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Apexton Records
posted a comment on Apexton Records. over 6 years ago
Apexton Records existed for a 10 year period between 1982-1992. When the free trade agreement was signed on December 21, 1992 the Ropiak Brothers who owned the 6 pressing machines which was Apexton, quickly abandoned the company and went back to... See full review
Atmosphere Records
posted a comment on Atmosphere Records. over 6 years ago
Absolutely associated. The U.K. Atmosphere Organizers promised a £1,000 payment for DJ services. I wasn't going to play because they had not paid me, but I told the organizer I would spin and that if the fee wasn't delivered I was going to take his... See full review
Flowmasters - Energy Dawn EP
posted a comment on Flowmasters - Energy Dawn EP. over 6 years ago
You forgot Doug Lazy "Let It Roll" on "House The Crowd". LOL Get to work Doctor.
Frankie Bones - I'm Taking Control
posted a review of Frankie Bones - I'm Taking Control. over 7 years ago
Bangin Music was created as a digital label for Beatport with my lovely wife to be Melissa Mitchell. The imprint was created to catalog and preserve my existing Bonesbreaks catalog as well as creating some new e.p's for Bonesbreaks to continue the... See full review
posted a review of Stereodisk. over 7 years ago
Proud to be a part of the extended Stereodisk family, Leandro is a dedicated lover of the vinyl process and as you can see from Bangin Music Test pressing, the quality equals the actual colored disc it's pressed on. The rumour of colored vinyl... See full review
Frankie Bones
posted a comment on Frankie Bones. over 8 years ago
I appreciate all the comments below. Somewhere in the past five years I got steamrolled by an onslaught of new talent which has turned this scene into a giant global phenomenon. But it's not over yet. Prepare for the next phase of this operation. ... See full review
DBX - Losing Control
posted a review of DBX - Losing Control. over 10 years ago
Dan Bell's most famous track defined the sound of minimal techno in the first half of the nineties along with Phylps Trak II by Basic Channel. Mix those two together with Convextion (Matrix-1) and everyone in Techno will take you serious.
Various - Bits & Pcs 86
posted a review of Various - Bits & Pcs 86. over 12 years ago
Love that Freddy Fresh connected the dots, nice work. True, this 86 and the following 87 Bits & Pcs were indeed created by Carlos Berrios. But only those two years.
Various, Carlos Berrios - Bits & Pieces 87
posted a review of Various, Carlos Berrios - Bits & Pieces 87. over 12 years ago
This 87 mix and the one from 86 were both indeed created by Carlos Berrios as his first vinyl releases. Hard to get a count on how many these things sold, but from 1979 on, most DJ Medley Mixes were considered to be holy grail and I would estimate... See full review
Remerge - Vol 2
posted a comment on Remerge - Vol 2. over 13 years ago
Limited to 400 copies. Or so they said. If it's true then I am one of the lucky ones and you are mad at me right now because this is one of the most interesting things I got on vinyl in the past couple of years. To understand it, you would have to... See full review
Trestristestigres - No Windows No TV E.P
posted a comment on Trestristestigres - No Windows No TV E.P. over 13 years ago
I love when records come from Spain. Mainly because most Electronic Music which comes from Spain remains untapped and unknown when released on indie labels. So what the hell is Trestristestigres? It's Planet Rock meets Fischerspooner "Emerge" with... See full review
Trentemøller - Moan
posted a comment on Trentemøller - Moan. over 13 years ago
Anders Trentemøller is a composer of electronics. What that defines is someone who captures a full spectrum of sound in his productions and remixes. Moan is a well built tune more for the head then the feet. People tend to throw this in the minimal... See full review
Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission EP
posted a comment on Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission EP. over 13 years ago
Something very sinister and almost cold but very calculated going on with Sleeparchive. Quite similar only to itself but has parallels with Monolake, Basic Channel/Chain Reaction. That being said I believe this one is a great place to start even... See full review
