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posted a comment on Modal - Lovers Remixes. 7 months ago
Your 'for sale' records are consistently the highest priced on here, whale hunting?
posted a comment on Second To None - C.R.E.A.M (Remixes). about 1 year ago
'Going the Distance' is THAT Rocky amen B-Boy track.
Simple and class!
posted a comment on Monster Zoku Onsomb! / The Nam Shub Of Enki - Europe Tour 2006. about 1 year ago
Just plain nuts! Aphex Twin meets an electro food blender.
posted a comment on Robin Wants Revenge - Robin Wants Revenge. about 1 year ago
Sold mine about 7 years ago for £440 was shocked to say the least! :-0
posted a comment on Electrospy - Voice. about 1 year ago
To answer below, it is a 10" stamped on a 12" format.
posted a comment on Sam Sever - Zone Alone. over 2 years ago
Bet the guy who sold it for £2.50 is gutted!...
posted a comment on The D.O.C. - Portrait Of A Masterpiece. over 4 years ago
Indeed a masterpiece, just chugs along with ease. Classic early house crossover. Used to be a real bitch to find as well, thanks gawd for discogs!
posted a comment on Scott & Keith - Deranged. over 6 years ago
'This is deranged' samples MC Man Parris from and old old Amnesia House tape.
posted a comment on Frank De Wulf - The B-Sides Volume IV. over 6 years ago
The blue image is a man stood astride, with his hand on his knee.
posted a review of Oscare - What's Going On. over 10 years ago
Africa's Rhyme, as played by Grooverider @ The Eclipse ~1990 pitched at about +8. Nice breaks track, featuring the vocal <i>'africa africaa'</i> and a nice melodic echoed synth chord over it, accompanied by some tribal-esque drifting flutey riff to boot! ... See full review
posted a review of Ital Rockers - Ital's Anthem. over 10 years ago
Classic late morning rave track. Sounds simple, with it's high pitched synth riff and phasing sweeps, but the drums keep you alive, without knocking you over. Nice and melodic, for that break of dawn hangover.
posted a review of Frequenzberater - Our Galaxy. over 10 years ago
'Remember me? I used to go out with your brother'

Brilliant dancefloor electro track, vocal exquisite and off on a tangent. Simple beats and backing, but well thought out. This bitch ends up going out with all your family; your brother, your father, ... See full review
posted a review of Dynamix II. over 10 years ago
Legendary duo, the kings of Miami bass, and electro, full stop. From 'Just Give The DJ A Break' to 'Sedona', and not to mention all their side projects, they've always maintained 'their' sound. Proper bass and beats, percussion original and their 'own' ... See full review
posted a review of Ray Love - Holding Out In Lagos. over 10 years ago
Until I track the 'Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos' orignal 12" this will do nicely, sympathetic remix, 4/4 beat over what is more or less the whole lifted 'Riot In Lagos' song. 'Enter The Danger Zone' is basically a Garage House track, with bit more ... See full review
posted a review of Fallout - Altered States / The Morning After (1990 Remix). over 10 years ago
Both the 'Morning After' remixes here very classy, both with a very nice low down floating bassline, that came into being in 1990 just before the UK Hardcore scene got hold of the sound. Also, more Detroit House feeling on both, with also early R&S ... See full review
posted a review of After Dark - Holocaust (Sonic Mix) / Cardiac (Sonic Mix). over 10 years ago
Dave Charlesworth at his best, classic early hardcore tunes played out by anyone who was anyone at the time, the B-side being sampled later by DJ Seduction for his first masssive hit 'Hardcore Heaven / You And Me'. Both tracks feature heavily sampled ... See full review
posted a review of We R Who We R - Derivitive. over 10 years ago
The Baron remix is probably one of the first ever songs to use the reverse bassline sound, as favoured extensively in the dnb/jungle scene, it being played here in the riff made famous by Derrick May's 'Wiggin' - which was sampled on 'Robin Wants ... See full review
posted a review of D. J. Space* - Keep On The Bass. over 10 years ago
The Visitor - Massive massive old skool UK hardcore tune, as cained by Top Buzz. Features the Prince sample 'dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life' over an orchestra stab, played slightly off. Then incomes the ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Tuffest Of The Tuffest. over 10 years ago
Ground breaking LP, features breakbeats heavily and probably a precursor to the whole UK hardcore phenomenom. Worth it alone for the Addis Posse track, and the Bang The Party dub version of 'Bang Bang You're Mine', although whether this is the original ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Nu Groove Compilation Volume One. over 10 years ago
This is summer on the streets of New York, if you can't afford to track down the original Nu Groove back catalog, then I suggest tracking this down, a very good mix of what the label did, and goes down well on a hazy afternoon in the sun.
