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The Postal Service - Give Up
posted a comment on The Postal Service - Give Up . over 11 years ago
Shouldn't this be 3xLP?

First vinyl is the remastered original album, the 2nd two are not part of the original release, and so are separated.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 11 years ago
Bel Canto - Keena Maareme
posted a comment on Bel Canto - Keena Maareme. over 12 years ago
My copy has a small sticker printed affixed to the jewel case front covering up "unicorn", printed with "keena maareme".
Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Alt Takes
posted a review of Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Alt Takes. over 13 years ago
I have to say the gem of this little EP for me is track 9... L.A. musician/artist Teebs takes the Clock Catcher harp arrangement in track 1, chops it, throws it into a cuisinart and shakes a lazy bump-n-click into it... turning it into magic sauce. ... See full review
Mito - Droid
posted a comment on Mito - Droid. over 13 years ago
A nice retro track, but VERY derivative (and almost a straight rip-off) of Vangelis' "Pulstar".

Not as obvious as the actual Hipnosis <a href="/Hipnosis-Pulstar-End-Title-Blade-Runner/master/55161">cover</a> released around the same time, but still...
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Through The Looking Glass
posted a comment on Siouxsie & The Banshees - Through The Looking Glass. over 13 years ago
And there was this wacky band called Kraftwerk that originally did "Hall of Mirrors".
The surprises keep coming! It's almost like they didn't even write their own songs... poseurs...
Alka (2) - Principles Of Suffocation
posted a review of Alka (2) - Principles Of Suffocation. over 13 years ago
Wow. Where in the hell did this come from? Three tracks in on first listen and I had already given it a "5" rating. A little bit of Proem, a little bit of Arovane, a little bit of CHEjU, and a whole lot of his own unique thing. An unknown gem... See full review
Mauxuam - Viceversa
posted a review of Mauxuam - Viceversa. over 15 years ago
This is not the warm, fuzzy, uplifting Interchill you think you know. THIS release is all about the DOWNlift.

This is music to accompany the rush of adrenaline as you wait around a dark corner, about to beat someone's ass.
Music to have in the... See full review
Sending Orbs
posted a review of Sending Orbs. over 17 years ago
After almost 2 years of existence, and with 5 brilliant releases (not including two forthcoming at the time of this post), I think it's safe to say that Sending Orbs is the new Merck, the new Clear, the new GPR... the newest standard label for lovers... See full review
Reload - Amenity EP
posted a review of Reload - Amenity EP. over 17 years ago
*turning red*
Oh.... it's supposed to be played at 45rpm?
Well, add another embarrassed fool that was playing it at 33. It's still an amazing track, but it seems to lose a bit of its grandeur once you speed it up. Also, the middle driving section... See full review
Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll
posted a review of Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll. over 18 years ago
Although some have noted that track 8 samples Negativland's "Michael Jackson" from their classic "Escape From Noise", the sample source is actually the same for both songs: an obscure record featuring the infamous cult Church Universal & Triumphant -... See full review
Centrozoon - Blast
posted a review of Centrozoon - Blast. over 19 years ago
Fantastic deep, dark ambient... alternately evocative of Steve Roach, Lustmord and Kim Cascone.
Tones On Tail - Performance
posted a review of Tones On Tail - Performance. over 20 years ago
A classic piece of retro wax guaranteed to simultaneously get the goths swooshing and the breakdancers poppin and lockin on the dance floor - especially the b-side.
Perhaps the closest thing to a pure and equal fusion of Old-School Electro and... See full review
Various - Fahrenheit Project Part One
posted a review of Various - Fahrenheit Project Part One. over 20 years ago
This cd is actually on the Ultimae precursor label Infinium.
Vincent Villuis, who co-compiled and mixed this cd, is part of Asura - one of the Ultimae groups featured on this cd.
I'm personally not much for pre-mixed ambient/chill cds, but I have to... See full review
Drew Neumann - Eye Spy (Ears Only : Confidential)
posted a review of Drew Neumann - Eye Spy (Ears Only : Confidential). over 20 years ago
The music from the Aeon Flux cartoon. MTV were such soulless bastards about this cd (as if that's a surprise). Even though Drew had permission from Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung to subtitle the album "The Music of Aeon Flux", MTV wouldn't let Tone... See full review
Test Dept. - The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom
posted a review of Test Dept. - The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom. over 20 years ago
LP cover unfolds to create a large (3 feet across, 4 feet from top to bottom) cross.
"Fuckhead" is still an amazing feat of sound to me... bagpipes and a strident protest rant over minimalistic loops and a butt-shaking hardcore beat (accented by... See full review
Håkan Lidbo - Sexy Robot
posted a review of Håkan Lidbo - Sexy Robot. over 20 years ago
These tracks aren't *actually* from between 1981-1984 (as stated in the notes), even though it says that on the cd. Since Håkan is in his late twenties, he would have had to create these tracks as a toddler. These are all new tracks (and pretty... See full review
posted a review of Muzz. over 20 years ago
This was a solo project of Murray Clarke (one half of Bullitnuts) specifically for the Sty Wars compilation. His contribution on that album ("Bizarre Love Pentangle" - extra points for the great title) was arguably the strongest jam on there. When... See full review
Waldorf Records
posted a review of Waldorf Records. over 20 years ago
This label was established by Waldorf Electronics, the makers of the classic Wave, PPG Wave, Microwave I & II and Waldorf Q synthesizers. Their compilations feature tracks that conspicuously use Waldorf synths and plugins.
posted a review of Spliff. over 20 years ago
These guys were Nina Hagen's backing band during her 80's heyday - they released 3 or 4 albums on CBS Germany, but I personally know them for one of the most annoyingly catchy tunes from that decade: "Carbonara". Pseudo-kraut-reggae (Eddy Grant meets... See full review
Weekend Players - Pursuit Of Happiness
posted a review of Weekend Players - Pursuit Of Happiness. over 20 years ago
Strong evidence that Andy Cato should just ditch Groove Armada, and stick with this project. Much more genuine, no forced funkiness... and plenty of great beats as well as outstanding vocals from Rachel Foster. The perfect example of pop-house music... See full review
Adventure Time - Dreams Of Water Themes
posted a review of Adventure Time - Dreams Of Water Themes. over 20 years ago
Wow... I've listened to this cd 4 times in the past 24 hours (including right now) and I'm still wanting more.
This sucker is all over the place... A bit of rap from Pigeon John, free verse from Saul Williams over beautiful female vocals (via a... See full review
Floex - Pocustone
posted a review of Floex - Pocustone. over 20 years ago
Pretty unique stuff... Very nice down-tempo beats, with just a bit of glitch (a la Four Tet) thrown in here and there... plus double bass, clarinet, some flute and beautifully ethereal female vocals. Track 2 "phi_log" (along with the clarinet solo... See full review
Deepfried Toguma - The Hi-Fi Companion
posted a review of Deepfried Toguma - The Hi-Fi Companion. over 20 years ago
Excellent cd from an unknown band - Deepfried Toguma are the trio of Danish producers Frithjof Toksvig and Martin Lind, along with Morrocan vocalist El Dub.
Their very rare debut cd "Subtic" was good, but a bit too heavy on the vocals, in my opinion.... See full review