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posted a review of Supernatural (2) - Natural Disasters. 2 months ago
extremely dope lp.needs a vinyl repress.supreme beats and over the head lyrics
posted a comment on Plan Bee - Quest For Survival. 2 months ago
c'mon somebody have to repress this awesome ep.
first appereance of saafir
posted a review of Kegs* - Knock Twice. 2 months ago
this compilation is off the hook.can someone please make a vinyl release? ^^
posted a review of Kool Keith - Erotic Man. 3 months ago
the whole tricklist order differs and have different names(mostly the interludes) compared to the original "sex style" lp.
A4 is not "regular girl" its an interlude called "stuck on pussy drive".
so A5 is "regular girl"and so on.
A8"before the concert" ... See full review
posted a comment on Action Bronson Feat. Riff Raff (16) - Bird On A Wire. 3 months ago
definitely,this beat is over the top ^^ please press it on wax
posted a comment on Madd Man* - Nod Your Head. 3 months ago
Can someone pleeeease repress dis killer cut ? !
This is massive.
posted a review of Alien Nation (2) - Earth Defenders. 4 months ago
this album is unbelievable.this def. needs a vinyl repress
sci-fi hip hop to its fullest
posted a comment on Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep. 4 months ago
these prices,nowadays.seriously,for a major label record?
hope there will be a proper repress soon
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on J. Treds* & Various - The Unstoppable Album. 5 months ago
most of this tracks are available on vinyl.
the way they named the tracks on here can be confusing
posted a review of Innersoul - It's The Right Time. 5 months ago
now,that the lp is available, on vinyl. there is no need for paying such grifter prices for that 1 track 12".
except you want that nice instrumental ;)
posted a review of Innersoul - The Theory. 5 months ago
now,that the lp is available, on vinyl. there is no need for paying such grifter prices for that 1 track 12".
except you want that nice instrumental ;)
posted a review of The Grouch / Murs / Asop The Black Wolf* - What I Do / 24 Hrs. w/a G / Too Fuckin Fresh. 6 months ago
the grouch track "what i do" is of the 1999 compilation "tags of the times vol.2". btw he used the same sample as dj krush did
one year before on his "kakusei"lp.
murs's track "24hrs w/a G is of his 99' lp "good music"
and asop's track "too fuckin fresh" ... See full review
posted a review of DNA (20) - Bronx Criminal County. 6 months ago
can someone please upload sharp and high quality pictures of the label and runout grooves,who def. has the OG.
since there are bootlegs around,now
posted a review of Aesop* - The 5th Element. 6 months ago
the tracks are of his 97' release "tha supahuman" lp
posted a review of The Grouch - Fuck The Dumb. 8 months ago
Unbelievable good album.from start to finish brilliant production."itchin for a..." is an instrumental beat where bicasso/bizarro made the cuts.(he always did made the scratches for the legends for the most time) there are no raps on this track.
posted a review of E.C. Illa* - Seeds, Stems & Gems Lp + Bonus Lp Live From The Ill. 9 months ago
finally,with this release you can have the "live from the ill e.p." on vinyl for the first time.
vinyls weight about 155gr.there are two tracks missing on this "seeds,stems & gems" version.the first track "golden era shit" & the last track "time travel ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a review of E.C* - Live From The Ill E.P. 10 months ago
I'm pretty sure there is a mistake due to the duration of "illtro" & "ill murder epic" cause the illtro is short and ill murder epic is a full lenght track.
"ill murder epic" also is from his debut lp "ill state of mind" from 93.Just like "funky like ... See full review
posted a review of Mood - Hustle On The Side. 10 months ago
Yes,this 12" has the long version (part1 & 2) on it and is twice as long
posted a review of U.G.O - Blowin' Spots. 11 months ago
Dope indie record.
The red version has the adlibs and chorus in the instrumental and has the short part without drums after the 1st chorus.
The yellow version doesn't.No adlibs no chorus.But it has a louder baseline in it than the red one.
imo the bomb ... See full review
posted a review of Various - 14 Fathoms Deep. about 1 year ago
Pretty heavy vinyl with about 150-160gr.also comes with an artists info inlay
posted a review of Elusive - Bringing The Heat. about 1 year ago
nice instrumental ep by elusive.all bangers except 2 tracks,imo
first and the last track are off the audio lp
posted a review of Elusive - Deceiving The Right Eye... Volume 2. about 1 year ago
Only the first 2 tracks are of the "deceiving the right eye of confusion" album.
C.M.A. ,Stretching Space Part 2 & Multiplicity (Remix) are exclusively on this vinyl.
