Born into an era with 3 Beatles, was introduced to the decade's most successful artist, Shakin' Stevens. His being my first concert in 1988.

First music I owned was a tape of Michael Jackson - Dangerous started seriously collecting and chart researching 1996.

Graduate of Academy of Contemporary Music BA Hons Contemporary Popular Music and member of AIM (Association of Independent Music, UK trade body), 2008.

Bricks and Mortar retailer 2011-2012 in partnership, now trading alone online. ℗

My aim is to link-credit all companies and individuals on all media that I collect or trade.
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submitted Duran Duran - A View To A Kill. 2 days ago
submitted Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere. 6 days ago
submitted Duane Eddy - Especially For You. 14 days ago
submitted Joseph Seal - Presents "Family Favourites". about 1 month ago
submitted The Goldman Band - Golden March Favorites. about 1 month ago
submitted Karl May - Old Firehand 2. about 1 month ago
submitted Laszlo Tábor And His Orchestra - Gypsy Romance. about 1 month ago
submitted George Greeley With The Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra Conducted By Ted Dale - The World's Ten Greatest Popular Piano Concertos . about 1 month ago
submitted Karl May - Old Firehand 1. about 1 month ago
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submitted Brendan O'Dowda With Philip Green And His Orchestra - The Immortal Percy French . about 1 month ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Julius. about 1 month ago
submitted Slade - Sladest. 2 months ago
submitted Alice Cooper - School Days - The Early Recordings. 2 months ago
submitted Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor - Crying At The Disco. 2 months ago
submitted The George Mitchell Minstrels - The Black And White Minstrel Show No.3. 2 months ago
submitted Jimmy Shand And His Band - Dancer's Delight. 2 months ago
submitted Jimmy Shand And His Band - Dancer's Delight. 2 months ago
submitted Frank Sinatra - We're In Love. 2 months ago
submitted Musical Arts Symphony Orchestra Of New York - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. 3 months ago
submitted Victor Silvester and His Ballroom Orchestra - Victor Silvester Plays Favourite Quicksteps. 3 months ago
submitted Roger Wagner, The Roger Wagner Chorale, The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra - Starlight Chorale. 3 months ago
submitted The George Mitchell Minstrels featuring Tony Mercer & Dai Francis & John Boulter - The Black And White Minstrel Show No.2. 3 months ago
submitted Eartha Kitt - If I Can't Take It With Me When I Go. 3 months ago
submitted David Whitfield - Ev'rywhere / Mama. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Fragma - Toca's Miracle. 3 months ago
If this was the case, then I Need A Miracle should also have action against it as it is the same recording. AFAIK this has not been concluded in court. If it has then that result stands. If not then Positiva own the rights at the time and she disagrees ... See full review
submitted Elton John - The Very Best Of Elton John. 3 months ago
posted a review of Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me). 3 months ago
Era-defining single. Soundtrack to an iconic film that paradoxically is both very much of it's time and stood the test of it.
submitted Culture Club - Karma Chameleon. 3 months ago
submitted Imagination - Just An Illusion. 3 months ago
submitted Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man. 3 months ago
submitted Hale And Pace And The Stonkers / Victoria Wood - The Stonk / The Smile Song. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Comic Relief Presents Utterly Utterly Live. 3 months ago
submitted Georges Bizet - Carmen Jones. 4 months ago
submitted Dandelion Charm - Tiny Drop. 4 months ago
submitted Vektrill - Cyborg. 4 months ago
submitted The Faders - No Sleep Tonight. 8 months ago
submitted Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth). 8 months ago
submitted Louis Clark Conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - If You Knew Sousa. 9 months ago
submitted Shirley Bassey - This Is My Life (La Vita). 9 months ago
submitted Everly Brothers - The Price Of Love. 9 months ago
submitted Whitesnake - Give Me More Time. 9 months ago
submitted Ken Boothe - Everything I Own. 9 months ago
submitted The Piltdown Men - Piltdown Rides Again. 9 months ago
submitted Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River. 9 months ago
submitted Duane Eddy - Cannonball. 9 months ago
submitted Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars - Take It, Satch!. 10 months ago
submitted Simon & Garfunkel - Homeward Bound. 10 months ago
submitted Jim Reeves - I Won't Forget You. 10 months ago
submitted Nancy Wilson - A Touch Of Today. 10 months ago