My addiction with dance music began in 1994 after my parents bought me Dance Hits 94 - 2 for my Birthday that year.

By 1997 I'd started a part time job whilst studying for my A Levels and this gave me the funds to start building my music collection.

Every Saturday morning, after finishing the morning shift at work, was spent in my local record shops in Newark; R&K, Inner Sleeve (later known as More Than Music) and Blitz.

Whilst at university, I created and ran the Dance Label Discography website, which later became

Although I was a student at the time, I still managed to find money to continue purchasing music from Woolworths, Andy's Records, Virgin and other retailers in Stafford.

Sadly, as the shops closed one by one, the purchasing moved to the Internet through HMV, CDZone, Juno, Action Records, Amazon, Gemm and eBay.

I've used Discogs as a resource for many years to help me build up my collection, but for reasons unbeknown even to me, I only got round to adding my collection in January 2009. Nine months and many long, tiresome nights later, I finally finished adding all 3,700 titles to my account.

The majority of my purchases were bought as new releases between 1997 and the late 2000's until the CD Single as a format ceased to exist in the UK.

I continue to buy through the Internet to this day, however the frequency of purchases has drastically reduced at present.

None of my collection is for sale.
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posted a comment on Big Louis - French Kiss. 14 days ago
Reached number 90 in the UK official chart on the 8th December 1989.
posted a comment on Pure Science Presents Sci-Phi - Human Spirit. 24 days ago
That intro on Be-Dub is superb! The track has some deep house / ambient elements that give it a mellow, laidback vibe. Plus, does it remind anyone else of Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy sonically in places? That sound that starts after 30 seconds? I’ve ... See full review
added Kamisshake - Dark Beat to their wantlist. 25 days ago
posted a comment on Pete Gust - Nightlife. 26 days ago
Nightlife is laid back, chilled house bliss. Silky smooth that borders almost on pop but just stays the right side of deep house.
posted a comment on Kim Appleby - Don't Worry - '94 Remix. about 1 month ago
Doesn't the '94 Remix sound a bit like it takes inspiration from K-Klass 'Let Me Show You'? That was from 1993 so possible.
posted a comment on Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Come With Me). about 1 month ago
Yes, her real name is Clair Rushton and she was from Burntwood.
posted a comment on Love Tools - You Gotta Be Movin'. about 1 month ago
Is this the same as the Corona track of the same name?
posted a comment on Usura* - Sweat. 2 months ago
I think even a lot of Euro Dance stuff was edited in ‘93 / ‘94. A lot of the ‘original mixes’ tended to be faded out towards the end but I bet the full length versions with outros come be found somewhere on another Europen release.
posted a comment on Usura* - Sweat. 2 months ago
I’ve always wondered that myself. The only other logical explanation is that the record companies might’ve thought that the majority of people didn’t want to listen to the outro and weren’t DJ’s so they faded them out at the end.
posted a comment on The Lisa Marie Experience* - Do That To Me. 2 months ago
Isn’t this on 3 Beat Records? That’s where Positiva licensed it from.
posted a comment on Vox Mystica - Callas. 2 months ago
Just stumbled across this... it holds up well today. I love finding stuff like this.
submitted Beatroute Featuring Steve Lucas - So Real. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Hipnotic - Naima. 4 months ago
Beautiful deep house track. Smooth vibes and a flute line from heaven on the Ian O’Brien mix.
posted a comment on Inferno. 4 months ago
The first release Prairie Man by Prairie Man was only promo’d but never received a full release. In 2001 they decided to use the catalogue number again for E’voke ‘The Arms Of Loren’.
posted a comment on The Crazy Drummer - Party Drumz. 4 months ago
The Yomanda and Hi-Gate remixes are the same as each other. Yomanda is an alias of Paul Masterson and he is in the group Hi-Gate.
posted a comment on Fatty Acid - Fatty Acid E.P.. 4 months ago
Is it true that ‘In Space’ samples The Muppets television show? I’m sure I read that somewhere back when this came out; possibly in DJ or Mixmag.
submitted The Montanas & DJ Roland Clark* - Music Talking. 4 months ago
posted a review of Urban D.K. - It's Gonna Rain. 4 months ago
Electro-tinged house track before it was a ‘thing’. Borne out of the remnants of the speed garage movement, it actually sounds reasonably fresh considering it’s 20 years old now.
posted a comment on Encore. 4 months ago
Release number 11 is Captain Jack - Captain Jack, however despite the catalogue number being an Encore format, there is no Encore logo on any of the releases.
posted a comment on 48K (Forty Eight K Records). 4 months ago
Yes, in homage to the Sinclair Spectrum personal computer (
posted a comment on Amen* - Feel The Passion. 5 months ago
No, this version never charted even in the top 200:-

