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posted a review of The Reflex - Revisions Vol 5 . about 1 month ago
any seller of this? looking to buy...message me if selling.. thanks
posted a review of Claudja Barry / China Burton - Dub Dynamite / You Know How I Feel. 2 months ago
you know how i feel is a blast.. wait til you hear the original.. that's the bomb. anyone selling.. message me
posted a comment on Kid Creole And The Coconuts / Material - Wonderful / Over. 5 months ago
who has this for sale... i want this for myself
posted a review of Dimitri From Paris - My Salsoul (Disco Classics). 9 months ago
was there a release of this gem of a record UNMIXED ?
posted a comment on Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face. 10 months ago
but there is..2 actually.. in the hidden section of discogs lol
posted a comment on International Music System - International Music System. about 1 year ago
standout for me... is mojave. year is 1983. i wonder where they got their influence from the years before that. i now have a reference for the currently nicely produced downtempo tracks. And the current nonline repress is quite good..
posted a comment on Dosem - Silent Drop. about 1 year ago
A must have.. soft..upbeat..rolling seems like heading for a climax with some proper synth stab..
posted a comment on Sharon Redd - Never Give You Up. about 1 year ago
i never you this was release..after going after the instrumental promo.. a dimitri paris edit?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of DJ Cole Medina - Medina's Magic. about 1 year ago
2 nice selection to edit. yeah i hope to get hold of this.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Todd Terje - Greatest Hits . about 1 year ago
I got em. they look pretty. clear translucent vinyls..okay labels.. but the sound quality is pretty weak compared to the other record out of sweden..weak on the hi-s. much like the lint record minus the bass though..can use some equalising ... See full review
posted a comment on C.R.S.T vs Chesus - Monster Munch EP. about 1 year ago
the jkriv queen of her throne is another thing with the ojays darling baby..this one is another.. I might spend 50 for the record
posted a review of Late Nite Tuff Guy. about 1 year ago
his edits may sound the same...same kick and drums.. but you spread it out all over your playlist and not just do a medley.. for those who mixes on whatever medium, his tracks carry out very very well before and after it..the consistency of his beat help ... See full review
posted a review of LNTG* - Tuff Cut #02. about 1 year ago
i am pretty impressed of LNTG'S method of edit..definitely worked out for the best ( sub - bass hungry loudspeakers ) , the combination of back to life and forbidden lover is kinda cheesy..but the not so strange combination of both left an exciting ... See full review