posted a review of Robin Wants Revenge - Robin Wants Revenge. over 10 years ago
I am obsessed with this record, I will admit. It's engraved in my brain from my first outings to the Amnesia House parties at The Connexion in Coventry in '89/90. The origins of the artists who put together this mashup are unknown, and yet guessed alot. ... See full review
posted a review of Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar. over 11 years ago
Hard to believe this was released in 1983, totally ahead of it's time, sampled vocal loops 'there's 70 billion people on Earth, where are they hiding?'. Sampled Indian style drums, with an eastern flavour too in the synths and backing vocals, panning ... See full review
posted a review of Roberta Flack - Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes). over 11 years ago
Brilliant mix by Hurley here, sampled by Lee Marrow on 'Movin'. Cut up vocals, padded out with some metal sounding fx, over a nicely programmed beat, expertly arranged too by the master. Add to that Roberta Flack's sweet sweet voice and dreamy lyrics, ... See full review
posted a review of Decoy (2) - This City Has Lost Its Way. over 11 years ago
Brilliant Detroit style techno here, classic pitched twiddlings over deep sub bases, padded out with some nice floating synths. All supported by nice percussion programming, some leaning towards electro feelings.
posted a review of Automat (2) / Two Lines - Les Composants E.P. over 11 years ago
Excellent tracks, all three. A1 being a dark electro tune featuring the all powerful hoover sound and some spoken snippets, building to a nice hard edged atmosphere. B1 track is another hoover driven affair, with some phatt kicks and classic rave style ... See full review
posted a review of Big Blast Boys - EP. over 11 years ago
Brilliant EP, every track is a winner. Nice classic basslines and sounds, cut up female and male vocals, add to that some subtle breakbeats on a few tracks. Has a laid back feel, kind of reminiscent of 'Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal?' and other ... See full review
posted a review of Marcin Czubala - Bass^Casualties E.P.. over 11 years ago
Brilliant EP, both this and his 'Scoobidoo EP' are reminiscent of the early R&S back catalog, deep moody basses, and classic drum programming/sounds. Danceable stuff, would fit with any ~90s old skool releases.
posted a review of Tony Jackson (4) - Passport EP. over 11 years ago
Piano Drum is a nice old style Detroit track, a simple piano melody backed up with some classic sounding drum programming and sounds via the 808 + 909 drum machines.
posted a review of Yello - Unbelievable (Theme From "Ford Fairlane"). over 11 years ago
For those in the know 'Un-F*#cking believable'. Massively sampled old skool anthem this. Also features phat 909 percussion, and a nice stuttered bassline. All six mixes have something different to offer too, quite rare that. True classic.
posted a review of Cabaret Voltaire. over 11 years ago
I can't believe these guys haven't received some honorary award or recognition for them basically starting the whole Sheffield experimental/techno scene. With their 'Western Works' studio being used by just about everyone who was anyone in Sheffiled ... See full review
posted a review of DJPC - Inssomniak. over 11 years ago
If you play this tune in reverse, you notice that the sample 'Insomniac' backwards says 'I'm asleep'!! Pretty odd, maybe the basis of the tune? Or just stumbled on during the recording, either way kinda spooky.
posted a review of Shut Up And Dance* Featuring Peter Bouncer - Raving I'm Raving. over 11 years ago
I remember Colin Dale dropping this in his set at the 'Breakfast Club' in London, just outside the 'Milk Bar'. I was on after him so I was on the balcony watching below as he built up the hardest set I think i'd heard back then, just kept piling it on ... See full review
posted a review of BC* - Planet Dust / Speedball. over 11 years ago
You have to thank BC and the track 'Planet Dust' for bringing back the fat drop, a long forgotten art at the time; this tune re-invented it. The windy desert sounding sweeps and mangled samples prelude a now infamous distorted, gnarled up hoover riff, ... See full review
posted a review of Bassbin Twins. over 11 years ago
The best thing EVER to come out of the whole Big Beat scene that happened here in the UK about 8 years ago. To compare them to Skint Records does them an injustice, as they were and still are light years ahead of anything the UK Big Beat scene produced! ... See full review
posted a review of Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Cutter Mix / Beyond Control. over 11 years ago
The cutter mix was the mutts danglies back in the day, the official release is missing some samples, and to be honest, isn't a patch on this original white label release! Money over matter, another example of the law getting in the way of a good time!
