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Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen
posted a comment on Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen. over 7 years ago
I think a lot of instruments sounded the same at this time but i agree the whole thing is one step too similar. As Pascal wrote Living On Video in 1981 I'm sure it was first. Then it became big in Europe. The writers of Go Go probably heard Living... See full review
The Time Frequency - I Can Feel It
submitted The Time Frequency - I Can Feel It. over 7 years ago
The Corries - Spotlight On The Corries
submitted The Corries - Spotlight On The Corries. over 9 years ago
Various - More Than A Feeling
submitted Various - More Than A Feeling. over 10 years ago
The Time Frequency
posted a comment on The Time Frequency. over 10 years ago
You're entitled to your opinion and in amongst that walloftext rant i see some valid points. Artists promoting the bejesus out of their work isn't an entirely new concept though.

TTF jump started the dance scene in Scotland so i'd say he's right... See full review
N-Trance - Paradise City
posted a review of N-Trance - Paradise City. over 11 years ago
This is very, very wrong. Now, don't get me wrong, i like N-Trance (yes really) and Guns N' Roses even more so but sometimes when you put two good things together you end up with something bad (that's bad in the old meaning of the word you know) and... See full review
The Time Frequency - Such A Phantasy EP
posted a review of The Time Frequency - Such A Phantasy EP. over 13 years ago
The first track is the so-called commercial one although it's still pure buzzing Scottish techno powered magic blended with driving piano, delightful background strings, and to top it all off astounding euro house diva vocals belted over the top of it... See full review
Snowball Brown* - Chicquetita
posted a review of Snowball Brown* - Chicquetita. over 13 years ago
I like lots of different music. In fact i'd say i'm quite open minded. It's unusual for me not to find any redeeming qualities in a release whatsoever. Even if i dislike a track i'm not one to jump up and put down someone else's hard work and... See full review
Various - Blues Brother Soul Sister
posted a review of Various - Blues Brother Soul Sister. over 13 years ago
I've never written a review before but i felt compelled to say something about this album. I first purchased this compilation on cassette while on holiday in Cornwall back in '93 but more recently i picked it up on CD at a local car boot sale for next... See full review