Music styles:

Breakbeat, Electro, House, Drum'n Bass, Acid, Techno, Hardtek, Drumtek, Xprmntl, Ambient, Soul-Funk, Oldskool & Retro House


Actually :
=> member of 104E20 Sound System | Lille-Fr
=> member of Modus Operandi Association | Lille-Fr
(recording studio & record shop)
=> member of Urban Porn Collective | Lille-Fr
('Strap On Dildos' Live Act)

Musical Vision:
Dj Saiz is dealing with everything musical !
Bored with specialization and tired of electronic segmented scenes,
I often try to blend the styles and developed mixes which embrace all sensibilities.
My sets are usually progressive and weel fitted to the audience.

104E20 Sound System, Dj Adolphe, Frank Biazzy, Dj HS,
Daft Punk, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Speedy J, Steve Bug, Laurent Garnier,
Dance Mania Records, Terry Francis, Andrew Weatherall
ZMK crew, Sensory Overload, Tomahawk Sound System
Cursor Minor, DJ Spooky, Dj Krush
Aphex Twin, Autechre
Big Cheese Records, Stax Records, Factory Records


You can DL a some mix of mine here :

Saiz @ Modus Records

Check also my Website :

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Phantom Hand Band - Bangers N Mash
submitted Phantom Hand Band - Bangers N Mash. over 5 years ago