Everyone is a dj these days, and if you're not I sure bet your cousin is!

I got into it while having a (cough cough) year off uni. Had to make some money while living with the parents again so I decided to try some bar work and within 6 months I had the regular dj letting me fill in on Friday nights!

From "The Zoo" in Stawell (it was really called the Commercial Hotel) to mobile dj-ing in Melbourne with music video (Pioneer CDJ500 modified to play Video-CD) I did a lot of learning and collecting, I then progressed onto suburban pub gigs with my cds (Thursday @ Jimmy Rowes and the Eagle Bar @ La Trobe Uni, need I say any more!).

I currently work in the city every Friday and Saturday night, mostly commercial clubs (cheese pays the bills!) with vinyl and cd.

Never intended to get into vinyl but dj mates are a bad influence.

If you have anything in my wantlist please e-mail me but keep in mind that I need to work with Australian Dollars ('cos that's how they pay me) and have it shipped to my door so silly prices won't get a gig.