My collection is mainly trance, and hard trance with some techno thrown in for good measure. You will see most of it is german imports from 95 - 99. A time when trance was at its peak.

Check my soundcloud page above for mixes and also my youtube account below

All of my collection has a price. If its not for sale and you would like to make me an offer for a record, then please do.


If You have any of my wants in your collection you are prepared to swap then please contact me.


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Robotronic Squad - World Outside
posted a comment on Robotronic Squad - World Outside. over 2 years ago
The 245 mix is a piece of unrivalled, uplifting beauty.

Uptempo beats, with treble heavy hi-hats and an unmistakeable fog area melody.

Positively a must have for fog area fans and for those who enjoy catchy beats
Andres Romero - Sound Of Silence
posted a review of Andres Romero - Sound Of Silence. over 3 years ago
The instrumental mix of this release is an absolute trance masterpiece.

Progressive, melodic and uplifting, all at the same time.

If this had a big trance producer name on it, it would have been heard and talked about, throughout the... See full review
Venture (3) - A Moment In Time
posted a comment on Venture (3) - A Moment In Time. over 5 years ago
Wow. Beautiful

This is lovely piece of full trance which samples Cockeys Theme from Once upon a time in American.

Not a well known tune but listen and buy.

Fun-Tastic - Inside Your Soul (Remixes)
posted a comment on Fun-Tastic - Inside Your Soul (Remixes). over 5 years ago
Well what can you say about this release overall?

Quite simply, stunning.

You can take your pick of the mixes and remixes as each one has its own genre. However, every version is distinctly, that bonzai sound.

My personal fave is the original mix... See full review
Three Kings, DJ Sakin Meets Schwarze Puppen - Tokyo
posted a comment on Three Kings, DJ Sakin Meets Schwarze Puppen - Tokyo. over 6 years ago
Quite literally, one of their best productions, is Tokyo.

Hard, emotional and progressive. You would not expect the breakdown on a record with this build up.

You get 3 breakdowns in 1

When it drops, you get the Metallica - Nothing Else Matters... See full review
Usual Aspect - Mr Blue
posted a comment on Usual Aspect - Mr Blue. over 6 years ago
How anyone can overlook the original mix, is beyond me.

In my top 5 of alltime trance tunes

It is a true hands in the air, emotional masterpiece.

Yes, i can see the interest in the thrillseekers mix, but flip the vinyl and listen to the purity of... See full review
Marc Maris Vs. Ramone - Flashback
posted a comment on Marc Maris Vs. Ramone - Flashback. over 7 years ago
This quite frankly is up there with some of the best trance i have heard.

The continental mix is a peak time banger and i challenge anyone to stand still, while this is at full volume.

Must be played LOUD

Jim Lazlo - Go For It
posted a comment on Jim Lazlo - Go For It. over 7 years ago
Im not going to beat around the bush, fire child is the standout track on this piece of plastic.

Put simply, this is a stunning trance production. Dreamy, groovy, and uplifting all at the same time.

This has a very balearic feel to it, and i could... See full review
DJ Sirrah - Analog Signal
posted a review of DJ Sirrah - Analog Signal. over 7 years ago
3 quality tunes on this vinyl that cater for lovers of different styles of trance.

The DJ energy mix is a hard, dark acid laden production, which will fit in with your Derb, Ray Clarke style sets

The homebase mix, is a full on hard trance, hands in... See full review
Harmonic Resource - Touch Me / Montalivet
posted a comment on Harmonic Resource - Touch Me / Montalivet. over 7 years ago
Montelivet in my opinion, is the best piece of trance AJP has produced.

From the very opening of the track, you get the feeling of something special. From the haunting sounds, and into the piano, the track oozes uplifting urges.

You still get the... See full review
Push - Universal Nation '99
posted a comment on Push - Universal Nation '99. over 9 years ago
3 completely different styles of trance here, and all good in their own right, but the corsten remix is my fave.

It has high energy, a long anthemic breakdown and is a full on dancefloor smash.

Not many remixes outdo originals but the corsten mix... See full review
Riot Bros* - Ripped Out / My Star Control
posted a comment on Riot Bros* - Ripped Out / My Star Control. over 9 years ago
Have now purchased this on vinyl after some hmmming and harring. Anything tidy related in my eyes is hard house, but ripped out is a full on hard trancer.

It starts off a little generic, but when it gets going, its tough and epic.

More than your... See full review
Gaetek - S.I.L.I.A. EP
posted a comment on Gaetek - S.I.L.I.A. EP. over 9 years ago
2 absolute bangers on this ep. Syncro and Virtual Pluck are ones to go for. Check out Mark EGs Technodrome Progression set for these in the mix.

Quality all the way
Various - Hardtrance Revolution III
posted a comment on Various - Hardtrance Revolution III. over 13 years ago
I'm not usually one for represses, but boy am i glad this has resurfaced. The original hypnotic feeling spaceflower release is as rare a tune as you will get and as soon as i heard about this release, i had to have it.

This is in my opinion the BEST... See full review
Various - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 3
posted a review of Various - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 3. over 17 years ago
If you love the slower stuff that came in at the end of 96 then you will love cd one. There are some cracking tunes on here (a few cained by MZone) and i believe the mixing is some of his best, if the rest of the TTF series is anything to go by.... See full review
State Of Mind (6) - Vol. 2
posted a review of State Of Mind (6) - Vol. 2. over 17 years ago
Skip the a side and the b1 track and head straight for summer 97.

What a tune. If you like your bonzai stuff, especially M.I.K.E, then you will love this.

The record is structured very much to a bonzai production. Sunrise at palamos is probably... See full review
Body - Shock* - Full Moon / Sleepless
posted a review of Body - Shock* - Full Moon / Sleepless. over 17 years ago
Quite possibly one of the best trance records i have ever heard. My hairs stand on the back of my neck everytime. From the start it builds and builds until it reaches the breakdown, which is awesome.

When it kicks back in, it is absolute aural harmony.
See full review