I was moderator (electronic) from Nov 2004 to February 2006.

For Sale:
All records in the collection of my sales profile are for sale. If you're interested in one of the records in this collection: those rated 1 or 2 have a good chance to become yours, 3 depends, and releases with 4 or 5 found their home. Please do always include an offer. I will not provide MP3s.

My Style: I can't find a single word for for my musical style.
(1) Happiness
French & Disco House (e.g. Thomas Bangalter, Richard Grey, Ben Delay, Antoine Clamaran, Dave Armstrong, DJ Tonka), Happy 2-Step (e.g. Sunship), Happy Hardcore (e.g. Search & Destroy), even Happy Party Trance (e.g. Master Blaster), no matter how plain or commercial it may be. Happiness is the thing.
(2) Extreme stuff
My roots (~1992) are Rotterdam Hardcore (e.g. Euromasters, DJ Paul); after some time I turned to Hard Trance (e.g. RMB, Gary D., Cocooma, nowadays Warmduscher) and, less commercial, Hard Techno (e.g. Energun 22). Acid Techno (e.g. Hardfloor) is another thing I'm submissive to, although I was too young to witness it in its biggest days.
(3) Shredded samples
Ever listened to spanish megamixes (e.g. Max Mix)? They don't have much to do with common mixes by a DJ, but are a crazy mix up, excessively using samples. They sound like a bunch of remixes of the original tracks, very creative stuff - although the sounds themselves are mostly commercial dance crap, or pop from the 1980s. The Dream Team once made these mixes; Fatboy Slim does this kind of sample shredding with broken beats, Todd Edwards and Para One are housier examples.
(4) Progressive stuff
If weather, life or the mood are grey, constant, unspectacular, hypnotized, ... Tech- & Progressive House is my thing. Not too much movement, calm stuff... actually I don't like this state too much, but the music just fits perfectly.

This is what I'm spinning. Besides I like listening to nearly all kinds of electronic music: Deep House, Minimal, Ambient Techno, Turntablism, Video Game Music, and the stuff I have no words for.
What I don't like is New Wave / Darkwave / Industrial / Psychedelic stuff. And I don't like saxophones.

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Various - Klassik Für Kinder (Ausgewählte Werke Für Kleine Hörer)
submitted Various - Klassik Für Kinder (Ausgewählte Werke Für Kleine Hörer). over 8 years ago
Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback
posted a review of Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback. over 16 years ago
In contrast to Wolfgang Gartner's earlier releases on Kindergarten, this tune sounds less progressive but is more a mix of electro and funky house. Nevertheless, it is unmistakably carrying Gartner's signature. I was surprised to find that the melody... See full review
For The Floorz - Time Limited / Body Angels
posted a review of For The Floorz - Time Limited / Body Angels. over 19 years ago
"Body Angels" is a heavy Disco House track which makes use of samples from "Ain't Nobody" by Diana King. This is quite hard to find out since the samples are massively shredded and rearranged in the style of Todd Edwards. Definitely worth to give it a try! See full review
DJ Tonka
posted a review of DJ Tonka. over 20 years ago
His tracks may be called too commercial, or all the same - but they just work. Tonka has got a simple recipe that is unique - the pianos make you feel good, the bass kicks (at least on releases until 2000, later on getting softer), the bassline... See full review
Mambana - Libre
posted a review of Mambana - Libre. over 20 years ago
This tune is one of those which just make you feel happy. It's a lightweight tune that won't get out of your head once it's in. Sounds like a neverending sunset, and can perfectly be played in the beginning, middle or end of any house set - it just... See full review
Titonton Duvanté
posted a review of Titonton Duvanté. over 20 years ago
This man is a mix-god! I had the chance to experience him live on some underground party in Austria, and I can't say anything else than that he's awesome. The mixture of fat, kicking tech-house and techno beats together with his superb scratching... See full review
Various - History Of Rotterdam Hardcore Part 1
posted a review of Various - History Of Rotterdam Hardcore Part 1. over 20 years ago
Continuing the rivalry between Rotterdam Hardcore and Amsterdam House, the A1 track "A Message From Hell" ridicules the tune "Plastic Dreams" by Jaydee. It's introduced by the words "And now - a message from heaven: stay mellow!", then played... See full review