about 10 years ago but I slept on it and now we're in the same boat...Happy Hunting!
posted a comment on Ronnie McNeir - Ronnie McNeir. 5 months ago
In Summertime! Super mellow groover not to be slept on in summer time or any other time
posted a comment on Yellowjackets. 6 months ago
Does anyone out there know of any version of KATIE available on any format??? Thank you
Also, where's any pre-81 stuff ???
posted a comment on The Outlaw Blues Band - The Outlaw Blues Band. 7 months ago
This is some super cool music to groove to at any age in any time
posted a comment on Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass. 7 months ago
I see you know your Horror and House...NICE! Keep up the good work.
posted a comment on Reggie Griffin & Technofunk - Mirda Rock. 8 months ago
Always played on Detroit's dance show The Scene, channel 62 at that time...At the end of the show the host Nat Morris would declare, "Sugars sugar,salt is salt, if you didn't get off today...The dance crowd would retort..."IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!!!"
posted a comment on Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money. 8 months ago
This one was in deep rotation around Detroit at that time and Run-DMC had already had hits by then hence the DMC sound.
posted a comment on Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - Hey Norton (Aw Shucks). 8 months ago
Melody just like House Nation...They go together seamlessly...Instrumental
The bass line to the vocal sounds similar to Like This by Chip E.
posted a comment on Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass. 8 months ago
Boris Karloff as the Mummy on the front cover photo...NICE!
posted a comment on Rock Steady Crew* - Uprock. 8 months ago
At its peak of greatness early 1984...Now this was a cool time to be an early teen.
posted a comment on Various - Acid II Sound Of The Underground. 9 months ago
50-50 chance if you get the pressing flaw on the A side which has been pressed off center resulting in the warped back and forth sound...Unfortunate, considering its the side with the rare Robot D.J.s Energy. I own two of these copies and are aware that ... See full review
posted a comment on Guru (2) - Who You Stealin' From. 9 months ago
Some of the last work by BAKER and ROBIE...These guys were the TRUE backbone of N.Y.C. BREAKBEAT MASTERY.
posted a comment on Playground Production Z* - Vertigo. 9 months ago
The Box is actually a key sample of Armando's Land of Confusion
posted a comment on "House Master" Baldwin* Featuring Paris Gray* - Don't Lead Me. 9 months ago
I hear the beginning of the track Reprise by Baby Ford on the Nexus 21 mix.
posted a comment on The Outlaw Blues Band - Breaking In. 9 months ago
The old man was always rockin' this one back in the times...Awesome stuff!
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sound Of Stereo. 12 months ago
Warning on 2016 repress! Sound quality falls below the bar of the original. The highs are fuzzy and sonically inferior especially with headphones on...Stick with ARCHER!
posted a comment on Devo - Something For Everybody. about 1 year ago
AbSALUTEly LOVE this piece of work by the DeEvolved ones!!! Thank you DEVO ; )
posted a comment on Harvey Mandel, Barry Goldberg, Charlie Musselwhite, Neil Merryweather, Jones* - Blues From Chicago. about 1 year ago
Go for Cherry Jam on this one...A total skull rocker!
posted a comment on Laurent X - It's Magic. about 1 year ago
Mr Lee Haggard on vox...Pump it up pump it up!
posted a comment on Code 6 - Second Chapter. about 1 year ago
Right on! That whole side is like steppin' into a time machine for me, LOVE IT ; )
posted a comment on Johnny Fiasco - Acid Wash 2. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Johnny Fiasco / T. Abshire - Acid Wash. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - No Vocals Necessary. about 1 year ago
I'm willing to believe that the Deep House side was produced in 86 and the Acid House side sometime there after and then released for 88.
posted a comment on Farley Funkin' Keith* - No Vocals Necessary. about 1 year ago
The Funk Is On is reduced in time of play on ALL releases new and old by Trax. Only the House Records release has the full uncut version.
posted a comment on Tyree* / Robot DJs - Hardcore Hip House / Energy. about 1 year ago
Someone PLEASE repress this little gem of an Acid track!!!
posted a comment on Bloodstone - Natural High. over 2 years ago
Natural High is a beautiful piece of work and I've loved it since I was a child in the 70's : )
posted a comment on Joe R. Lewis* - Lost In Tracks. over 2 years ago
And you gave me all that guff about how this wouldn't get a repress ; )
posted a comment on MFSB - Universal Love. over 2 years ago
Really great stuff here! My middle school marching band teacher at A.A.T. had us playing K-Gee from this work. Cheers to Mrs. B.Horst for that. Love has no time or place ; )
posted a comment on Motown Sounds - Space Dance. over 2 years ago
Really good studio Disco! Top shelf musicians...Groove Time, Bad mouthin', Rich love Poor love...Up there with MFSB.
posted a comment on Miss Nicky Trax - Acid In The House. over 2 years ago
If you dig this awesome acid track then check out FX INTRUDERS - TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER
posted a comment on Armando - The New World Order Level 3. over 2 years ago
Pleasure dome is an over the top Acid banger, very slept on.
posted a comment on Whispers* - Rock Steady. over 2 years ago
Great tune right here. Was always in the rotation around Detroit in the late 80's...Good times
posted a comment on Mark Taylor (2) - Silicon Alley. over 2 years ago
Silicon alley is some totally underated Detroit techno! Glad it fly's under the radar so well.
posted a comment on The Moonglows - The Return Of The Moonglows. over 2 years ago
This version of Sincerely is one of the first songs I heard and loved as a child in 73. It made a very strong musical impression on me that will last the rest of my life...Its just an amazing piece of American recorded music...Thank you Moonglows and ... See full review
posted a comment on Deee-Lite - What Is Love?. over 2 years ago
This song is a seldom heard gem...Not just acid,not just pop house...High Quality Sound!
posted a comment on Channel One - It's Channel One. over 2 years ago
Bought this one at Damons Records on Plymouth Rd. in Detroit...What what...Still got it, minty : )
posted a comment on Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* - Get It Live / In The Mix. over 2 years ago
This is the rarest 12" from the Metroplex catalog and one that came straight from the Metroplex studio on West Mcnichols road in Detroit.Never saw this in any of the local record shops of the time. It was hard to find this in 88 and is as rare as ... See full review
posted a comment on Siriusmo - Jaja / Muckefuck. over 2 years ago
Jaja is such a groovy tune...I just love it : )
posted a comment on Trans-X - Living On Video / Digital World. over 3 years ago
Love your positiveness...Cool tune!
posted a comment on Herb Powers Jr.. over 3 years ago
Herbie! Thanks for all the great sounding classics ; )
posted a comment on Indeep - Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life. over 3 years ago
I find it curious that this smash hit of "82" has little to be noted...Smash Hit! You know you love it...So simple, yet so catchy ; )
posted a comment on Bam Bam - Where's Your Child?. over 3 years ago
Has been in my Halloween rotation since it's release. That's what this track evokes. Almost like he's doing his best Freddie Krueger.
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posted a comment on Joe R. Lewis* - Lost In Tracks. over 4 years ago
The funny thing is that I had many chances to obtain these old JRL 12"s from Buy Rite records in Detroit back in the 80's , like the hundreds of other rare and highly sought after 12"s that I did buy. I just want to finish out my collecting with nice ... See full review