My addiction with dance music began in 1994 after my parents bought me Dance Hits 94 - 2 for my Birthday that year.

In 1997 I started a part time job whilst studying for my A Levels and this gave me the funds to start building my music collection.

Every Saturday morning, after finishing the morning shift at work, was spent in my local record shops in Newark; R&K, Inner Sleeve (later known as More Than Music) and Blitz.

Whilst at university, I created and ran the Dance Label Discography website, which later became

Although I was a student at the time, I still managed to find money to continue purchasing music from Woolworths, Andy's Records, Virgin and other retailers in Stafford.

Sadly, as the shops closed one by one, the purchasing moved to the Internet through HMV, CDZone, Juno, Action Records, Amazon, Gemm and eBay.

I've used Discogs as a resource for many years to help me build up my collection, but for reasons unbeknown even to me, I only got round to adding my collection in January 2009. Nine months and many long, tiresome nights later, I finally finished adding all 3,700 titles to my account.

The majority of my purchases were bought as new releases between 1997 and the late 2000's until the CD Single, as a format, ceased to exist in the UK.

I continue to add to my collection, however the frequency of purchases is now more sporadic.

I do not trade files; I’m only interested in physical releases.

None of my collection is for sale, although I may consider swapping for one of the releases below:

The Headliners - Who’s My DJ (1, 2, 3)?

Power Circle - A Little Love A Little Life
[Deep Distraxion/Edel UK]
EDEL 0090905DDX

Kim English - Learn II Love (CD1)

Kim English - Learn II Love (CD2)

Perpetual Motion - Rompa Stompa

Tanya Louise - Deep In You

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DJ Force & Styles* / Dougal - Fireworks / Zurich (Remix)
posted a review of DJ Force & Styles* / Dougal - Fireworks / Zurich (Remix). about 1 month ago
Does anyone know the original source for the ‘get ready for some fireworks’ sample? It sounds a bit like it’s from a Transformer.
Jeremy Healy & Amos - Argentina
posted a review of Jeremy Healy & Amos - Argentina. 3 months ago
Does anyone know where they lifted the ‘always rock the house’ sample from?
Public Domain - Operation Blade (Bass In The Place...)
posted a review of Public Domain - Operation Blade (Bass In The Place...). 3 months ago
The original Public Enemy ‘Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos’ sample has crowd noises in the background so they used the Genesis ‘Live’ crowd noise sample to make it sound seamless.
Unknown Artist - Angels
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Angels. 3 months ago
Presumably the A side is the original mix, as The Maddladds (The Madd Ladds) were more akin to that style. I’ve seen a picture of Matt Frost’s DAT collection and its title is ‘Where Angels Fear’. This was supposed to be released on Ministry Of Sounds’... See full review
Atlanta (8) - 5 Star Lover
posted a review of Atlanta (8) - 5 Star Lover. 5 months ago
I remember seeing this and thought they proper ripped of the Stardust artwork.
Taste Xperience* - Summersault
posted a review of Taste Xperience* - Summersault. 5 months ago
Amazingly I found that my copy was in the second flight case I checked. The CDr looks in the same condition as when I bought it. I’ve taken a new picture for the image here.
Taste Xperience* - Summersault