ShadyTvo - You Used 2 Hold Me
posted a comment on ShadyTvo - You Used 2 Hold Me. over 14 years ago
One that would slip right by the most experienced collector we have a serious remixed version of Xavia Gold's "You Used To Hold Me"(Hot Mix 5). What makes it serious is the fact that they take the hook from Alicia Myers "I Want To Thank You" and... See full review
Green Velvet - Temptation
posted a review of Green Velvet - Temptation. over 14 years ago
The 'B' side cut "War On The Saints". It was one of those records you must of heard somewhere and thought, "Hey this sounds like one of those old Green Velvet records from the early 90's when Relief first started putting records out. And you made a... See full review
Planetary Assault Systems - Temporary Suspension
posted a review of Planetary Assault Systems - Temporary Suspension. over 14 years ago
If there has to be one defining moment in techno for 2009, you could really start right here. For Luke Slater this will be a moment in time where he will find both old time fans and even brand new ones dancing in unison. Not a bad track in sight on... See full review
Various - Nu Electro Volume 1
posted a review of Various - Nu Electro Volume 1. over 14 years ago
You can't help getting excited by this release. It's 25 years in the making, or so it seems. You drop the needle in anticipation only to realize you are expecting more. You first start questioning yourself. Maybe you just got old. But you listen... See full review
Oliver Huntemann - H-3
posted a review of Oliver Huntemann - H-3. over 15 years ago
Welcome to 2009. Oliver Huntemann has been making records for many years now. I figure almost 15 years since his Confused Recordings began making their way into the underground. Elektrochemie LK moved some numbers, but otherwise Huntemann remained... See full review
Antilôpè & Tigerskin - Red Haring
posted a review of Antilôpè & Tigerskin - Red Haring. over 15 years ago
You may have noticed that Discogs extended Ogger family are very proud and almost religious with their music. If you have not noticed most seasoned veterans like what really breaks down to the top shelf best. Most also are likely to write off... See full review
Hoxton Whores Featuring Lady Victoria - 4 You
posted a review of Hoxton Whores Featuring Lady Victoria - 4 You. over 15 years ago
Another unofficial remix courtesy of the Hoxton Whores. This one taking it's title from that mid 1990's legend MK. Marc Kinchen, remember that guy? Most of MK's success came from The Dub Of Doom he did for the Nightcrawlers. His later 4 You came... See full review
Hoxton Whores vs A Guy Called Gerald - Hoxton Whores V's Voodoo Ray
posted a review of Hoxton Whores vs A Guy Called Gerald - Hoxton Whores V's Voodoo Ray. over 15 years ago
Hoxton Whores provide one and many unofficial remixes on various limited edition vinyls. Some fair better then others and with that in mind, this orange vinyl pressing is a good one. Taking the original "Voodoo Ray" by A Guy Called Gerald, Hoxton... See full review
Sam Ball - Sunshine Lover
posted a review of Sam Ball - Sunshine Lover. over 15 years ago
We will just go straight to the Perc remix and there is really not much more to talk about here. What we have here is that "Spastik"
type of drum roll thing happening with a Green Velvet "Flash" type of feel. Perc is one of the best names out there... See full review
posted a review of Zebo. over 15 years ago
Basing this review on the sole track "We Likes" on ses records what Zebo has seemed to do here is bridge the current and past-current Baltimore Breaks sound making it more accessible for the dancefloor and for the "breaks" scene. Sure anyone can... See full review
Marc DePulse - Remember 87
posted a review of Marc DePulse - Remember 87. over 15 years ago
This is instant win material people. How to explain? Let's go back to Speedy J "Something For Your Mind". Remember that tone/noise that carried the entire track? Well here we have a similar tone hitting every 1/2 a measure with all those bleeps &... See full review
Carsten Schorr & Justin Sequence & Marc Depulse - Minimal Techno 4
posted a review of Carsten Schorr & Justin Sequence & Marc Depulse - Minimal Techno 4. over 15 years ago
Seems as if the owners and staff at ZYX Records didn't get the memo about the music industry collapse due to internet downloading.
