I am always adding new stuff to my collection and to my for sale list so keep an eye out. I am a DJ from Alaska that helped start the Alaskan rave scene. I have been dj'ing (using cd's) for over 15 years and i also managed a music store for 10 years and collected a ton of stuff. Almost all of my cd's will be in near mint shape since I had to make sure that I could use the music when I spun at events. Most of the stuff is 'Electronica' so keep checking back. The ratings I use are mainly based on the CD itself and the cover, if the case is scratched no biggie as long as it is not cracked and doesn't affect the cd or cover. So if I give it a near mint, it is based on the cd & booklet, not the case.
If you are interested with something, I am up for you asking for a different price point...just don't ask for a $45 cd and only offer $5..dont waste my time...
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There were a few different boxsets that came out about the same time. Even if it says limited edition, without the number imprinted on it, there is no way to tell. Feel free to message me if you want more info on the stone boxset that I have on here.