"ain't fucking with you" appeared on asop's "as good as it gets"lp.and "thats simple" ... See full review
posted a review of Arsonists* - Pyromaniax (Original Version) / In Your Town. about 1 year ago
The LP version is way better than the original version, imo.So it was good that they had to change the beat ^^
posted a review of Jizzm - Show Respect Here EP. about 1 year ago
like "bass'd on principle", there are two versions of this release.
one with a red label and one witha black label.
posted a review of 36Zero - Maintain. about 1 year ago
the track"lyrical jasun" is performed by "the lyrical jasun" of the group "connecticut kartel"
posted a review of GHK* - Inst.L.P.. about 1 year ago
on this bootleg "winter warz" & "mothterless child" is missing.and the tracklist on side A & B is a bit mixed up.
the track "wu will survive" on the b-side is actually "hand in box".and "hand in box" on the c-side plays the loop of the beginning of "hand ... See full review
posted a review of Atmosphere (2) - Overcast! - Twenty Year Anniversary. about 1 year ago
On all overcast presses(i think) the 18th track is a untitled/hidden song called "primer" but here it is another track which is cool imo cause i already have it on the ep.i'm pretty sure i heard the track back then, but i can't name the title.
posted a comment on Aceyalone Accompanied By Mumbles - A Book Of Human Language. about 1 year ago
wow,what a review ^^ this album is amazing.acey kills it on this one
posted a review of The K-otic Family - New Born Kaos E.P.. about 1 year ago
although the labels states 5 tracks,there are actually only 4.the third track on the a-side "chit chatter" is missing cause there are only 2 songs of each side.but the first track of the b-side begins with the words "chit chatter" in the i ... See full review
posted a comment on IAM - L'École Du Micro D'Argent. about 1 year ago
can someone specify the weight of the vinyl ? is it a 180gr vinyl?
posted a review of MF Grimm - Scars & Memories. about 1 year ago
the quality of "take em to war" is poor or the bassline sounds distorted.
i don't know if the fondle em 12" has the same problem.
posted a review of Mystik Journeymen - Worldwide Underground. about 1 year ago
the last track which is not credited or "" is on the lp the last track called "worldwide" ,
the first track "revenge" is on the lp as "last crusade" and the intro of "voices" is an interlude on the lp as "TGV 2 Paris (Hinda)"
posted a review of Phoenix Orion - Zimulated Instrumentalz. about 1 year ago
there are pressings where the a-side has vocals (background vocals) anyway.
my pressing has it only on the track "scanners"
posted a review of Shades Of Brooklyn* - Change / Survival Warz (When It Rainz, It Pours). about 1 year ago
compared to the OG, the sound is not the best
posted a review of People Under The Stairs - Question In The Form Of An Answer - Instrumentals. about 1 year ago
its funny that this record is called "Question In The Form Of An Answer - Instrumentals"
cause only the b-side has instrumentals to that lp.
the a-side has 2 tracks of the first lp and 2 bonus instrumentals
posted a review of The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia. about 1 year ago
the blue C/D side is not so transparent like the red A/B side(you can't see through)
posted a review of Ultramagnetic MC's - Raise It Up / The Saga Of Dandy, The Devil And Day. about 1 year ago
although its stated on the label cover,this version doesn't have the remix of (the saga of dandy,......)
it's just the same track as the original
posted a review of Swollen Members - Temptation / Dark Riders. about 1 year ago
there is also a version with wrong label cover titles.(mispressing)
the a side is titled with "camouflage" and the b side with "members only"
posted a comment on Company Flow - Funcrusher. about 1 year ago
due to the interviews i read i'm pretty sure this was released in 96
posted a review of Key Kool* & Rhettmatic - Can U Hear It?. about 1 year ago
this version is probably a repress.original pressing has silver writing on the labels.
posted a comment on Funkdoobiest - Brothas Doobie. about 1 year ago
there are way more pressings than this and the "music on vinyl" release.
my copy pretty match up to this with the catalogue number and the runout grooves but i'm pretty sure mine is not the original.
my copy weights about 185gr and the sound is pretty ... See full review
posted a review of Othorized F.A.M* - Caught My Eye / Money Getters / We Othorized. about 1 year ago
can somebody confirm that this record is from 94 and limited to 200 copies ? !(or give me the source of that information)
the track "we othorized" has a intro with the same beat(a bit filtered) where they just talk
posted a review of Ras Kass - Pre-Soul On Ice Demos. about 1 year ago
nice unreleased material by dope folks records.if you like birds and vooodu early rugged production you will love this one.
as the title states these are demo versions and thats what it sounds like.its not bad in sound buts its def. not good.
maybe they ... See full review
posted a review of Juggaknots* - Re:release. about 1 year ago
nice reissue by HHV,with baby blue color vinyl with darker stripes which only can be seen holding it against a good light source.
the first thing which stands out is the difference in weight of the 2 discs.A/B is about 140gram and C/D is 180gram.
on this ... See full review
posted a review of M.F. Doom* - Dead Bent / Gas Drawls / Hey!. about 1 year ago
on this OG version of "dead bent" the track differs from the LP version.
first the OG has a BPM of 84 instead of 90 and its mixed more darker due to the sound
mf also doesn't sing along with the vocal samples at the beginning like on the LP version.
with ... See full review
posted a comment on Metal Fingers - Special Herbs 4, 5, 6. about 1 year ago
crazy that nobody realized it yet.but on this pressing its not vol 4,5&6 its3,5&6.
trackwise its correct:blood root,star anis,lemon grass...but its actually vol.3.
i can only speak of this pressing.please give me feedback how it is on the other ... See full review
posted a comment on Common Sense* - Resurrection. about 1 year ago
there is a bootleg without the little relative logo on the top of the label cover.
but the weirdest is that you have to adjust the speed by - 6,8 for the normal tempo
posted a review of Souls Of Mischief - Rock It Like That. about 1 year ago
there also exists a repress/bootleg without the SRC signature.its a bit heavier than the other releases.