i am a brokenbeat/nujazz/breakcore/techno/electro/idm dj with a more extensive record collection than anyone else i know, have done a couple events, would consider myself a semi-serious promoter. Currently living in Columbus, OH.
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posted a comment on Various - Criminale - Vol. 1, Paura. 2 months ago
I’ll tell ya, I have a pretty custom setup that makes even some bad pressings sound good, and you are completely right. I have my bass cranked and can get some good sounds but it isn’t optimal. I do enjoy the album a great deal and won’t be kicking it ... See full review
posted a comment on Tom Waits - Bastards. about 1 year ago
agreed, side B sounds specifically bad and even skips on my copy brand new.
submitted Orax - Deeper. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Tool (2) - Undertow. over 2 years ago
The audio quality of this bootleg edition isn't nearly up to the tool standard. It's mastered overly quiet and there is an official vinyl release that can be obtained. Seek that one out.
posted a comment on The Impressions - Three The Hard Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 2 years ago
MunnauQ is completely right. my red vinyl version also sounds very bad.
posted a review of Claudio Simonetti - Conquest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. over 2 years ago
The vinyl sounds fine, but this is one of the roughest cut records I've ever seen. The center hole was cut too small so you have to cram the record on the turntable then worry about breaking it pulling it back up, also the edges are very shoddily ... See full review
posted a comment on Ween - The Mollusk. over 3 years ago
I also have it and an confirm, I'm glad to have it on vinyl.. but sure would like better sound quality.
submitted New Goblin - Live In Roma. over 5 years ago