posted a review of Taste Xperience* - Summersault. 5 months ago
Why do you say that? Do you think that the CDr will have deteriorated? Due to storage issues, my collection has been packed away for years, so not had chance to check them.
Pump Panel* - Confusion / Re-Mover
posted a review of Pump Panel* - Confusion / Re-Mover. 6 months ago
Pump Panel were meant to remix ‘Blue Monday’ but turned it down as they were New Order fans, and couldn’t improve it.
ICE MC - Think About The Way (Boom Di Di Boom Remixes)
posted a review of ICE MC - Think About The Way (Boom Di Di Boom Remixes). 8 months ago
Tracks 2 and 3 are remixed by Jules & Skins but uncredited on the inlay.
4 Motion - Over 4 Me
posted a review of 4 Motion - Over 4 Me. 8 months ago
This uses the same sample as Pianoheadz ‘It’s Over (Distortion)’.
Danny Tenaglia Featuring Carole Sylvan - Look Ahead
posted a review of Danny Tenaglia Featuring Carole Sylvan - Look Ahead. 8 months ago
I’ve just seen this charted in the UK Top 100 singles at #94.
Faithless - Insomnia
posted a comment on Faithless - Insomnia. 9 months ago
This interview with Sister Bliss is interesting, I never knew that Insomnia was created before Salva Mea, although later she mentions that they needed something to be the B-side to Salva Mea. It was signed to Island Records first, however it was just... See full review
W.O.S.P. - Gettin' Into U
posted a review of W.O.S.P. - Gettin' Into U. 9 months ago
Ah! Just realised that the Faithless remix was probably due to Ben Langmaid’s connection to Rollo & Sister Bliss. Only just connected through this YouTube wormhole as Sister Bliss mentions that Ben is Rollo’s producer-friend.
Urban Cookie Collective - Champagne Supernova
posted a review of Urban Cookie Collective - Champagne Supernova. 9 months ago
Dropped from being released, at the last minute, as Noel Gallagher decided to pull the plug.
Shadow - Pump
posted a review of Shadow - Pump. 9 months ago
The vocal sample is taken from Eric B & Rakim ‘You Know I Got Soul’.
Small Phat One - Vol. 3
posted a review of Small Phat One - Vol. 3. 9 months ago
Later released by just Jason Phats and re-vocalled by Ben Ofoedu.
DJ Touché* - Gimme My Money
posted a review of DJ Touché* - Gimme My Money. 10 months ago
Story about the title for this is also mentioned here:-
The Numb Skulls* - Give It Some Stick / Knob Throttle
posted a review of The Numb Skulls* - Give It Some Stick / Knob Throttle. 10 months ago
A couple of Easy-E samples on the A-side, too! Still Talkin’ and 2 Hard Muthas.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Fantom - Faithfull
posted a comment on Fantom - Faithfull. about 1 year ago
Just missed out the UK Top 75 and entered the chart at #79.
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
posted a comment on Pearl Jam - Last Kiss. about 1 year ago
In the UK, Last Kiss was sent to fan club members as a Christmas freebie the previous year one can excuse the way it only reached Number 42 to rank as their only hit single ever to miss the Top 40. See number 22 here:... See full review
posted a comment on LINBO. about 1 year ago
Later changed to Linbo 1 as show by the URL on release 3 here.
posted a comment on Linbo 1 Records. about 1 year ago
Related to this label: LINBO 3 has the URL on the label.
Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo - Take Off
posted a comment on Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo - Take Off. about 1 year ago
I just checked the official UK Chart page and this didn’t do so well in the charts:-

