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posted a comment on Tafkamp - Indrukken. over 2 years ago
This for me captures the essence of Rotterdam and it's peripheries of the 90's better than anything Ive ever heard. Back then Rotterdam wasnt as celebrated as it is today by the Lonelyplanet, it was gloomy, dirty and messy, if you want to come close... See full review
posted a review of Tellurians (2) - Illustrator E.P.. over 4 years ago
Rotterdam Classic, Ferry Corsten before somehow Trance became his day to day business. The Navigator is the one for me.
posted a review of Sharpside - Belgian Resistance. over 4 years ago
Amazing chords on here, this had me almost fooled Mike Banks or Los Hermanos are on the keys. Euphoric.
posted a review of Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707. over 4 years ago
This is Amsterdam techno, sounding like Rotterdam techno (excuse my chauvinism here), timeless classic that should be in everybody's collection. Probably my favorite Djax release.
posted a review of Jack Master - Basement Trax Vol.I. over 4 years ago
Bang The Box is offcourse a great tool, the reason you probaly buy this one, but One Trac Mind (lifted of Derrick May), is also damn good.
posted a review of Club M.C.M.* - It's Me / Club M.C.M.. over 4 years ago
Bought it for the CLub MCM mixes, but "It's Me" is a very nice gem on here as well, if you like Jungle Wonz type of track, also check out that one.
posted a review of DJ Slip - 'Sketches' Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
Very Basic Channel-ish, love this one, and luckily very cheap on the marketplace here!
posted a review of House Gang* - Hittrax II. over 4 years ago
Cool J Trax is very cool house interpretaion in Acid Crash style fashion of Rock The Bells by LL Cool J.
posted a review of Various - Ifach Records Twenty. over 4 years ago
Lighter Thief's - Zippo King, melodic and up tempo, wish I knew it when it came out. I'd bought it on sight. Discogs prices have gone through the roof on this one.
posted a review of The P.J. Project - Weak. over 4 years ago
Nice-and-fast is a very great rework of Lil Louis' Nyce And Slo (The Lovebug), knew this one before the Lil Louis original. Which is what happends with 90% of chicago music, first the reworks, than the original. Both of them are amazing.
posted a review of Dean Cole - Instruction (Regis Rmx). over 4 years ago
Normally I'd say, go for the Regis mix, but the original is solid as well. Dean Cole made so much good techno.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Lifelike EP. over 4 years ago
The gem on this one for me is "Time After Space", stick it one and be in a trip for a long time
posted a review of Total Maddness* - Lawanda Big Bottom / The Sounds In Da Air. over 4 years ago
Kenny Dope made a gazillion great records, this one was lesser know for me, I must do a Discogs-artist-wormhole session on Kenny Dope someday.
posted a review of Aphrohead - Vintage To Aphrohead. over 4 years ago
In Thee Garden (Aphrohead Mix), would rate this just as high as Lil Louis - Blackout. Amazing for a good buildup.
posted a review of DJ Rush - Lesson II. over 4 years ago
Smoke is the one on here for me, amazing sample spotting by Rush.
posted a review of Tronikhouse - The Savage And Beyond. over 4 years ago
There's two winners on here: First, The Savage and Beyond (The Savage Reese mix), it has everything you'd expect from a Saunderson track: Great drum sounds, Saunderson style strings. And I like that it's only 3.44 minutes long.

The Second is... See full review
posted a review of Hell - Totmacher Interpretationen. over 4 years ago
Took me such a long time to find out what this was, the Baby Ford could easily be a Legowelt mix. The Pennington and Regis ones are also fucking incredible, this is how you do remix EP's.
posted a review of Hoodrum - Hoodrum 01. over 4 years ago
Surgeon's remix is amazing, classic UK sound, hard as nails.
posted a review of Aleckxis Jaina aka The Future (15) / The Foster Kidz - They Call Me. over 4 years ago
Alien sounds, by Dj Bone's daughter. The Dulans sure run a great family show. First heard it on Blawan's boiler room debut.
posted a review of AFX* - Analord 02. over 4 years ago
Laricheard is a great hommage to Mr. Fingers, one for the late night vibes, dont think I'd bring this one to the clubs, this is couch listening session material. Happy sunday nights.
posted a review of Liquid Metal - Dynomite EP‼. over 4 years ago
Edit Tech, has one of the best Rave synth lines ever. Almost sounds like a cut and paste of a classic hoover synth line. It's in my box next to Mentasm.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Mainx - 99 To Piano (On The Move). over 4 years ago
Rotterdam Classic, if you are from Rotterdam this is the shit.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of DJ Deeon - Ghetto Fabulous E.P.. over 4 years ago
Dj Deeon's releases on Projex are just as great as are his Dance Mania releases, this one is no exception, my favorite is "No Doubt" very funky bassline, and Deeon's vocals add perfectly to that.
