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Daniel Sanchez - Thang EP
posted a review of Daniel Sanchez - Thang EP. about 1 year ago
Mapuche destroys dancefloors. Thang gives the ceiling a chance. I love all of you
Wold - Freermasonry
posted a review of Wold - Freermasonry. about 1 year ago
When an album comes along and it truly defies categorization I celebrate it's singular vision. Very well done and sounds absolutely terrible. Dare I say essential for all "collectors". Just got my copy and could not be happier.
Milo Raad
posted a comment on Milo Raad. over 2 years ago
put something on vinyl for us freaks please. best stuff in awhile
posted a comment on Plastikman. over 3 years ago
Consumed is probably top 3 albums of all time for me. Transcendental, evocative, and humbling. No words
Al Wootton* - Snake Dance
posted a comment on Al Wootton* - Snake Dance. over 3 years ago
I'm in love with Al Wootton for obvious reasons. believe the hype
Acronym - Entagled In Vines
posted a comment on Acronym - Entagled In Vines. over 3 years ago
it's 2021 and this record sounds like 2022 but 6 years old already. A cherished relic of futurism
A.O. Gerber
posted a comment on A.O. Gerber. over 3 years ago
Hello...Can I please take you out to dinner:) YOU ARE AMAZING!
Aho Ssan - Simulacrum
posted a comment on Aho Ssan - Simulacrum. over 4 years ago
press to vinyl pretty pretty please....album of the year???- no words
Various - REITEN presents ENSō 2020
posted a comment on Various - REITEN presents ENSō 2020. over 4 years ago
How much do I have to pay to punch this into a vinyl record? Reiten please give me a quote...incredible work!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Container (3) - Scramblers
posted a comment on Container (3) - Scramblers. over 4 years ago
holyfukingcowfacethisisincredible...a noise record with purpose.looking forward to receiving this slab of greatness
Contakt (3) - Nobody Else / Tessera 04
posted a comment on Contakt (3) - Nobody Else / Tessera 04. over 4 years ago
how am i the first to comment here....holy frikin jesus
Zenker Brothers - Immersion
posted a review of Zenker Brothers - Immersion. over 4 years ago
TSV WB - always makes it into all my sets no matter the genre! Great huckleberry really
Troy (58) - Northbound EP
posted a comment on Troy (58) - Northbound EP. over 4 years ago
Funny how the old stuff is better than the new stuff. My favorite Troy release to date...
Tensal - Industrialsociety EP
posted a comment on Tensal - Industrialsociety EP. over 4 years ago
probably the best tensal record "." mental moderna pova servika

214 - North Cascades
posted a comment on 214 - North Cascades. over 4 years ago
Hidden GEM for all 3 trax. Gettin' mine in the mail
Shinedoe - H2O Shifts EP
posted a comment on Shinedoe - H2O Shifts EP. over 4 years ago
How this never made to vinyl is criminal. None the less...fantastic release
Badawi - The Axiom EP
posted a comment on Badawi - The Axiom EP. over 4 years ago
If someone would please get the song Anlan 7 on vinyl before death stand on my chest...I've got 2 kidneys too spare:)
yMusic - Beautiful Mechanical
posted a comment on yMusic - Beautiful Mechanical. over 4 years ago
Agreed...Someone please press this! For fks sake this album is incredible!!!
DJ Red (3) - The Prophets Are Smiling EP
posted a comment on DJ Red (3) - The Prophets Are Smiling EP. over 5 years ago
the bright side of dark occult techno. Maybe the 12" of the year for me at least
Yotam Avni - Tehillim
posted a comment on Yotam Avni - Tehillim. over 5 years ago
Best techno record released in the last 10 years. Nothing short of incredible. Beeep
Jfff Mills* - The Director's Cut Chapter 3
posted a comment on Jfff Mills* - The Director's Cut Chapter 3. over 5 years ago
Probably the best Jeff mills record in my opinion and if you can believe it UFO is my least favorite track. Mental and digital space flowers.
Svreca / Neel (2) - Tángara Remixed.
posted a comment on Svreca / Neel (2) - Tángara Remixed.. over 5 years ago
ouch...that hurts so good. ten words ten words ten words
Bruce (40) - Sonder Somatic
posted a comment on Bruce (40) - Sonder Somatic. over 5 years ago
Agree with jopefunk. Bruce is the Boss:) Buy this now
Mike Storm (4)
posted a comment on Mike Storm (4). over 5 years ago
How the F$#K am I just now learning about Mike Storm!!! One of the best players in the game:) baller
Chra - On A Fateful Morning
posted a comment on Chra - On A Fateful Morning . over 5 years ago
Funny how the rainforest spiritual enslavement stuff sells for $100+ bucks and this thing in lurking around discogs for $9....well... buy both:)
Joseph Edmund - Little Helpers 335
posted a comment on Joseph Edmund - Little Helpers 335. over 6 years ago
Vinyl release on this one would mean I'd be your biggest fan forever and ever...the bass is redonkidonk:)
Merzbow - Pulse Demon
posted a comment on Merzbow - Pulse Demon. over 6 years ago
Try maybe 2500 next time bludhoney... I've been waiting for this record for years!!!
thanks for playing though:)
posted a comment on Vladw. over 6 years ago
love it!!! Can you please press to vinyl!!! I would love u forever
Meeting By Chance - Lines EP
posted a comment on Meeting By Chance - Lines EP. over 7 years ago
Shame on you Apollo for not committing this gorgeous release to wax... Also, Thank you Apollo for at least making this happen.
Elisha Morningstar - MTS
posted a comment on Elisha Morningstar - MTS. over 7 years ago
Who ever you are... I heart you forever. mind officially blown.
Umek - 732
posted a comment on Umek - 732. over 8 years ago
I own over 3,000 techno records in my collection and this one is in my top 5 of all time period....