Genres: Hip Hop / DJ / Dance
Label: Unsigned
Management: DJ M.U.D

UK, Hiphop, Garage, Drum N Bass, Dance, Electronica, Urban, RnB, Fusion, SOTR Crew - Sounds of the Redbridge.

S.O.T.R or Sounds of the Redbridge are an independent collective of British music producers, lyricists, songwriters and DJs. We have been involved in the music and entertainment scene in one way or another since the mid 1990s. Our music styles and influences are extremely varied and include Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Alternative, Drum n Bass, Garage, Soul, RnB, Electronica and Classical. S.O.T.R was officially founded in 2000, firstly under our former record label called 'Double Barrell Beats Limited' and now independently in conjunction with M.E.C Productions.

Over the past 12 years, we have produced a huge selection of songs. Our early music productions (during the mid to late 1990s) were very basic and involved us spitting original lyrics over other artists tunes, as well as performing regularly at clubs and parties as DJs and MCs.

Things changed during 2000 - 2002 when MadSkill Adil and DJ M.U.D decided to take their passion for music further by investing in various music gear. Nothing fancy though - all our songs produced since 2000 were done using a KORG D1600 16-track digital studio, TECHNICS SL1210s turntables, MicroKORG synthesizer, KORG Kaos Pad MK1, KORG ER-1 and ES-1 beat machines, and guitars.

All our offerings including songs, mix tapes, collaborations, videos, and more are available online, mainly for the S.O.T.R Crew to reminisce and listen to as they grow old! But we want you to be able to enjoy our music and vibe too, so please check out the MUSIC page and tell your friends too! Many tracks are available to download for free and we have also decided to sell some of our original music so please visit the Official S.O.T.R Store page and support our music by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reverbnation.

We are always interested in working with other bands, labels, songwriters and the like so please feel free to get in touch.

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