posted a review of K. Alexi* - All For Lee Sah. over 4 years ago
All of these tracks are classics, forever. Gun to head, my vote goes to My Medusa, stripped down, no frills acid house.
posted a review of Futago-Technologies - Tokyo Tech-Funk Tribe E.P.. over 4 years ago
Abantu, heard it first in Dave Clarke's 2004 essential mix, very well composed. Perfect for a melodic, captivating breakdown in a hammering set.
posted a review of Dave Clarke - Red Three. over 4 years ago
Incredible track, still punches through today, perfectly arranged by Mr Clarke. This has got everything, a great drum track, captivating synth mangled in DC's signature ADSR sampler style, a message. Eternal classic.
posted a review of Technasia - 2 The Floor. over 4 years ago
Great chordstabs, with ghettotech's Fletch Flex doing a few lines, very energetic.
posted a review of Brother From Another Planet / DB-X* - Planet Earth / Trance Missions. over 4 years ago
Ruthless, guaranteed to have a place upside down. Claude Young you crazy for this one.
posted a review of DJ PJ - Like It Wild. over 4 years ago
Work That and Warp Zone, very filthy. I wish there were slower version too!
posted a comment on DJ Godfather - D.E.T. Only 003. over 4 years ago
24's is my favorite and always sounded to nasty to me, turns out it was based on a sample from T.I. "24's". The whole D.E.T. series were great.
posted a review of DJ Godfather - See U No Mo. over 4 years ago
One Time On The Mic and ADC loot are my favorites. One Time On The Mic got sampled by Dave Clarke in Just Ride, brilliantly. And One Time On The Mic is reminds one of the Miami Bass crew "Jam Pony Express".
posted a review of Jeff Mills - AX-009 A/B. over 4 years ago
Must have Mills, loopy, hypnotic, urgent sometimes. Still good today.
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Dream On. over 4 years ago
Dave Clarke remix is stunning, somehow the vocal has much more intensity than the original.
posted a review of Mr. De' - Electrofunkysh*t. over 4 years ago
Mr. De always brings the funk. This EP is a must have for Mr. De fans.
posted a review of G-Man - Quo Vadis. over 4 years ago
Stone Cold classic, introduced to me long time ago through a Kevin Saunderson set. I think of this a bit like Phylips Track II, but tougher.
posted a review of The Dance Kings - Climb The Walls. over 4 years ago
Bought this one for the acapella, not even going to lie about that.
posted a review of Mind Burn - Faster Than Light. over 4 years ago
Funky shit, that reminds you of Dj Rush, but it's good ol Fitzpatrick. That bassline just makes you happy.
posted a comment on Digitek Intelligence Assassins - Batteries Not Included. over 4 years ago
whatup Nasty. We need more of these man, incredible funky
posted a review of Digitek Intelligence Assassins - Batteries Not Included. over 4 years ago
I always expected this to become one of those cult tracks, and become super expensive on discogs, but it didnt. Shock to The System is amazing to me, heard it on Dave Clarke's World Service Mix. It's just the type of electro that's got the funk.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - The Other Day EP. over 4 years ago
El Jefe Mills, in top form. 4 Art is a masterpiece, this sounds like a minimal track, but there's more layers to it than most current techno. This just portrays Mill's intelligence.
posted a comment on Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion). over 4 years ago
Robert Owens - Your Mind, creepy basement vibes. I never really knew this one before Sunil Sharpe dropped in a mix. Sunil, top dawg.
posted a review of Rok - Silky. over 4 years ago
Silky is the one here, sampled from Fern Kinney - Groove Me.
posted a review of Laidback Luke - Music's Always On My Mind. over 4 years ago
The Scratch Obsession Mix is amazing, great beat edits with a good drop bass on the one. Doesnt sounds like the original at all.
posted a review of 12 Tech Mobb* - Untitled. over 4 years ago
I just love 12 inch tech mob, hard to find vinyls of these guys, so go on digital stores, there's some stuff on there. It doesnt get more ghetto than this.
posted a review of Paul Johnson - 11 P.M. Music / 2 A.M. Music. over 4 years ago
The Speaker Buster is also a well known jingle In Dave Clarke's whitenoise show, always good memories. The track that stands out is "Don't Stop Moving That Ass", never saw that beautiful string coming btw!
posted a review of Frequency (3) - Slam To The Funk / Systematic Input. over 4 years ago
Systematic Input is incredible funky, one of Voorn's lesser known gems. The man just made so much good records. Great bargain.
posted a review of Twin Hype - For Those Who Like To Groove / Do It To The Crowd. over 4 years ago
One of the best hip house tracks, especially the club mixes. The beat has been sampled a lot too. I miss scratching on house records sometimes ;-)
posted a review of The Mover - Frontal Frustration. over 4 years ago
Spirit Flasher makes such a good intro for a Dj set, and Burning Universe will probably turn a room dark within the first few bars. Forgot about this one until I heard Stranger play "Down Deep And Cold".