In case you're wondering why I rated release x lower than others did, I decided to implement below rating system:

1 - Not so good or worse
2 - Nice
3 - Good
4 - Great
5 - Amazing

The result is a release deemed worthy of purchase at full price generally scores at least 3 stars. This was triggered by a forum discussion on excessive high ratings ( )

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P Relief - Idlehour
submitted P Relief - Idlehour. over 4 years ago
Various - Bavarian Stallion - Serie 005/7
submitted Various - Bavarian Stallion - Serie 005/7. over 4 years ago
Various - Bavarian Stallion Series 004/7
submitted Various - Bavarian Stallion Series 004/7. over 4 years ago
Various - The Best Of Uno Melodic Records
submitted Various - The Best Of Uno Melodic Records. over 4 years ago
Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives
submitted Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives. over 5 years ago
Mas 2008 - Contaminated Material
submitted Mas 2008 - Contaminated Material. over 5 years ago
Satoshi & Makoto - In A Corner Of Asia/Tous Les Jours
submitted Satoshi & Makoto - In A Corner Of Asia/Tous Les Jours . over 5 years ago
Aiken - Genetics
submitted Aiken - Genetics. over 5 years ago
DMX Krew - Artificial Gravity EP
submitted DMX Krew - Artificial Gravity EP. over 5 years ago
Le Car - Erase That Thought
submitted Le Car - Erase That Thought. over 6 years ago
Overlast - What's Your Planet?
submitted Overlast - What's Your Planet?. over 7 years ago
Interstellar Funk - More Will Follow...
submitted Interstellar Funk - More Will Follow.... over 7 years ago
Various - Raw - Iero Specimen
submitted Various - Raw - Iero Specimen. over 7 years ago
Jago - I'm Going To Go (Remix)
submitted Jago - I'm Going To Go (Remix). over 8 years ago
Omar-S - Track #8
submitted Omar-S - Track #8. over 8 years ago
Lucky People Center - Sundance
submitted Lucky People Center - Sundance. over 8 years ago
Vernon Felicity - Non Harmonic Ep
submitted Vernon Felicity - Non Harmonic Ep. over 8 years ago
STL - Time Is Just An Illusion
submitted STL - Time Is Just An Illusion. over 8 years ago
Various - Nonnative 05
submitted Various - Nonnative 05. over 9 years ago
Various - Nonnative 04
submitted Various - Nonnative 04. over 9 years ago
Obergman* - Stilleben 041
submitted Obergman* - Stilleben 041. over 10 years ago
MD2 - MD2.5
submitted MD2 - MD2.5. over 10 years ago
Hobo (3) - Iron Triangle
submitted Hobo (3) - Iron Triangle. over 10 years ago
Speedy J - G Spot
posted a comment on Speedy J - G Spot. over 13 years ago
Actually the Spice Spot Mix is not exclusive to this release, it also appears on the 2X12" released on Plus 8
Various - Acid LP
posted a review of Various - Acid LP. over 20 years ago
The other release Acieed ed is talkin about also contains a slightly different version of Can You Feel The Bass. That's also the version featured on X-Mix 5
posted a review of ! Redundant Label Never Re-use due to a comment 07. over 20 years ago
This label is in fact called Jack and is also in with that name. Basement tracks is the name of the record. It's also a division of plus8
posted a review of - . over 20 years ago
This label is in fact called Jack and is a division of Plus 8. Unfortunately I can't update the name. It's also in as Jack records btw
Cari Lekebusch - Vänsterprassel Me´
posted a review of Cari Lekebusch - Vänsterprassel Me´. over 20 years ago
One of the few drumcode releases that stands out of the crowd of not so remarkable releases on this label not just because of all the trickery, but also because of the experimental sampling and because of the loudness.