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posted a review of Petter (5) - Robotfood. over 15 years ago
Robotfood is pure mastery of electronic music production thus far. So many different phases to the story it tells and with such precision to every element. amazing, gets better everytime I hear it.
posted a review of Taucher - Millenium Bitch (Remixes). over 16 years ago
The JVM & Cusick mix comes across with a very Enigma-ish melody and sound. The breakbeat is solid, overall a very smooth production with some very deep moods. Was played on Digweed's EM a couple years ago.
posted a review of Woven - Solder Me. over 17 years ago
Chris Fortier's edit does the trick for me on this one. Smooth chunky beats with a broken feel on the snares & hats dropping into that great subtle guitar piece in the breakdown.
posted a review of Invisible Inc. - Stars (Remixes Part Two). over 17 years ago
This has to be one of the best melodic-progressive records thus far. the 'Unbroken Remix' is just unbroken chain of melody with no loop!!! Beautiful.
posted a review of Adam Jay. over 18 years ago
Amazing producer with an innovative approach to his work....In a genre that has been, it seems, everywhere...he manages to find some new and interesting ground for Techno to walk on. And residing in the same location as I....trully a great guy - class act See full review
posted a review of Piece Process - Adrenalin. over 18 years ago
Weekend World works this one over quite nicely. Deep, percussive, rumbling bass, intelligent production for the mind and the floor...
posted a review of Pounding Grooves - Pounding Grooves 31. over 18 years ago
Great tracks on both sides. Very dark, deep, and minimal in production. Great for opening a set with...or a good tame middle ground sound in a set. One side offers a more tech-house sound...the flip has an almost progressive edge to it, but still techy. See full review
posted a review of Pole Folder & CP - Dust. over 18 years ago
The Zabiela remix takes the cake here. Unparalleled bassline fuels the track alongside some hard techy snares and symbol lines... Amazing production from a big up and coming name.
posted a review of Revolt - Freighttrain. over 18 years ago
I don't know if I would call this 'typical Bedrock' material. In fact I don't know if I could really put this record up against another record anywhere and call it similar. Of course I'm speaking about the Xpander remix. An amazing builder...just... See full review
posted a review of White Room - Strapped. over 18 years ago
Love this track. Great melody, great production. The Robb & Accorsi mix has a sick bassline alongside some very nice tech-edged progressive production.