posted a review of Fallout - The Morning After. over 11 years ago
The bassline on this tune has the ability to cut through any tiredness you may be suffering on the dancefloor. It just lifts you up, and then drops you back down again in a fresher state of mind. Timeless genius.
posted a review of The Beat Club - Security. over 11 years ago
The only bad thing about this tune, is, im afraid to say, the much maligned orchestra stab it uses. Sooo many early rave tunes, and subsequent pop-rave tunes implemented this stab, that, in my opinion, it sounds tired today (thanks 2 Unlimited and the ... See full review
posted a review of Earth Leakage Trip - Psychotronic EP. over 11 years ago
'The doors are where the windows should be, and the windows are where the doors should be.'

Crazy lyrics on No Idea, and the bass is a gut buster. 'Earth Leakage Trip' comes from the plate on your (UK) mains fuse box, go check ;)
posted a review of Megabyte - Information. over 12 years ago
Well, the main track is an '808 State - Cubik' style rave track, not very good at all really, BUT 'The Iron Lady Speaks' mix, whilst still having the same pretty poor track under it, earns it's keep with a cut speech of that bint 'Margaret Thatcher', the ... See full review
posted a review of 6 Bells All - Sweet & Bitter / Me The Mailman. over 12 years ago
'Me The Mailman' is a classic track on this 12. Features a massive stabbing synth/orchestra sound, played in an instantly recognisable riff, overlayed every other beat with an old style train whistle sound, interspersed with female vocals. Very famous ... See full review
posted a review of Orr-Some - We Can Make It. over 12 years ago
The original classic rolling bassline here, as sampled by Playland on 'Someone Just Bought' and numerous other early UK Breakbeat/Hardcore releases. Also features a riff which could make this an early precursor to the bleep phenomenom.
posted a review of Nu Groove Records. over 12 years ago
A lot of the Nu Groove 12s have been bootlegged in recent years. Most have the same or very similar labels, but quality is very poor. The best way to spot an original I've found, is that they have 'F/W' - which stands for 'Frankford Wayne', the original ... See full review
posted a review of The Prodigy - What Evil Lurks. over 12 years ago
Aye, bit of a groundbreaker this one, although not that great it somehow managed to carve out a niche for Liam Howlet. I think they timed his next release perfectly, so as to catch whatever this first one had managed to do. Personally i think it caught ... See full review
posted a review of Leo Anibaldi - Noise Generation. over 12 years ago
Bassbar on the B-Side is a classic Top Buzz 'back in the day' tune! The sampled short choir vocal played in a riff, with the slightly tube distorted pumping bassline and busy bustling chunky techno backbeat just works perfectly, add to that the 'odd' ... See full review
posted a review of Landlord (2) Featuring Dex Danclair - I Like It. over 12 years ago
THAT piano riff on the Blow Out Dub spawned a million other releases that 'interpreted' it in their own way. The piano stab itself must have got degraded down to about a 1000th generation sample by the time it had done the rounds, god knows how many ... See full review
posted a review of Dragon Fly - Visions Of Rage. over 12 years ago
Visions of Rage is one hell of a rolling breaks track, with 'that' stabbed riff and the floating low synth breakdown. Just proving in the days of hardcore, you didn't need a mangled distorted hoover to move the masses on the dancefloor. This tune ... See full review
posted a review of Kenny Dope* - Jam The Mace. over 12 years ago
This re-release is remastered to within an inch of it's life, the bass and original 'static clicks' (intentional) in the sampled manic filtered wasp sounding loop (nice description, eh?) just jump straight out, worth re-getting just for these reasons, ... See full review
posted a review of X-Men (10) - Breakout. over 12 years ago
The b-side 'Phase II' has got to be the first intelligent drum and bass track ever. With its simple chords, classic shuffle breakbeat and stuttered melodic bassline punctuated by the legendary 808 bass drum on the offbeat, this is bliss. Also the b-side ... See full review
posted a review of Altern 8 - Overload EP. over 12 years ago
Apparently these tracks were written using left over studio time, what a bonus!
posted a review of Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen. over 12 years ago
Early techno song incorporating the Human League's 'Being Boiled'. One of the mixes features a nasty elf-like vocal, what it's saying or where it's from I have no clue, but works as it comes in over a key change of the main riff, which is the original ... See full review