And quite frankly, being frank, I'd like to accept their apology for the many years of torture starting as far back as... See full review
Aqualung - Pressure Suit (Tim Deluxe Remixes)
posted a review of Aqualung - Pressure Suit (Tim Deluxe Remixes). over 15 years ago
If you know the original, it bares no similarity to that whatsoever. Tim Deluxe did a mighty fine job with remixing this.
I don't get impressed by many these days but I must say these two remixes are very impressive. I like how there is this... See full review
Various - Untitled
posted a review of Various - Untitled. over 15 years ago
Absolutely one of the most interesting records I have listened to in years. I admit I got here late but tracks like these have no expiration date. What we have here is multi-genre pile up of breaks, house and old school & new school electro. My... See full review
Various - Hot Mix #15
posted a review of Various - Hot Mix #15. over 15 years ago
When people look back for the history of Dance Music and its culture, there are those that really did something in a specific region that people talk about even decades after it happened. But many of those who actually did that in real time never get... See full review
TJR (2) / Sawtooth Sucka - Versus Series #1 - Made To Play vs Wearhouse Music
posted a review of TJR (2) / Sawtooth Sucka - Versus Series #1 - Made To Play vs Wearhouse Music. over 15 years ago
You guys damn near made my day, if not week or month. I bought this record without having any idea what I was getting myself into.
I do like doing things of this nature because it is the whole anticipation of wondering if I just wasted a tenner plus... See full review
Tim Deluxe - Jack It / Mudpod
posted a review of Tim Deluxe - Jack It / Mudpod. over 15 years ago
Tim Deluxe has worked his way through the underground scene and has gained a decent sized following over the past decade. That is something London based and like many who have done the same there is no looking back. Skint Records is also a label... See full review
D.H.S.* - House Of God (The Poker Flat Mixes)
posted a review of D.H.S.* - House Of God (The Poker Flat Mixes). over 15 years ago
Thanks for stopping by Phonique & Martin Landsky, now could you get the fck out of here with those flat polka mixes you did of an already too remixed classic. I know the label is Polka Flat but these two remixes may have well been polka, added by the... See full review
Petter (5) - Some Polyphony
posted a review of Petter (5) - Some Polyphony. over 15 years ago
I must admit I was never a big fan of Border Community until I heard this track by Petter (Nordkvist) and it gave me a whole different outlook on what James Holden was doing as far as trance is concerned. Here is how I see it and how it sounds, and... See full review
Praga Khan - Mixed Up
posted a review of Praga Khan - Mixed Up. over 15 years ago
The title of this in itself says "steer clear", nothing to see here. And had this been the first time I heard about this CD, I would not be doing a review. But there it was sitting in a bunch of other clearance CD's in some bargain bin for a dollar... See full review
Various - Fuse Ten Years Techno Music
posted a review of Various - Fuse Ten Years Techno Music. over 15 years ago
Not too many Techno albums exist that contain 8 records. It is something rather unusual whereas Drum & Bass multi-packs have been available for years. I never understood the concept of why that is but FUSE did a great job of making this one all... See full review
Tommi Sparxxx - Da Flaw
posted a review of Tommi Sparxxx - Da Flaw. over 15 years ago
Contains a sample of Marshall Jefferson. It's something of a risk when you take such a treasured house classic and call yourself Tommi Sparkxxx. I mean the name alone sounds suspect. Something a truck stop strip club DJ would call himself. And he... See full review
Lil Louis* - French Kiss
posted a review of Lil Louis* - French Kiss. over 15 years ago
If there was one record which defined an era, I would have to say "French Kiss" is that record. It's now 20 years old and yet it is one of those tracks that always sounds like running into an old friend that you have not seen in a while. True, I can... See full review
DJ ESP - Push It As Far As You Can ! EP
posted a review of DJ ESP - Push It As Far As You Can ! EP. over 15 years ago
Five years on from its debut, this remains one of my favorite Woody McBride productions. Straight forward, no nonsense. Driving Techno with actual TR-909 drums coming out of the box itself. In a day an age where all digital has taken over, the days... See full review
Sleepwalker (6) - Open My Head
posted a review of Sleepwalker (6) - Open My Head. over 15 years ago
This record never really got a proper chance to do its magic. Imagine the best techno record to be released and yet nobody even noticed it? As the underground world of techno music is unforgiving to the mainstream, this record may have saved the day.... See full review
Rod Modell - dc16
posted a review of Rod Modell - dc16. over 15 years ago
Ambiance and depth is the primary focus of DeepChord and Rod Modell
has a really defined approach to his productions which has gained DeepChord a quite mature and serious following amongst his peers.
