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posted a review of Jack Parnell - The Big Band Show. over 2 years ago
Sample heads...grab this one for Skin Deep, a cracking drum duel with choice breaks.
posted a review of Keith Holzman - Authentic Sound Effects Volume 2. over 2 years ago
As sampled by The KLF on their ambient Chill Out LP
posted a review of Various - Give Peace A Dance: A CND Compilation. over 2 years ago
Had this on cassette originally, picked up the CD recently in a bargain bin - 99p! Watch out though as the CD looks like it has disc rot - very yellow and chunks rip it while you can!!! Great album though.
posted a comment on BocaWoody - NW/SW EP1. over 2 years ago
The bandcamp download code which came with the bundle gave you all the above tracks and their instrumental versions
submitted BocaWoody, DJ Woody, Boca 45 - NW/SW. over 2 years ago
submitted BocaWoody, Boca 45, DJ Woody - NS/SW MIX1. over 2 years ago
submitted BocaWoody - NW/SW EP1. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Oaysis - Remix. over 2 years ago
My sleeve for this is a sort of purple-ish colour, rather than the orangey-red in the featured pictures...I suspect quality control at Formation wasn't terribly tight back then?!
posted a review of Simon Harris (5) - Logical Beats. over 2 years ago
All of Simon's tracks on this EP are available for free on his Soundcloud page;
posted a review of DJ Woody - Bangers & Mash. over 2 years ago
Awesome mix proving the UK hip hop is a serious force to be reckoned with.
posted a review of Raging Rockers - Kounter Act. over 2 years ago
Always a firm favourite of Dr S Gachet from way back then too. Had a feeling he used to have 2 copies and jump between them.
posted a comment on Slave One - Bantha Trax. over 2 years ago
This featured in an old UNKLE / James Lavelle mix CD. Nice obscure 8bit sounds.
posted a review of Friends Of Matthew - Out There. over 3 years ago
As featured in an old episode of Inspector Morse (on UK TV featuring John Thaw)...the episode was all about a girl getting mixed up in the rave culture and this track played out through the rave scenes in a huge old house and I think towards the credits ... See full review
posted a review of Fantastic Max - Things That You Do. over 3 years ago
Both sides of this are gorgeous old skool.
posted a review of Shirley Bassey - Something. over 3 years ago
Some great tracks on here...I never realised Shirley Bassey was so funky.
posted a review of Various - Soul Direction. over 3 years ago
Great collection of soulful funk. The Knock On Wood cover is awesome. Worth checking out. I only bought this because of the cover!
posted a comment on The Avalanches - Gimix. over 3 years ago
Not all cassettes and inlays are the same as shown. The band were selling cassettes without the "contains elements of..." wording and plain black cassettes whilst on tour during 2000.
posted a review of Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary / Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter. over 3 years ago
Both tracks ooze quality, funk and grit. Side 2 is the one for the dancefloor though.
posted a review of Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes - I Want To Take You Higher. over 3 years ago
2 stone cold classic funk tracks. Contact High is my favourite, very druggy as the title would suggest, but tough drums and a frenetic pace makes this great for the dancefloor.
posted a review of Various - Kenny Dope Classic Breakbeats. over 3 years ago
This is a super-nice selection of heavy breakbeat hip hop tracks. Well worth tracking down if you can.
submitted Michel Legrand - Il était Une Fois... L'espace. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Outa Intelligence - Foolz Gold. over 3 years ago
Tales From The Unexpected samples "Charade" by Ronnie Aldrich & his 2 pianos and the London Symphony Orchestra. As found on PFS 4064 or SPA 160.

Jeez...I'm a geek!
posted a review of ESG - Moody / UFO. over 3 years ago
Worth picking up to get a nice loud & clean pressing on 12" of both of these great tracks.
posted a review of Soul Train Gang (2) - My Cherie Amour. over 3 years ago
Nice open disco breaks in the middle of this for the block party peeps
posted a comment on Cassetteboy. over 4 years ago
While I love Cassetteboy and have done since buying the Parker Tapes on a whim when it was new...the irony is that there are no releases available on cassette format. You would have thought that would have been an obvious tie-in somewhere...maybe ... See full review
posted a review of I.C.P. - Free & Equal. over 4 years ago
An excellent 12" - totally underrated. Featuring the familiar Bowa sample ... although not sure what came first. The Leftfield mixes were very popular on the UK rave scene. Carl Cox used to play it in a lot of sets between 1991/92.
posted a comment on Paradise Records. over 4 years ago
A stack of these tracks are available via bandcamp page.
posted a comment on Kenny Dope* - Wild Style Breakbeats. over 4 years ago
Nice loud pressings, subtle but much needed edits by Kenny Dope bringing the tracks out much longer than originally created. The seventh 7" features some nice Wild Style graffiti etchings on the flip side.

Box sets ordered directly from Kay Dee should ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Spinback* / DJ Gwange - Legendary Volume 2. over 4 years ago
Much underrated release, quality darkness on this 12"
posted a comment on Connie Z - The Way To Become The Sensuous Woman By "J". over 4 years ago
Pure filth...but amusing all the same.
posted a review of The Williams Fairey Brass Band - Acid Brass. over 4 years ago
Brilliant CD capturing a great live performance of some classic acid house & dance anthems. The live gig was hosted by Tony Wilson of Factory Records.
posted a review of Howard Blake - An Elephant Called Slowly. over 4 years ago
Cracking off-kilter samples to be had here.
posted a review of The Outsider - The Mash Up / Black (Remix). over 4 years ago
AA2 is a remix of Black by DJ SS - the Whitney Houston vocal sample has been chopped and reversed so barely recognisable here. Still has many of the features of the original though, but on a much darker vibe.
posted a comment on Out Of Order (2) - Right Guard. over 4 years ago
You could take Whitney's vocals out of this and it would still stand up as a great hardcore track. The bassline is immense.
posted a comment on Sound Corp.* - Dream Finder (Remix). over 4 years ago
Dream Finder Remix - is a remix by Easygroove.
posted a comment on Basement Records. over 5 years ago
Hey BasementPhil, did this ever happen? I'm only just at the point of moving from vinyl to digital and would really appreciate some quality audio files - partly because some of my records are badly worn (jammy teenage fingers in the early 90s!). Thanks ... See full review
posted a comment on Dave Charlesworth - The Energizers. over 5 years ago
Energizer 5 sounds more like it was produced around 1991 time...think of it more as Energizer 1.5! The B-Side is a remix of the A-Side, using similar samples.
submitted Doug Lazy - Rollin' On. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Morphosis - Latin In Dub Major. over 6 years ago
Nice sampling of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 version of the classic "Ye Me Le"
posted a comment on Duke Slammer - Shibuya Shibuya / Go$$ip. over 7 years ago
Shibuya Shibuya - really sweet, slower electro funk
Go$$ip - very 'Avalanches' in sound, with the background chatter and looped sample...excellent stuff.
posted a comment on Duke Slammer - What Four? / Everybody Sweat. over 7 years ago
What Four? - head nodding electro-pop funk.
Everybody Sweat - if this track had a video, it would certainly feature a montage of 80s films. Great stuff.
posted a comment on Robert Parker / Jesse Gresham Plus 3 - Barefootin' / Shootin' The Grease. over 8 years ago
The Jesse Gresham track is the same as his other release "The Penguin (Pt. 2)" BUT including a drum break intro.
posted a comment on Linda Lewis - Lark. over 8 years ago
Track A2 sampled by Midfield General (Skint Records) for the track "Reach Out"