Amen! UK
Passion (Feverpitch)
1997 (8.02.1997): 15 (4/7)
People Of Love (Feverpitch)
1997 (28.06.1997): 36 (2/4)
Passion [rm] (You Clash!)
2003 (5.07.2003): 182 (-/1)
Passion [rm] (Positiva)
2003 ... See full review
posted a comment on John Johnson - City EP. 5 months ago
London for me; it still sounds quite current and would work in a more adventurous deeper House set.
posted a comment on Crustation With Bronagh Slevin - Flame. 5 months ago
Mood II Swing mixes are superb! Skippy speed garage style beats drive the tracks along but the most memorable element are the moody intro’s; particularly on the vocal mix. They deliver a dark, atmospheric texture to the proceedings which sit perfectly ... See full review
submitted John Johnson - City EP. 5 months ago
posted a comment on JACKIE* - Natural Ep. 5 months ago
Honestly samples the intro from I:Cube - Strange Wax and turns it into atmospheric house track.
posted a comment on Various - Clubland - The Ride Of Your Life. 5 months ago
Thanks; I'm sure I heard the legit version years ago but my memory is fading!
posted a comment on Bobby Tee (2) & Juan Kidd - We Come One. 5 months ago
Contains a replayed version of the main hook from Faithless - We Come One.
posted a comment on Boston Bees* - Raise Your Hands. 5 months ago
Does anyone know what ‘HI’ catalogue number this was destined for?
posted a comment on The Fanclub - Rockers Delight. 5 months ago
The label for this is likely to be Hi-Life Recordings as they promo’d it in the UK.
posted a comment on Bobak Rembrandt vs. Dave Lambert - The Battle. 5 months ago
From the email address in the notes, this could be on label Three8:
posted a comment on Three8. 5 months ago
This white label could me a missing release off the label:
posted a comment on Mr. Roy - Saved. 6 months ago
The Nush mix uses samples from Afrika Bambaataa’s ‘Get Up And Dance’.
added Sweely - The Time Has Come to their wantlist. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Escrima - Deeper. 6 months ago
No Chakka Boom Bang or Nush dub on the CD single, boo!
posted a comment on Ultra Naughty - Blue Medicine. 6 months ago
Is this an unofficial remix of Ultra Naté ‘New Kind Of Medicine’?
posted a comment on A Small Phat One* - Music For Pushchairs / Throw Up. 6 months ago
Uses the same Carrie Lucas ‘Dance With You’ sample that Armand Van Helden made famous by sampling for ‘You Don’t Know Me’. Dave Pearce played it once on his Sunday night Dance Anthems show on Radio One.
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim vs. The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Skank. 7 months ago
I heard Fatboy Slim play this at the Adelphi in Hull on 18/10/19 as his encore; what a night! Does any of these versions on vinyl have the 'how low can you go' Public Enemy sample in the intro?
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim vs. Eminem - Shady Fatboy. 7 months ago

According to CLUK on the correct details for this are:-

Shady Fatboy

My Name Isn't ((white label))
1999 (22.05.1999): 176 (-/1)

It actually made the top 200!
posted a comment on Soul Motive - The 2s and 5s. 7 months ago
I found this after falling in love with ‘Atmosphere’ from The Nightshift EP on Nuphonic. Here ‘Mystery’ is more of the same for me; beautifully textured deep house of the highest order.
submitted Solarys - Let The Sunshine In. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim - Satisfaction Skank. 8 months ago
Rolling Stones ‘Satisfaction’ versus Fatboy Slim ‘Rockafeller Skank’. Played by Norman Cook many times in his DJ sets. I think it has the same sample for the intro as ‘Jump Around’ from Bob & Earl ‘Harlem Shuffle’ plus Public Enemy ‘how low can you go’.
posted a comment on Russell - Fool For Love. 8 months ago
This was later released on Ministry Of Sounds’ Rulin Records label.
posted a comment on Various - House X Garage. 8 months ago
You’d like to hope that most of the DAT’s are locked away somewhere safely but even big labels (Universal, 2008) can lose them. What a travesty it would be if classic and obscure gems were lost forever due to poor safeguarding by their copyright owners. ... See full review
posted a comment on Haji & Emanuel - Tonite It's Party Time. 8 months ago
This was re-titled ‘Weekend’ for the commercial release on Big Love.
posted a comment on Black Masses - You Put A Smile On My Face. 9 months ago
Such a shame that this didn’t get released on CD Single on Ore Music in the UK.
posted a comment on Hand's Burn - Good Shot. 9 months ago
Thank you. I wonder where the Good Shot sample is from or do you think it was created by the people who made the Joyride track as original material?
posted a comment on Dj Carl Cox* - I Want You (Forever). 10 months ago
I was just thinking the same. Very strange that they did a cassette version though!
submitted Santi (22) - Summer Of Our Lives. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Prodigy* - Firestarter. 10 months ago
Apparently it was only ever meant to be an instrumental track for Wipeout for the PlayStation?
posted a comment on Spacedust - Unreleased Project. 10 months ago
Yes, I’m sure Spacedust had to officially remix the re-release to avoid legal action over their unofficial remix.