This release echoes the early Matrix releases... See full review
Bitin' Back - She's Breaking Up
posted a review of Bitin' Back - She's Breaking Up. over 15 years ago
Since this is really one of the most underrated breakbeat tracks of all time, it would come as no surprise that a remix which would take nine years to arrive would go largely unnoticed. Not that I am mad at anyone because really, can anyone think... See full review
Tom Neville - Colouring In Robot Restroom
posted a review of Tom Neville - Colouring In Robot Restroom. over 15 years ago
So it is Tom Neville who produced this. The promo has colouring In as the artist. So what is this? An obvious British piss-take on the nu-electro trend scene. It's almost two years old so it probably has done it's run in the underground but it's... See full review
Daso - Numb
posted a review of Daso - Numb. over 15 years ago
One track, single sided vinyl. It starts out as an almost Chicago styled hard house cut which you might find in the later Underground Construction releases. A bit techy, a track for sure.
About two minutes in you get a breakdown with a Travis... See full review
Joey Beltram - Shaking Trees
posted a review of Joey Beltram - Shaking Trees. over 15 years ago
Allow me to be the first to say, Joey Beltram really just came full circle with this release and from my very first listen can say this is a stellar 5/5 top notch recording. Those critical of the many years of disco loops can rest assured that this is... See full review
Convextion - Convextion
posted a review of Convextion - Convextion. over 15 years ago
Gerard Hanson remains one of the great techno mysteries and not really known outside of a very dedicated audience of specialists.
For those who do recognize the name, this first Matrix release is a serious classic, a must have and I myself agree with... See full review
Mellow Mellow - I Can't Stop
posted a review of Mellow Mellow - I Can't Stop. over 15 years ago
Jeff Hypp produced this one hit wonder for his Mellow Mellow guise.
Best known for his Transformer 2 tracks, this Music Man release was an underground specialty coming in the form of the Transformer Tribe mix. What we have here is remake of Plez "I... See full review
MDA - We Hate Sunrise!
posted a review of MDA - We Hate Sunrise!. over 15 years ago
This track went unnoticed by most probably because of a lack in distribution, but MDA had a little buzz going at the time when the scene was first kicking off in America. First off, the song itself is an extention of Homeboy, A Hippie and A Funki... See full review
Babs Hendryx / Gwen Da Lyn - Why Should I Cry / Blak Heaven
posted a review of Babs Hendryx / Gwen Da Lyn - Why Should I Cry / Blak Heaven. over 15 years ago
Very cheeky re-edits pressed on black vinyl with labels which scream bargain bin from across the second-hand shop you are digging in. We will only talk about the Gwen Da Lyn track which is from the "Padlock" ep by Gwen Guthrie. This is one of Larry... See full review
Criss Source - Hugs 'n Kisses / Neo Tokio
posted a review of Criss Source - Hugs 'n Kisses / Neo Tokio. over 15 years ago
Everything about this record is strange to me. One reason is that I heard it somewhere years ago and could not figure out the sample which it used as the main melody line of the track. But the memory faded and I forgot about the entire ordeal. I... See full review
Workidz - Washmachine EP
posted a review of Workidz - Washmachine EP. over 15 years ago
People will compare this to Plastikman "Spastik" which is understandable because it does have that style to it. Not unlike Speedy J's "Pannik" or Electric Deluxe. But after listening to this track several times, it will sit closer to "Viruz" by... See full review
Various - Cocoon Compilation H
posted a review of Various - Cocoon Compilation H. over 15 years ago
With the last couple of letter releases for Cocoon, it has seemed to follow the same trend. You get a lot of tracks which all are written & produced quite well, yet nothing that really grabs your attention. There is always one outstanding track. ... See full review