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NOT QUADRAPHONIC...I own the Original Vinyl press.
Look on label in pics....Clearly says STEREO.
Not the greatest recording either but more than adequate sound quality
for that time period.
An insanely good Greg Carmichael & Patrick Adams work of art. ... See full review
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NO...just music.
I re-edited 3 trax on my blog...
peace and out
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posted a comment on John Luongo - Can You Feel The Force? • The John Luongo Disco Mixes. about 1 year ago
Damn...Finally heard it... WOW...This is the one...Bramblejelly is right !
We want more of this...
How about a SAVARESE pack, WALTER GIBBONS and LARRY LEVAN all done in this SUPERB QUALITY ?
What say you record companies ???
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Just saw this...
Damned record labels are the problem for not having readily available the trax that DJ's want and "NEED" in order to stay Fresh and ahead of the curve. I still think the boot sounds better than the legit reissue.
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Greg carmichael, Patrick Adams...Need I say more... And one of the rarest LP's in their collabos.
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They put them on as approximations so DJ's would know how much time apprx. they had to go take a piss !!!
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NO IT ISN'T !!!!
posted a comment on Bill Brandon, Lorraine Johnson - We Fell In Love While Dancing / The More I Get, The More I Want. over 4 years ago
Euro Trash Bootleg...The original was never released in coloured vinyl.
Who knows what they used to print these...perhaps crappy MP3's???