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Hello, my name is Nik. That's not important. The important question is: who are you? America has become a cruel and vicious place. We reward the shallowest, the dumbest, the meanest and the loudest. We no longer have any common sense of decency. No sense of shame. There is no right and wrong. The worst qualities in people are looked up to and celebrated. We've become a nation of slogan-saying, bile-spewing hatemongers. We've lost our kindness. We've lost our soul. What have we become? We take the weakest in our society, we hold them up to be ridiculed, laughed at for our sport and entertainment. Laughed at to the point, where they would literally rather kill themselves than live with us anymore.

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Various - Pump It Up!
posted a comment on Various - Pump It Up!. over 19 years ago
I was rather chuffed to receive this in the post as a Chanukah present from me sis so much that I broke the DVD case in eager anticipation of those slinky birds from Benny Benassi's visually stimulating 'Satisfaction' hit. Thank you allah, for was I... See full review
Various - Technics Present The 1990 MixMag/Kiss FM Mastermixes
posted a review of Various - Technics Present The 1990 MixMag/Kiss FM Mastermixes. over 20 years ago
"A few issues ago we received a letter from a reader asking us if we’d ever thought of putting a cassette on the front of the magazine featuring the artists we write about. At that time, plans were already underway for such a project but within weeks... See full review
Emiliaz - Black Shadow
posted a review of Emiliaz - Black Shadow. over 21 years ago
Having always assumed TT was produced by Emmanuel Top, I'm happy to finally acknowledge Emiliaz as one amazing producer. This EP scorched the summer skies of '95 with it's chanting mantras and pummeling kickdrums like no other in its class.
The... See full review
Michael Wells presents Signs Of Chaos - Departure - Designer Lounge Beats
posted a review of Michael Wells presents Signs Of Chaos - Departure - Designer Lounge Beats. over 21 years ago
Available as an 8 track promo white label (catalog # RR8719-6) for vinyl connoisseurs who were lucky enough to be on the mailing list from Earache records back in '98.