27.10. 2007

It was played a bit on radio so I’m surprised it didn’t perform any better.
Adamski - Killer
posted a comment on Adamski - Killer. about 1 year ago
Originally an instrumental track called ‘The Killer’, this is the story behind the track;
posted a comment on BLU2000 / Evolution. about 1 year ago
It looks like the label name changed to Bubblin’ Blu on later releases;
Bubblin' Blu Records
posted a comment on Bubblin' Blu Records. about 1 year ago
Releases on this label are related to Bubblin’ Blu through the Blu2000 shown on some releases here plus The Chemist release is Nik Dresti:
Hasha - Everybody In The World
posted a comment on Hasha - Everybody In The World. about 1 year ago
Paul Masterson here. Yes this was one of my first mixes from Discomagic.

Hi Paul, what was the deal with Hasha? Was it ever meant to be a separate release from A.S.H.A.?
Power Circle - A Little Love A Little Life
posted a comment on Power Circle - A Little Love A Little Life. about 1 year ago
Agreed. Although the Shakra Mix of Power Circle is excellent.
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim vs. Eminem - Shady Fatboy. over 2 years ago
Hi Gez, I never knew that, thank you for letting me know. Did you make many other bootlegs? By the way your trance stuff was amazing. Heliotropic’s remix of Chicane ‘Lost You Somewhere’ and Tenth Planet ‘Ghosts’ are two of my all time faves.
Tongue 'N' Cheek* - Tomorrow
posted a comment on Tongue 'N' Cheek* - Tomorrow. over 2 years ago
The acapella was sampled by Love Decade for ‘Dream On (Is This A Dream)’.
posted a comment on The Beach Bums. over 2 years ago
Also released under a different artist name / title:
posted a comment on South Coast Surfers. over 2 years ago
Also released as under a different artist name / title
South Coast Surfers - South Coast Surfin'
posted a comment on South Coast Surfers - South Coast Surfin'. over 2 years ago
[quote=Briankeys] So here's the thing. I made this record and when it was signed it was presented for Radio 1 playlisting December 1999 and we were told 'lets wait til Jan'. A new A&R came in and dropped the track. If I'd signed it 4 weeks prior,... See full review
Diana* - All I Need Is Love
posted a comment on Diana* - All I Need Is Love. over 2 years ago
Crazy, isn’t it?! They probably would lose less money that way, distribution and if they were on sale or return would mean that they ended up even more in the red. Although not every retailer was on sale or return I would expect. My local independent... See full review
Shaft - (Mucho Mambo) Sway
posted a comment on Shaft - (Mucho Mambo) Sway. over 2 years ago
Mucho Mambo was set for commercial release only for the copyright holders of the Clooney track to refuse permission for the sample to be used commercially. This led to PPL slapping a total moratorium on the track, no radio or TV station could use it... See full review
Mucho Mambo - Mambo # 98
posted a comment on Mucho Mambo - Mambo # 98. over 2 years ago
Is this the version with the original Rosemary Clooney sample?
Big Country - Fragile Thing
posted a comment on Big Country - Fragile Thing. over 2 years ago
This release was chart ineligible due to the packaging. To quote James Masterton ‘Fragile Thing only made Number 69 last week when the sleeve of one of the CD formats was found to contain "too many folds" and was thus chart ineligible.’... See full review
2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone
posted a comment on 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone. over 2 years ago
You are right, thank you! I get their tracks mixed up sometimes.
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
posted a comment on 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance. over 2 years ago
Some versions have a ‘say that again’ sample near the start of the track. This is sampled from Back To The Future.
Jeremy Healy & Amos - Stamp!
posted a comment on Jeremy Healy & Amos - Stamp!. over 2 years ago
James Masterton said that Jeff Patterson (2) worked on this track (vocals?) but there is no mention in the credits. Anyone know if this is true? Source: number 17 here:
Back II Front* - Viewfinder
posted a comment on Back II Front* - Viewfinder. over 2 years ago
Like so many on Deep Distraxion. And when there was a CDS then it was rare, e.g. Power Circle ‘A Little Love A Little Life’ and that had the backing of Edel too.
Dave RMX & Aldo Vanucci Present Hardly Subtle - Oh Diggity
posted a comment on Dave RMX & Aldo Vanucci Present Hardly Subtle - Oh Diggity. over 2 years ago
The A-side fuses Julio Bashmore ‘Au Seve’ with the Blackstreet track in the title. The B-side is a remix of Finley Quaye.
posted a comment on Mathew Frost. over 2 years ago
This is who has been responsible for numerous dance music aliases.
Yolanda Rivera
posted a comment on Yolanda Rivera. over 2 years ago
The ‘vocalist’ behind ATB’s first two worldwide hits, 9 PM (Till I Come) and Don’t Stop.
Blank&Jones* - Cream
posted a comment on Blank&Jones* - Cream. over 2 years ago
A fine tribute to the famous nineties Liverpool superclub of the same name.
Trickster (CMV's) - Move On Up
posted a comment on Trickster (CMV's) - Move On Up. over 2 years ago
AM:PM really messed up the artist name for this release. The original white label (HUZZ 1) was credited to C.M. V’s ? which meant Curtis Mayfield Versus ? (which turned out to be Trickster). Why AM:PM thought they needed to call them Trickster... See full review
posted a comment on Imajica. over 2 years ago
Matt Frost confirmed on YT that Imajica was a project for MOS compilation tracks only. Sadly Sol and The Big Blue were never released on vinyl. They are hopefully going to become available digitally at some point in the near future.
Deejay Davy T* Presents Porn Kings - Sledger
posted a comment on Deejay Davy T* Presents Porn Kings - Sledger. over 2 years ago
It sounds like they’ve used the same synth patch on the radio edit ( Also used the same zoom fx as in Rockafeller Skank.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago